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Techdirt is all about Innovation

It's not just what we write about—it's in everything we do.

Techdirt is known for a lot of different things by a lot of different people. Some see us as a source for business editorial and economic research, some as a place for legal analysis and debate, and some as a key player in the fight for free speech and privacy online. But for us and our dedicated community of readers, all our subjects have roots in one core value: innovation.

We're constantly amazed by human ingenuity—the things people build, the problems we solve, and the way we're always coming up with ideas for improving the world around us. We believe there's nothing people can't achieve when given the freedom to innovate, and that principle guides everything we do.

Our focus on innovation is what lets us navigate the ever-changing landscape of technology, business, law, politics and society with confidence, and it's the reason our readership includes so many hackers, makers, creators, inventors and influencers. As long-time observers and participants in media innovation, we've also refined our own advertising philosophy to help you engage our discerning and highly valuable audience.

Beyond Mere Blogging

Our Daily Editorial Is Just The Tip Of The Iceberg.

The Techdirt blog is our flagship publication, but it's also just one piece of our integrated media presence. With in-depth research reports, custom-built tools and platforms, regular participation in major industry events (plus events of our own) and contributions to important online movements, we participate in the world of innovation and technology on every level.

Our widespread involvement and exposure gives us influence and recognition across a broad spectrum of interest groups and media platforms, and the ability to quickly generate high-quality content targeted at our readers. We leverage these footholds to deliver integrated advertising packages that command attention.

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