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  • Jul 17th, 2018 @ 1:19pm

    Down onthe dairy

    Send out the Diving suit..its getting Mighty deep out here..

  • Jul 16th, 2018 @ 12:42pm

    Strange aint it..

    For example, he said he was particularly concerned that material is being placed online, where "there is no remuneration of the concerned author."

    Lets ask a simple question..
    Snipit tax, and other parts, tend to be about NEWS and articles..
    When does NEWS belong to ANYONE??
    This is a list of the Agencies AROUND the world..
    And yes, you can PAY for their services, and even COpy SOME of the articles..

    The question is, ARE THESE FOLKS COMPLAINING?? Or is it the little/smaller distributing services??
    If its the small companies..GOOGLe can go direct and DUMP all of them by creating ITS OWN SERVICE, and Pay the bigger agencies..

    So Who is going to win/lose in this??
    NOT the smaller companies..

  • Jul 16th, 2018 @ 12:07pm

    From a nation..

    That Prides itself on Truth, justice, the American way..
    Cartoons that show Heroes that do things for the PEOPLE..
    A nation that demands that the poor and humble to be Honest and truthful, and work hard..
    A nation that was started by patriots Leaving other nations that were having the SAME problems we have NOW..

    From all these dreams and fantasies, we have created a nation BUILT on dreams and fantasies..

  • Jul 16th, 2018 @ 11:41am

    Re: Re: Re: Re:

    For the statement of an Open, fair, Equal opinion site..

    I dont care if a site becomes, WILD WEST, WIDE OPEN. With topics from every evil/good concept there is..

    There is only 1 MAIN rule. NO personal attacks.
    A second rule would be to Stick to topic.

    After that, it gets very hard for many to Bitch and complain, with out saying much. they have to say something that has an affect on the conversation. True/false/strange/weird/what ever..
    But somewhere in all of it, you get abit of truth..

  • Jul 15th, 2018 @ 6:41pm

    Art and the Corp..

    Artists are wonderful and GENERALLY get paid 1 time..
    And they Generally dont make COPIES..

    A corp would Charge you to see it..then prove they made no money and get a Credit on taxes..
    A corp would Make TONS of copies and sell them to everyone, Declare they didnt SELL enough and had a loss, and get another tax break.
    A corp would insure it against fire, Burn it to the ground, Claim it as a Corp own property and file for all the Household appliances inside it.. Then file for water damage from the fire dept..
    The Corp would make all its money back, then get paid 100-1000 times its value, Then sell you pictures of it, to make Another 10-100 times.. Then get a tax credit as a Business expense..showing it was required for business..

    AND the drug companies?? make this even MORE ridiculous.. AS the creator of the Drug MIGHT BE A HIGH SCHOOL OR COLLEGE..get paid for it, and the corp makes money for the next 10 years, Changes or adds to it, gets another 10 years, ALL the while giving you a CHEAP drug 3 times per day, that costs PENNIES..

  • Jul 14th, 2018 @ 11:29am

    Lies, Secrets, and honesty..

    There are things that need to be secret, FOR A SHORT TIME..
    As no secret is ever, forever.

    A Secret isnt to protect or HIDE a persons information, Such as HOW a Gov. Employee(Congress, reps) voted on a bill that REMOVED PERSONAL protections, or released a Corp from following the law..
    Why would the secrets act allow for something to be hidden for 40 years?? They are all DEAD and there is no responsibility, left to enforce..

    Still true..that there are secrets that NEED to be held for a time. And released, and open to see..BECAUSE YOU DIDNT DO IT AGAINST THE LAW..

    Then comes the journalist/reporter/person to release the information..
    WOULD you NOT verify the information..? unless you dont care about facts, you would TRY to prove anything stipulated in the forms/paper/documents..

    I love the idea that the Military had access to an OPEN channel that led to many Countries to be read and copied..
    Or was it? To me it sounds more like a Spy network channel. How many countries Speak the same language..
    It probably shows more then you think, BUT Im not going into conspiracies here..Thats for another channel.

  • Jul 13th, 2018 @ 1:03pm


    The Rolling Stones - Ruby Tuesday (Official Lyric Video)

  • Jul 13th, 2018 @ 1:01pm

    NOW to gather everyone

    Get all those that are MISSED, and start a class action against this..

    Esp, with little or NO declaration of the Data responsible for the Demand. You might as well get everyone they sent to to jump in the pool and make this a BIG cash return.

    This is like looking in a Dictionary for the Word 'The' on every page and tagging it Just for fun.

  • Jul 13th, 2018 @ 12:31pm

    An agency that keeps expanding..

    WHy was this section of gov. created??

    HASNT the reasoning for it, Passed?? All those responsible are dead..

    Where are the cameras?? Where is the AUDIO recordings??

