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12:00 The Imbued Test, Or How To Know Whether Section 230 Applies (26)
10:50 Judge Says White House Can’t Get Out Of Lawsuit Over Pressuring Social Media To Moderate (55)
10:47 Daily Deal: The Complete Video Production Super Bundle (0)
09:29 Canadian Court Upholds 'God Given Right' To Give Your Obnoxious Neighbor The Finger (23)
05:26 Big Four Networks Push FCC To Further Erode Media Consolidation Limits (26)
20:06 Online Facial Recognition Service Caught Cruising Through Graveyards To Fill Its Database (15)
15:37 Marvel So Angry About Leaked 'Ant-Man' Dialogue That It Seeks To Unmask Google, Reddit Users (11)
13:38 Fitbit Users Still Pissed At Google For Outages And Making Everything Subscription Based (5)
12:10 Matt Taibbi Can’t Comprehend That There Are Reasons To Study Propaganda Information Flows, So He Insists It Must Be Nefarious (105)
10:47 CBP Adding To Its Border Surveillance Arsenal With The Help Of The Creator Of The Oculus Rift (9)
10:42 Daily Deal: Nix Mini Color Sensor V2 (0)
09:27 Book Publishers Won’t Stop Until Libraries Are Dead (77)
05:23 Net Neutrality's Dead: Time To Focus On The Real Issue: Telecom Monopolization (25)
20:22 3DS, Wii U eShop Shutdown Leaves Archivists In The Wind, Hobbyists Pick Up The Pieces (13)
15:29 Antisemitism On Twitter Has More Than Doubled Since Elon Musk Took Over (221)
13:37 Appeals Court Says Nope To Florida Governor's 'Stop Woke' Law, Denies Request To Lift Injunction Against It (20)
12:13 Why Link Taxes Like Canada’s C-18 Represent An End To An Open Web (42)
10:51 TSA Confirms Biometric Scanning Soon Won't Be Optional Even For Domestic Travelers (13)
10:46 Daily Deal: The 2023 Complete Python Certification Bootcamp Bundle (1)
09:33 Silicon Valley School District Files Laughable, Vexatious RICO Claims Against Big Social Media… But Not Facebook Or Instagram (28)
05:34 Forget A TikTok Ban, We Need To Regulate Data Brokers And Pass A Real Privacy Law (8)
20:25 Pokémon Anime Community Up In Arms As ShoPro Issues Copyright Strikes On YouTubers (36)
15:27 Vermont's Supreme Court: Obtaining Real Time Cell Site Location Data Requires A Warrant (2)
13:26 Mississippi Gov. Tate Reeves Signs Dumb New Restrictions On Electric Vehicles (14)
11:56 Antisemitic Conspiracy Theorist Who Sued YouTube For 1st Amendment Violations Now Owes YouTube Nearly $40,000 (34)
10:41 Reminder: Section 230 Protects You When You Forward An Email (129)
10:38 Daily Deal: Xbox Game Pass Ultimate 2 Months Subscription (0)
09:24 Congressional Rep Who Discovered His Info Was Illegally Searched By The FBI Likely Has No Legal Remedy (23)
05:25 FCC Staffers Routinely Held Stock In Telecom Giants They Regulated (13)
12:00 Funniest/Most Insightful Comments Of The Week At Techdirt (4)
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