Techdirt Advertising & Sponsorship Policies

last updated: February 25, 2013

This is an evolving document that describes policies relating to advertising, sponsored content and other such aspects of Techdirt and Floor64. As we roll out more specific advertising programs, we will be adding accompanying information here.

As a general policy, you can always be certain of one thing: Techdirt retains total editorial independence from all of our advertisers and sponsors, and we stand behind all of our original content.

In the case of sponsored content, which is always clearly marked as such, the advertiser may be involved in determining the general subject matter and area of discussion. However, the specific content is still independently produced by us and/or held to our normal editorial standards. The opinions expressed are those of the author and/or our editorial team as a whole. In some cases, we may make use of data or other information sources supplied by the advertiser, and this will also be clearly divulged.

Advertising content (any posts, videos or other content that is supplied by an advertiser for paid placement) is clearly marked as such, and reflects only the views of the advertiser. Some advertisements are delivered via ad networks over which we do not have direct control. While we’ve taken steps to filter out low-quality advertising, occasionally offensive or undesirable ads may slip through. We will make an effort to keep these occurrences to a minimum, but if you should see an ad that you believe should not appear on Techdirt, let us know.

Additionally, we sometimes make use of affiliate programs (e.g. Amazon Associates) when linking to books and other purchasable items online.

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