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  • Sep 15th, 2021 @ 2:10pm

    Re: Re: I have a feeling

    WE need to educate people to Know that WE' are the ones that are supposedly in control. We need to let others know that Those on TV the most are NOT the ones we should vote for. at this time.

    1. Disband the 2 group ideal. Take allthe money they get to sponsor 1-2 candidates, and put it in pile and Spread it evenly with those OTHERS that have an abundance of people supporting those others. REALLY piss off the 2 groups.
    2. system to keep those elected as evaluated by those that elected them YEARLY. later we can spread the time out more, as we get better people in office.

    There is a big problem tho. and it involves City and states, and how many people are in them. Voting federally, is lopsided. Even when the farm states get a bonus, to balance the vote.

    In all of this, we need more control over our regulators, and they have had a great time Changing things in the past 40 years, to Keep themselves in office. There were laws, and laws brought up to FIX things but all went to the wayside.
    Get rid of the lobbyists. Get rid of the regs that give the corps MORE rights, then the consumer. GO BACK to the old idea of import taxes, that we Only taxes those things that are equal to the products the USA makes.
    then get someone to monitor the Subsidies we are paying for to see if they are getting to WHAT they were supplied for. Like farming, is not generally getting tot he farmers.

    And if you really want a big hit? Walk thru the stock exchange and see if its Doing whats its supposed to do.
    And if nothing else, lets go bankrupt. It would make our money worth more in the long run. Drop our economy Down. WE DONT need to be on top.
    This is our economy:
    INSU RANCE. Just dont do it.
    And under all that is Food exports. and you really dont want to know about that.,

  • Sep 15th, 2021 @ 1:52pm

    Love it.

    How to Decode all phones?
    Make 1 code to open them all?
    WOW, what a gov. Idea. 1 code that will probably hit the open market in about 7 days.

    How about each phone has its Own code?
    Thats to hard to decode.
    Once things have codes on them, its not always easy to decode, and Open it all up in that phone. The strange thing about codes is SIZE. reduced size is great but means you have more room for Coded data. A Fat code with extra garbage in it to fill the ram, is neat as it Large enough to Fill the ram, and you need more to put more on.
    Either one is great, but you will need a TON more, ram to expand it. Think how much ram 16gigs is. then TRY to insert a Unvalidated ram card into it? you cant add the ram unless you get into the phone to validate it. And if you could, you would need 4-8 times the room. And the phone Cant use that Ram to do this, its not in the programming to Expand the data to the 'extra' ram.
    Thats the fun problem. Unless you can get the Data off the phone, and USE the same APU/CPU/MPU to decode it, it WONT WORK.

  • Sep 15th, 2021 @ 1:43pm


    so congress doesnt have to allow the selected official?
    I think you are missing something here.

  • Sep 15th, 2021 @ 1:40pm

    Lets see some options

    There are/used to be, a site ofr older abandoned games that had pictures of the manuals. DMCA(nin)
    There used to be Allot of sites with old roms that you could use with emulators. DMCA(nin)

    Would it be interesting if you had original(org Made copies) of manuals for sale on a Few sites? selling them underground type? But who is making all these? the Org. maker?

    In the past,
    After a game was released, A book would come out with cheats, hacks, shortcuts and soforth. And they started in magazines, thent he corps got wind of this and MADE their own. GOOD MONEY.
    This is the Making of the razor and Blade idea. as SOME had more then 1 manual. Same book with 1-2 changes, as Some games had versions. Some games on 1 machine was abit different. So at $10 per book(when a paperback was <$2), it was worth it.

    Then comes the Big idea for copyright. The Art has CR, the Book has CR. The original manuals kinda sucked, became Simplistic. Those Cheat book were worth the money JUST TO PLAY THE GAME.
    What is the CR time on the manual?
    What is the CR for a Cheat Book?
    What is the CR for ART?
    Take your pick and the corp has it covered. And TONS of the Major corps did this. And as the smaller game companies got BOUGHT(atari, and others bought up those CR).

    How is this person going to combat any of that?

  • Sep 15th, 2021 @ 1:20pm

    Re: All the fun of a barrel full of (fill in the blank)

    And just in case BP comes back or ANOTHER site. they will have a contingency plan to 'Make it look like, it happened' and rip a hole in everything.
    (psst. they did this long ago with reg's for model speed boats in public areas)

  • Sep 15th, 2021 @ 1:18pm

    All the fun of a barrel full of (fill in the blank)

    Even after BP, stopped the adult sections.
    Even after they closed,
    BEFORE they were demanded to shutdown.
    Even while the police and officials were Using the service to monitor what was happening.
    (and some people werent getting PAID to leave it alone)
    They are going to prosecute, Even when the law was passed After the fact that the site wasnt even up.

    insted of facts relating to what happened While the site was active.
    They are going to state facts about the Full force and problem, that Probably never happened ON the site.
    After how many years of investigation? and all this time that either:
    Couldnt find anything
    Didnt investigate
    Filled int he blanks with Data that isnt/wasnt factual to what was going on, But could have.

