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  • Jan 22nd, 2019 @ 12:23pm

    Its simple

    READ THEM....

  • Jan 22nd, 2019 @ 11:47am


    This is 1 group of nations..
    Someone with a Thought is creating a backdoor into the net.. HOW to control the internet..
    IF' these laws would be used Fairly, by every corporation.. On/OFF the net..
    How many corps Would be hit hard.. How about the credit Bureau's. Those strange persons and groups that Monitor and Give us Credit cards..
    THEY DO sell our info..
    How about Cellphone companies?? They have already shown that Some App's are tracking us, and our locations..

    Who needs the old conspiracy about Chips and pets, and Soon it will be everyone and be Tracked by Satellite.. You carry your tracking device in your hand, and While using the net at home on your PC...

    I dont mind Anonymous Data.. IF' you leave out certain data.
    1. Name/address/SS#
    2. location of store it was purchased, Region is ok..
    3. The format of payment.

    Beyond that, I dont have a problem...But with alittle bit of this info, they DO have programs that will figure out WHO you are.
    Limiting it to...Person bought an item in IDAHO, at ??/??/??? date is enough.

    I suggest you read your Current Bank terms..and notice if they Sell your data. A track you can do, and you can even tell the bank its a security to add a Single extra character to your name or address...A MISS-SPELLING..
    So that If you get a MAIL with this KNOW your bank sold your data.
    Advert agencies and collectors DONT spell check or verify data.(psst..Add a number to the Middle initial)

  • Jan 20th, 2019 @ 12:37pm


    Early 2000, and abit after, there were a few Artists that had a problem.. they wondered the net and found their music being distributed, and they hadnt gotten any Money from the RIAA/others..
    Those responsible had to goto court, spend mney to GET what they were owed..
    With all those groups being paid to Watch over your Art/music...and the deals that have been made. At least with legal sites you can NOW TELL how much your music is worth..AND POSSIBLY get paid..

    Pinkerton is bored, and needs better adverts..

    The EU , has a problem..its WHO is complaining..REALLY, I would like a list showing us WHO is complaining.
    The only real complaint would be that INSTED of needing a 386, 20 year old server, you are getting so many hits you have to UPGRADE..
    You know what they is...THAT is the Sci/Fi channel finding out that 1 million people visiting your site to watch your shows LAGS THE WHOLE SYSTEM, and dont work... They finally snet their movies to HULU, and had to deal with HULU.. and now? they think they can handle the load, and Took the movies back...AND STILL.. having everyone watch from the internet, Almost breaks the servers..

  • Jan 18th, 2019 @ 12:51pm


    DONT we already pay for our Cell phone service??
    And WHY does V' even have a problem,,,this is PART of the service they PAID for with free data..

    I KNOW...CHANGE the smart phone to another type of msg..
    Oh..SMS works on any phone..

  • Jan 18th, 2019 @ 12:45pm

    Re: Re: Fixing the problem

    Free speech is interesting..
    IF' you add to it FACTS/TRUTH.

    I love a democracy built on a 2 party system.. there are no other democracies that use a 2 party system,, there are 4-6-12 other groups...but the only way to get money for your cause is one of those 2 parties, that the corps(and other nations, yes its true) Back with lots of money.
    Evne Canada has more parties then the USA..

  • Jan 18th, 2019 @ 12:39pm


    Problem with this, is conservative to who? if you read it, its for the corps..NOT YOU.

  • Jan 18th, 2019 @ 12:37pm

    yes yes yes..

    READING the people and feeding back to them..
    Making it Seem as you are saying something when you are just passing the Buck and pointing fingers.
    Trump is using a few persons that watch the people, and doing the Old salesmanship tricks to the n^th degree.
    He has an excuse and a scapegoat for everything..

    His trade deals are an old trick of walking in as either a monster or a 2 year old screaming he wants something. Has anyone read those deals? didnt think so, as we are only TOLD what they are, and will entail.

    I love all the trump supporters that THINK that every piece of paper he has sighed has passed to become real.
    It ends up being a Show, a soap opera. and he is keeping it up, and The bandwagon is still rolling along as no one looks under the cover, and see's the wagon empty, maybe a few cups of water..

    I suggested long ago, a strange thing..
    1. trump cant touch his Corp money without being taxed to death.
    2. he is only in it for 1 thing. The retirement fund.
    His money will goto his kids, and such. Its already being spread out so it cant/wont be traced. There are probably a few things he needs changed(laws/regulations killed) but with the Pres. retirement he will be set, and the corps will SWAP HANDS with nothing to show for taxes.
    3. In his corp he is only an employee. and gets a set wage. Proving otherwise is very hard to do. unless you look. and the IRS is so far behind in TECH and data sheets, its hard to catch up to ANY CORP..

