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Our Audience Is A Unique Cross-Section Of The Web.

Techdirt brings together readers from a wide variety of backgrounds in a unique combination you won't find anywhere else online. We're frequented by top-level professionals, academics, writers and other influencers in fields ranging from business and information technology to policy and law. Our editorial reverberates through these communities, sparking conversation and followup coverage on influential blogs and key social hubs like Reddit, Twitter, Facebook, HackerNews and Slashdot.

In short, we've got an audience of online trend-makers. They're deep inside the engine that drives digital buzz, and they can turn a piece of content into a sensation overnight—or faster. Engaging such an audience is a challenge, and it's one that we've been working on for over 15 years. With that experience guiding our advertising philosophy and innovative advertising packages, we help you engage them too.

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Community Building

We Engage Our Readers, And They Engage Us Back.

One of the open secrets of how we build our audience is a focus on interaction. Our comment section contains some of the liveliest and most insightful discussion you're likely to find, with frequent participation by staff and lengthy conversations playing out over hours, days and even weeks. This keeps our readers coming back and truly digging into our content—exploring links, following up with other sources and conducting their own research. We sit at the middle of all this activity as the center of engagement.

But we also go above and beyond to engage our readers. We bring them onto the site with weekly community posts, and recognize their contributions with weekly comment rankings. We offer popular premium features on a subscription-only basis, giving our biggest fans new venues of discussion and early access to content. All these initiatives, and the loyalty they generate, present unique sponsorship opportunities for brands that want direct, meaningful access to our audience.

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