    Anyone got a deck of cards? because the gov. is going to do the same, and Hold onto the court long enough for all of us to die and waste away, WAITING for them to come back.

  • Sep 15th, 2021 @ 1:08pm


    The real problem tends to be making regulations that
    Are not enforced
    Have no group/party/agency responsible to enforce(try calling the cops, wont work. Not their job)
    Place HOLES in the regulation.

    Might as well make laws/regs based on a bell curve, and shake the dice to see where it lies.

  • Sep 15th, 2021 @ 12:46pm

    Dear Ms. Dick

    i wonder if you knowledge of tech is very good, even above poor.
    I wonder if you think the only people Able to create encryption, are those that created the device?
    I think I could get a min of 100,000 people world wide that could make your device, wake up and bark, every time you lie. And there are Many ways to get data around, while not even contacting individuals. There are so many ways to encrypt and get information around with/without using high tech. You are even forgetting Low tech, and just scrambling radio signals. unless you have 10,000 people employed scanning and listening to all the SW, MW, LW and discovering who and what they are doing. You are NOT quite paranoid enough. when you get to the point of thinking that the Cellphone transponders and cell sites have a backdoor that can be hacked, and IS hacked, and Cant be found easily. You will be put into a padded room(even if its true).

  • Sep 14th, 2021 @ 6:02pm

    I have a feeling

    "For too long, Big Tech has controlled what we say by imprinting into the minds of the masses a certain worldview."

    Umm, yes? but lets go back in history BEFORE Big tech. Who controlled the newspapers/TV/Radio??

    Get off the high horse, and Start walking.
    I will bet that HE NEEDED to write something to keep his job.
    That he GOT PAID to write something about Censorship and Fact checking, and ended up writing this crap.

  • Sep 14th, 2021 @ 12:15pm

    With all these cases

    Isnt there a president created that Drug dogs arnt worth anything, anymore?
    they are killing off the best nose in the game, y not using it correctly.
    For all the failures the Cops themselves are creating, its as bad as shooting every stopped person. Eventually you take the guns away.

  • Sep 14th, 2021 @ 12:04pm

    Wait for it.

    Lets see.
    "it made the news organizations that posted links on social media liable for the comments that came under them. "

    So for all the news and internet sites, and papers Murdoch controls.
    'it made the news organizations that posted links on social media liable for the comments that came under them.'

    After all his complaining about 230. He gets his way. But if he publishes something on 1 site and then passes this link and info to others of his sites and papers? It has been known along time that his agencies for news distribution tend to USE HIS OPINIONS.
    Who will be liable?
    Or will everything posted on his sites be considered opinion? Not truth or fact or anything Logical beyond himself.

  • Sep 14th, 2021 @ 1:40am

    Re: Re: Something strange.

    But we gave them the first amendment.
    At least for the ability to use Money to support politics.
    You would think the corps would be backing all the contentions with it.
    Any corp that got upset with it, could and would support it, or is it the ISP's that want extra money and want it to go away.
    With the backing of the 1st, they can do what ever they want, with speech. Leave everything up, and Who cares. All 230 is doing is telling everyone that they have 3rd party protections, as long as they dont EDIT. They Can censor. and they Do.
    But who is telling them what Has to be censored? I would think its the other corps, including movie and music. I would think that the Crap talk is bound to get torn apart by those in a forum or chat, or treated as a troll.

    I would love to see the impact of no censorship. Just kill the spam. It would show up very quickly, who and what is pushing things the hardest.

  • Sep 14th, 2021 @ 1:25am

    Unlike other countries?

    truth, justice and the American way?

    For all the great things religion Trys to be.
    For everything Every country has heard about the USA, For Many decades.
    For all the democracies the USA has created and installed a despot.
    Is there any reason to keep repeating that 1st line?

  • Sep 13th, 2021 @ 12:46pm

    Since computers came around

    They have been trying to do a few things for along time.

    1. Facial recog.
    2. an interstate recog/records ability(what the FBI is supposed to be doing)

    the Biggest problem tends to be Facial pictures are NOT detailed enough. Not even good 2D, let alone 3D.
    Then we come to storage. Old days, with Large TAPE storage and loading and comparing. They didnt know what to compare let alone How to store TXT with the pictures with details to ID the person.
    It was very slow. You could have a person ID pictures about 10+ times faster. Even NOW, with no 3D pictures yet. and no format of taking Skin textures and then adding abit of TXT with the pictures to show Identifying marks, we Still have a ton of problems, Many of with come down to details. Like looking at the picture, and adding his height or that he has tattoo's. and READING the TXT about who this person is. EVEN with our SS# being able to tell us allot about a persons work history, where they lived(I looked myself up and found 6 address's from past history, back to my teens) and our credit history, AND where we last purchased things.
    But little of that Data is SUPPOSEDLY, accessible to our police forces???
    Allot of this comes down to MONEY. Everything they do to investigate things, seems to rely on 3rd party sources, Which CHARGE money.
    How many states have their Own forensics, and not rely on 3rd parties to do the work? why pay $100,000+ per year if you dont need them? Easy answer is to have them work in the medical community as well and do the Blood and chemical testing the hospitals use.(go find out how much the hospital pays for this, ALLOT)

  • Sep 13th, 2021 @ 12:23pm

    Something strange.

