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19:39 Italy Decides That Leonardo da Vinci's 500 Year Old Works Are Not In The Public Domain (48)
15:37 Insecuring Your Home And Data: Ring Vendor Apparently Hit With Ransomware Attack (9)
13:42 Feckless Axios Fired A Reporter For Correctly Identifying DeSantis Propaganda (75)
11:59 Yes, Section 230 Should Protect ChatGPT And Other Generative AI Tools (42)
10:52 Elon Musk Still Loves ‘Shadow Banning’ Those He Doesn’t Like (58)
10:47 Daily Deal: Project Management Institute Training Bundle (1)
09:26 Ninth Circuit Tells Twitter It Can't Reveal Exactly How Many National Security Letters It Receives Because The DOJ Showed It Some Scary Stuff (26)
05:26 Wicker Bill Eyes Forcing 'Big Tech' To Pay 'Big Telecom' Billions For No Coherent Reason (10)
20:17 'Destiny 2' DLC Suddenly Results In Copyright Strikes For Streamers (11)
15:38 Oregon's DMV Database Is Broken And That Means Innocent People Are Spending Months Behind Bars (20)
13:10 White House Anonymously Throws Gigi Sohn Under The Bus After Screwing Up Her FCC Nomination (34)
10:59 Yes, The US Government Threatening To Block TikTok Violates The 1st Amendment (63)
10:56 Daily Deal: The All-In-One Microsoft Excel Certification Training Bundle (0)
09:34 FBI Latest To Admit To Bypassing Warrant Requirements By Purchasing Location Info From Data Brokers (4)
05:36 CFPB Launches Long Overdue Probe Of Unaccountable Data Broker Market (24)
20:30 Microsoft Inks 2 More CoD Multiplatform Deals With Game Streaming Services (4)
16:06 Copyright Means You May Need Permission To Post Photos Of Your Own Home Online (101)
13:30 Techdirt Podcast Episode 347: Why Is Congress So Wrong About Section 230? (2)
12:08 WhatsApp Tells UK Government It's Still Not Willing To Undermine Its Encryption (17)
10:48 Court Makes It Clear: Government Submissions To Twitter Flagging Program Do Not Violate The 1st Amendment (367)
10:45 Daily Deal: The Premium Ethical Hacking Bundle (0)
09:30 Texas Deputy Sued For Privacy Violations After Live Streaming A Traffic Stop On TikTok (11)
05:32 Congress Lets The FCC's Spectrum Auction Authority Lapse For No Good Reason (25)
20:13 Ukrainian Game Devs To Russian Hackers: 'Russian Hackers, Go Fuck Yourselves' (15)
15:38 FBI, Defense Department Worked Together To Develop Facial Recognition Tech For Drones, Surveillance Cameras (17)
13:51 In Final Act Of Mindless Megadeal Stupidity, Warner Bros. Discovery Execs Kill The HBO Brand (44)
12:04 Setting 1st Amendment Myths On Fire In A Crowded Theater (152)
10:49 French Legislators Think Hosting 2024 Olympics Justifies Massive Domestic Surveillance Expansion (8)
10:44 Daily Deal: The Jumbo 2023 Javascript Bundle (1)
09:18 Is Gavin Newsom Attacking Walgreens For Its Choices Different From DeSantis Attacking Disney? (139)
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