How To Support Techdirt

We’re so grateful that so many of you have supported Techdirt over the years, and we’ve set up many different ways to let you do so. Sometimes we get asked which one is the “best” way to support Techdirt — and the true answer is: whichever one you feel most comfortable with. That’s one of the reasons we have so many options. Find one that appeals to you, and go for it!

Insider Shop »

Perhaps the most straightforward way to support Techdirt is by becoming a Techdirt Insider. There are options for one-time and recurring payments, and you can get some neat benefits like seeing stories early via the Techdirt Crystal Ball or chatting with other subscribers in our Insider Chat.

If you prefer to support Techdirt with a straight donation, the Friend of Techdirt option at the Insider Shop is the easiest way to do so. Choose your amount, click buy, and decide whether or not you want to “activate” your Insider Membership to get a badge on your Techdirt profile.

Patreon »

Our Patreon page is officially in support of our podcast, but it’s also a great way to show your general support for Techdirt — and we know that many people prefer to use Patreon for recurring monthly payments because they already have an account and it’s easy and convenient to use. Patrons also get access to exclusive bonus episodes of the podcast!

T-Shirts & Other Gear »

Techdirt t-shirts, hoodies and other gear are available via Teespring, and we’ve also got some designs that are exclusive to our artist shop on Threadless. We offer a wide variety of designs including the Techdirt logo and various gear for expressing your opinion on issues we know are important to our readers.

CIA: Collect It All »

The CIA designed a classified card game which they use to train their analysts. They recently declassified it and we’ve adapted the game so you can play it, too. We ran a successful Kickstarter campaign to fund development of the game, and you can now purchase it here.

Private Internet Access VPN »

We’ve partnered with one of the most popular VPN providers out there, Private Internet Access, to offer you a chance to get free access to the Techdirt Crystal Ball when you sign up. Protect some privacy, and benefit Techdirt at the same time.

Techdirt Deals »

The Techdirt Deals store is a partnership with Stack Commerce where we offer up a variety of devices, gadgets, software, services and courses that are likely to be interesting to our audience. We get a cut of all sales through the store.

Techdirt Jobs »

Techdirt has partnered with Zip Recruiter to surface job listings that are aimed at our intelligent, highly engaged and passionate audience, which we know to be filled with educated professionals. We get a commission on job ads placed through the Techdirt Job Board, and we get a fee based on job listings clicked on by our readers.

Bitcoin Donations

Some people have asked us to provide a Bitcoin wallet that people can just send money to directly, so here it is: 13yd54axmPzYzgL6KbEmni8rqCgpxA9usu


Yes, ads still exist, and yes, they still provide at least some revenue for us. We don’t have a problem with ad blocking — in fact, you can disable ads on Techdirt from your preferences without even using a blocker. But if you choose to leave the ads on (and even click on ones that interest you) it does help the site make some money.