    "But, much more importantly, it is totally within the right of private companies to moderate how they see fit and interpret their own terms of service."

    If this were true then you dont need 230(?).
    If we are considering that the corps are independent of the gov., we dont need this.
    Then if you consider corps independent of Each other, you really dont need this. as the RIAA/MPAA would have no say in whats shown or published on any site.

    Corp speech is the rights of a corp to use its Money for politics. Why are we giving them Full freedom of speech and right to moderate, More then what our gov. or even newspapers have?

    The ability Not to be sued, while a 3rd party makes a comment is great. But beyond that, how far do we goto give corps Full freedom of speech? They have had it along time, with not repercussions, with how they deal with Broadcast TV. They get to decide what you see and hear. Even the political groups know this. And HOW they love to be able to BUY, and raise the price of BUYING political adverts so that the Smaller groups CANT get advert time. The only reasons its not in court is no one can afford the Money or TIME it would take to get a decision on Truth in adverts.
    There are allot of oddball sites that people can join and Spew all the strange things that want, AS there were in the past with Magazines, and those magazines made a fortune off of it.
    With FB, I could see them restricting the distribution of GARBAGE, by limiting access, unless someone really wants to goto a certain section of FB. But how far are we letting the corps deal with this and they DONT have to listen to laws/regulations/concerns?
    Who created the idea that the Gov. was hands off to the corps? WE USED to have some controls for them. WE even paid them NOT to go broke.

    Or is this like the gov. has a 3rd party control over many of the corps, and use's it as a Patsy? is this a game in a game? We know that Many of those in congress are Corporation backed. Giving the corps the ability to Censor certain things based on ???, what the gov says? What the Other corps want? I can understand the 3rd party rule of THEM standing back and letting things Run wild. But some dont get how smart WE ARE. Even here on TD, we have some that have more then 1 account or use Anon, to say things. The big concern seems to be Saying/doing/publishing something, and the Corps cant trace it. The Gov. should have little concern over 1st amendment. Who is more concerned?

    It really seems strange that we have been kept in a bubble along time and Someone wants that Bubble to Stay in place. Its like, How many wars have we been in with, recently. In 911, we decided to march on 2 countries. And later in the war we decided to bomb a few others in that area also? 3-4 I think. Does anyone remember declaring war on any of these countries? We declared war on al qaeda and taliban. Not a country. and if you are concerned about this country, I think we have many other concerns More then 2 militant Muslim groups.

  • Sep 12th, 2021 @ 1:11pm

    I solved one of these for many people

    "the price of insulin and EpiPens."

    Epipens are abit stupid, as I had to remind Many people that there were MORE pens by other makers, not just the one at $6000.
    As to insulin, they were at the end of IP protections so had to remake the drug. AND its a bad thing they did to diabetics. Complete readjustment to a new drug?
    Best thing I heard was that canada had the old drug as a generic, and it was selling cheap.
    That with the idea that its been said there are only 2-3 corps making the drugs.

    I also like my point about Adoptions. Until there are no children needing adoption, Abortion is an option.
    Between the concepts of over population and that Corps Love having More people to do work, as they can pick and choose and keep wages Low.

  • Sep 11th, 2021 @ 3:24pm

    Re: Re: Re: Re: Re: I wonder.

    • 2 -
      Oath of Office The constitutional oath of office taken by the members-elect is as follows: I, (name), do solemnly swear (or affirm) that I will faithfully
      execute the duties of the office of a member of the House of
      Representatives of the 82nd Legislature of the State of Texas,
      and will to the best of my ability preserve, protect and defend
      the Constitution and laws of the United States and of this
      state, so help me God. A constitutional amendment adopted in 1989 eliminated the requirement that
      legislators and all other elected and appointed officials swear orally that they did not bribe
      anyone to obtain their office. They must, however, submit a signed oath making that
      declaration, and state officials must file it with the Secretary of State's Office before
      taking their spoken oath of office (Texas Constitution, Art. 16, sec. 1).

  • Sep 11th, 2021 @ 11:09am

    Re: Re: Re: I wonder.

  • Sep 10th, 2021 @ 12:35pm


    They cant find the evidence? AT ALL??
    Sounds like a Full inventory time.

  • Sep 10th, 2021 @ 12:23pm

    so many sides to this

    Corps in the country can Bomb(no better word) sites and overwhelmed them for any opinion.
    Political groups can debate and say every thing they think, even if it has no reasoning.
    religion, racism, personal feeling of an ex wife/husband. How many sides can now Broadcast an opinion and not have it cut off for non-sense.
    Any hacker or spammer can take advantage of Stupidity.
    How to make a bomb in 3 easy lessons(there are 4 steps not 3).
    And now every online corp can make promises and sales and NOT give promises or sales, deny they ever posted it, they didnt do it attitude.

    The ultimate in released democracy.
    This is going to be, every carnival/circus/party from hell, you ever saw.
    The fun part is how FB/others are going to deal with in 120 days. Anyone want to clean out a sewer line?

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