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14:19 Former NSO Employees Says The Company Impersonated Facebook To Deploy Malware (5)
13:00 In Search Of A Grand Unified Theory Of Free Expression And Privacy (8)
12:03 Hell Hath No Fury Like A Federal Law Enforcement Agency That Keeps Finding Some Way To Break Into IPhones (9)
11:00 Our First Greenhouse Topic: Privacy (24)
10:16 Trump, Twitter, And Free Speech (74)
10:11 Daily Deal: ChronoWatch Multi-Function Smart Watch (1)
09:00 Introducing The Tech Policy Greenhouse: Let's Have Thoughtful Conversations About The Biggest Tech Policy Challenges (17)
06:29 AT&T Won't Stop Lying About 'Fake 5G' (10)
03:25 Florida Government Decides To Fire Its Data Chief Rather Than Be Honest About Its COVID Numbers (85)


18:42 A Mess In The House: Dirty Pool As Rep. Schiff Inserts Loophole To Help The FBI Spy On You (29)
15:50 Judge Sends Devin Nunes' SLAPP Suits Against CNN And Washington Post Off To Their Proper Venues (10)
13:31 Senate Talking Points Say Warrantless Collection Of Internet Use Data Keeps Terrorists From Killing Us (22)
12:13 How A Feud Among Wolf-Kink Erotica FanFic Authors Demonstrates What The Copyright Office Got Wrong In Its DMCA Report (33)
11:09 If You're Reporting On Trump's Supposed Plans For 'Anti-Conservative Bias' Panel, Shouldn't You Mention The 1st Amendment? (150)
11:04 Daily Deal: The 2020 Complete Facebook Marketing Masterclass (0)
09:29 Arkansas Can't Secure Financial Assistance Site So Governor Decides To Call The Person Discovering The Breach A Criminal (30)
06:22 So Wait, People Really Think The Barr DOJ's Investigation Into Google Is In Good Faith? (467)


12:00 Funniest/Most Insightful Comments Of The Week At Techdirt (3)


12:00 One Week Left To Get CIA: Collect It All For 25% Off (6)


19:39 The Great Pizza Arbitrage Scheme Of 2020 Is Spotlighting The Strangeness Of Food Delivery Services (78)
15:31 Banks Get Payout From Equifax Hack While Consumers Still Wait For Compensation (13)
13:43 Why Content Moderation Codes Are More Guidelines Than Rules (6)
12:07 Does The US Copyright Office Not Know That Copyright Policy's Main Stakeholders Are The Public? (34)
10:46 Newsweek Publishes Facts Optional, Wronger Than Wrong, Piece About Section 230 (37)
09:35 On The Same Day The FBI Claimed No Vendor Could Crack IPhones, Another Way To Crack IPhones Made The News (11)
06:37 New Study Tries, Fails, To Claim Community Broadband Is An Inevitable Boondoggle (26)
03:30 We Lose A Lot When Podcasts Go Closed Instead Of Open (36)


17:32 Yes, This Site Uses Cookies, Because Nearly All Sites Use Cookies, And We're Notifying You Because We're Told We Have To (74)
15:33 Let's Talk About 'Neutrality' -- And How Math Works (22)
13:33 After FBI Successfully Breaks Into IPhones, Bill Barr Says It's Time For Legislated Encryption Backdoors (27)
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