    Without Protection for being an Officer.
    Do we get to File PERSONAL COMPLAINTS??
    Sue them as individuals??
    Do they get FEDERAL lawyers??
    Do they HAVE TO show up in court, and not be paid while AT COURT??

    Private search, and She was allowed to bring in ALL her luggage, and her Purse?? Which should have been SEPARATE and searched independently..
    SHE could have pulled a Machine gun out and HURT herself..

  • Jul 13th, 2018 @ 11:50am


    Think this will stop the KKK??

  • Jul 13th, 2018 @ 12:17am

    Re: Re: Re: Re: I DONT CARE..

    "And thinking."

    I heard that..
    now, figure that one out..
    And if the figure is female, send it over.

  • Jul 12th, 2018 @ 12:30pm

    Confusion reins..

    What is the FCC supposed to do, if they Dont protect the Communications of this country??

    "Perspective: Why the FCC should die (by Declan McCullagh, CNet)" I think I found it..

  • Jul 12th, 2018 @ 12:22pm


    If someone or a company has the TIME to take me to court...AND LOOSES..
    I want to be paid AT LEAST 10% of what they wanted from me, PLUS time lost to work and my life.(BASED ON their CEO payments and Contracts)
    REMEMBER going to court is NOT a fast process. And YEARS are a small number to a corp that has 100,000,000 Customers PAYING FOR IT..

  • Jul 12th, 2018 @ 12:08pm

    Always wondered..

    Just an aside..

    Always wonder why the USA does not look at other nations, countries and so forth, as an example of what to do, and What works/WHAT does not work..
    Its like the reasoning of Making certain things illegal as other countries find few problems with them, or Better solutions then to PUT PEOPLE IN JAIL..for years and years..

    I like the idea of finding an Honest man/women to do something...but require little of those we hire for public offices. WE ask/require allot of the lower classes, we even teach it WITH HEART, all their lives that we WANT them to be honest and true..
    And when they break the law, we put them in jails..But when we find a person of high position doing a bad thing, they end up BETTER OFF, most times.. how many of the rich have REALLY gone poor? They have better work contracts then the poor. AND GET the better drugs..

  • Jul 12th, 2018 @ 11:41am

    Re: Any reasons??

    This is a minor step into CONTROLLING THE INTERNET< IN EVERYDAY..

  • Jul 12th, 2018 @ 11:39am

    Any reasons??

    Protect the children?? What the Hell are the parents doing letting kids wonder the net?? with out Protections or ADULT MONITORING..

    Prostitution..Anyone have a reason to be one?? I DO..a few anyway.

    Human trafficking?? Show me all the times this has been taken to court, NOT as willing prostitution..

    The numbers put up by the PRO' side have been looked at and allot of people and groups. They dont add up. and THERE WAS a few solutions to 99% of it.. CREATE a place for runaways. to get them OFF the street, HIDE them, Protect them, GIVE them HELP..
    GIVE THEM THE RIGHTS they are supposed to have..IF they are having family problems, Drug problems..ANY PROBLEMS..let them goto someone to TALK TO.. NOT be arrested as a runaway and held until an ADULT WHO ABUSED THEM gets them back..

    In out time..
    Who do you goto for assistance?
    church? They AINT OPEN 24/7, anymore. And in the last 30 years, its NOT a good place.(as seen on TV)
    goto the police, (as seen on TV) where do they send them and what do they DO FOR THEM???

    Anyone been in the court system or a State system, LATELY?? Prosecutors get paid..DEFENDERS DONT(not often)

    Hmm, I wonder..goto a School nurse/counselor?? Can you see the problem here?? THEY ARE NOT RESPONSIBLE(not treated so, in courts) and end up sending you home..

    We have gotten to a point that THEY WANT TO HIDE IT..
    NO ONE is responsible..(because they can be Sued)
    How do we hide incompetence, Neglect..and corruption. the system is overwhelmed and taken advantage of..(when you see 20 kids for 1 adoption person)..

  • Jul 12th, 2018 @ 11:04am

    For some odd reasoning..

    This person is beating up the FCC for the wrong reasons. ?agencyid=7325
    Something stands out in this article..

    Perspective: Why the FCC should die (by Declan McCullagh, CNet)
    and WHY to kill the FCC.

    Yes it has Problems..And it would be nice to FIX THINGS, but what he is doing ISNT helping.
    ANd he should be AT HIS JOB, watching what is happening. Because it has started.
    The BACKBONE has many uses and all of them are for communication..but 1 of them is an emergency service to the Whole of this nation. So that 1 end of the country, in emergency can CONTACT the rest of the country.

    The WHOLE system has been subsidized from 1 end to the other. The only reason the Corps have anything is to let Corps Fix, maintain, and keep up the ENDS of the line.

    The Net and all the ends have been paid and PAID FOR, so many times..Corps dont update anything until its paid for 1000 times, they SEE PROFIT, Or the Gov. pays for it.

    The End points had VERY LITTLE in hardware installed to handle EVERY PERSON.. They did their math and found that at NO TIME was more then 6% being they set it to be 6% usage. Then things HIT..
    Main lines in all the cities had to be UPDATED.
    ALL the hardware had to be updated to handle MORE, then 6%.
    56k SUCKED.. ANd high speed of the time (look up ISDN, you can still get it, if you are rich) WAS EXPENSIVE..still is. Its limited in Local, and requires installation charges you would NOT LIKE..

    So they had to install MORE..
    And Advances are made and AGAIN, they are tired of UPGRADING.. All they want to do is collect the money.

    Cellphone, Phones, Internet, cable tv, Sat, and a few others are ALL OWNED at the ends, by the corps..
    Pushing for the cheapest service..ISNT going to help much. Wireless has allot of problems you may not know about.
    #1(is very big) There are no privacy laws installed to protect WIRELESS, as there are for WIRED PHONES..
    If you think they are advanced tech...THEY ARE NOT.

    To understand tech and corps..
    You need to remember..If you make it Complicated or advanced, you MAKE IT COMPLICATED TO USE, and need LOTS MORE hardware to use it..
    Go look up the OLD 25 pin(db25 plug) parallel port, there are 3 different interfaces on that port, and if you KNEW what you were doing, you could make it do GREAT things(and we did) and it was great until we got 10mbps Network connections.

    Updating hardware IN THE OLD days was pretty simple..we didnt Need to change the WHOLE mother board as ALL the components, from Audio, network, serial ports, everything was on Boards you ADDED..
    If 1 things changed, you changed a board. NOT the Mobo, CPU, RAM, and the power supply if you need.
    In the PAST, IF' we upgraded there was a MAJOR the whole hardware system..the difference in a 25mhz and 33mhz processor was nothing to worry about..THEN the 50mhz came out we changed a CPU(most times that was all) and kept going. NOW every cpu is a 1% increase, and your computer was obsolete before you bought it..
    ALSO, there is so much CRAP out there that is OLD, the odds of buying a P4 is very high, and almost 10 years late. i still see Celerons running around.

  • Jul 11th, 2018 @ 2:23pm

    WOW, lots of comments.

    So much of what has happened has come about Since WWII, and McCarthyism..
    Our Gov. found out that Spies read newspaper, so they would post INTERESTING STORIES in the news.
    Even the Major News agencies INPUT OPINIONS, rather then REAL news.
    We got used to it. Then there were a few incidents that brought McCarthyism around and pointing fingers are Anyone/everyone..
    Then there were Lies that were told to us, that EVEN NOW, we are just finding out. That the Gov. did certain things during a few wars and even a few things to the people OF THIS Land.
    Then there are groups on both sides that Either want to create a dissenting idea, a Different idea of the same, or just Befuddle what is being said.. You get 1 article on a subject Stating what they found out and you get 100+ denying that it happened.
    Like the medical profession..and that the older Doc's have learned allot, and the younger ones are waiting to be filled in, and all they get is GIVE THEM A PILL.. The human body is neat, and will repair itself IF GIVEN WHAT IT NEEDS.. but Drugs are only a waiting game mostly..

  • Jul 11th, 2018 @ 12:42pm


    you take a Youtube video,
    Hand it to a computer to CHANGE THE SIZE..
    Send it to your customer..
    Umm..ASK Youtube how EASY THIS IS..
    its not.
    YT, DOES, change the Videos themselves into Multiple formats and Sizes..BUT YOU LOOSE DETAIL..and thats BAD.

    What this gets the corps.,..
    WOW, not they have more bandwidth..Even if they promise(???) a certain speed, YOU WONT GET IT, because they restrict it.. They restrict those features that USE HIGH BANDWIDTH..
    Wondering the net, is nothing.
    Reading email is nothing
    Facebook, is NOTHING..

    What WILL HURT, is all the Videos, FB is trying to show you...they will SUCK. and take longer to even COME UP on display..

    How is this we can explain this to a 4th grader in ways they will Understand, PERFECTLY..
    but Corps WONT.

  • Jul 11th, 2018 @ 12:30pm

    What happened before this was


    Really, was Copy protection REALLY a downhill battle??
    NOT for the consumer..Who hardly even knew he could remove that Catalytic converter himself.
    And EVEN today, Cracked software is only running about 1-5%..

    Circumvention is another BIG can mean those that HACK the game, but NOT crack it..Those that use Other programs to insert DATA while playing games, to give them advantage.

    With this Law you have NO RIGHTS to change that Computer that controls your car. To make it better, faster, Anything, EXCEPT the piece of garbage it is..

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