    I wonder about the Conservatives, and their Understanding of how this is going.
    "..core conservative values (at least as they have been understood for most of the last 100 years or so). Those values typically have included favoring limited government over expansive government, preferring economic growth and rights to property over promoting equity and equality for their own sake, supporting business flexibility over labor and governmental demands, committing to certain approaches to tax policy, and so forth. "

    Limiting gov is interesting..Oregon had a bill to Force State workers to have a wage cap and so forth, but along with all the HIGH paid persons, 90% of those workers worked at min wage(really).. didnt work

    With all the cuts in Gov. They are very much like CORPS, where do you cut? NOT THE TOP. 3 agencies that cover our food processes from Farm to your table, can only monitor 8% of facilities..And you wonder where all the food poisoning is coming from.
    Most of these agencies are getting to be Major backstabbers.. cause the only job worth getting is at the top.(and how Pai got a job)
    Who is hiring and HOW to find the gov. job..I aint seen a gov. employment book in years..esp with one worth taking at min wage. so who is hiring these people.

    "preferring economic growth and rights to property over promoting equity and equality for their own sake"

    Basic econ, is very simple. its making the money GO AROUND, keep it moving and everyone benefits. And the stat says that the poor and lower paid will spend MORE per GROUP as a group, for every rich person on top. They have to pay out, as they cant survive unless they Feed their children, dog, spouse. pay rent...and so forth. Why pay a rich person to be rich?

    "supporting business flexibility over labor and governmental demands"

    THIS is dangerous. Labor and gov. demands..All those nice laws about pollution from the 70-80's..Almost gone. Safety laws? so we cant sue our boss because he DIDNT require a seat belt on the hyster?? or a harness while fixing a roof? OHSA is a good agency..
    Flexibility? comes with allot of things, but Iv never seen a corp that uses it. They DONT LIKE CHANGE, unless it favors them. Go look up the history of LLC. LLC(limited liability Corp) was for small companies. WAS NOT supposed to be for every large corp in this nation. It means you cant SUE the idiots at the top for being STUPID.
    You cant sue the heads of a corp because then authorized the use of a failed device in your car, that could SAVE YOUR LIFE..(which they did, with Air bags in cars, that could kill you, over 7 million cars recalled to repair, and still NOT DONE).. Or the ignition key that would flip and shut your car off, while driving...LOVE THOSE CURVES.
    Labor demands?? demands?? HOW about a comparable Raise to what the HEAD of the corp just got?? because WE DID all the work while he was playing golf..

    "committing to certain approaches to tax policy,"

    Now this is complicated..consider that To keep things together..Roads, bridges, this and that..Taxes are nice things...BUT does your do more damage to the rods or that 15000 ton truck, that the company uses?
    WE could have Corp roads and Fee's every few miles..because the CORP owns the road...
    Who charges MORE for the goods we get from China and other locations? WE ship wood to china at $$ price, and they make goods that get here at $$ price then are distributed at ?? price and the reseller doubles that price ???? and then we get state and fed tax on top for all the handling ???...and by the time we get it, its a PISS POOR quality that breaks 1 day after warranty.. why not use USA worker?? because GLUE in china is cheaper then here. And paying 1-2 days wages to 2 people is FAR to much to do in this country...

  • Jan 18th, 2019 @ 11:17am

    Re: TLDR

    Because there are other things that CAN happen/be done with the info that is created.

    Many companies understand 1 simple thing...MAKE IT SIMPLE.
    THEY PAID to create the service and to Send the movie, and the Movie company wants you to pay, for EACH TIME that movie was watched.. they WANT that extra $0.35 per person per showing of the movie..
    They dont want these Sites to pay a 1 time price to Display to EVERYONE.. Go ask itunes the Hulu the fun they go thru with contracts that change every other month/year.. And they have to remove a Show, BECAUSE THEY SAY SO..

    Then there are the Companies that DO this, and charge a small fortune to watch something 1 time(Vudu, youtube, MSN, Amazon,...)...I'd rather RENT the movie from red box or borrow it from a friend.

  • Jan 18th, 2019 @ 11:02am

    Lets think about this..

    Fair market rate..
    A production company generally sells at a low price and the middle men get a share then the Reseller doubles/triples the price and by that time its worth $1-2 per song..Ok?
    THERE starting price cover giving the artist(s) his share. Which is from $0.10-0.15 and from there the price goes up..
    ALSO, how do you know what is being paid PER SONG..
    Go look at itunes and google and Pandora, and all the rest..
    Avg price is??? PER SONG..

    thats the key here...PER SONG. NOT PER PLAY, PER SALE, PER anything..
    How about the Average Price of a movie? AFTER the theater has it...$1-2..rental??
    If you Go after the individual, and DONT PROVE he sold it and made a fortune.. How much do you think you can get??

    Go after every person that Listened to it..WOW, lets post something on Youtube and TRY to get the list of every person who ever Listened to the music, watched the video..

    Its a funny concept...NOT that warning on the label..that WANTS $200,000..its the thought that you have 1 copy and the average PRICE PER PERSON they didnt get in the END.. That Little bit of money they got form RENTING the movie Or sold the CD..

    If you cant PROVE you have made a it worth taking 1 person to court for 1 song? Unless you can show he made a Fortune... And if the pirate made that fortune, HOW/WHY did he..

    How much of the pirate stuff, has made ANY MONEY??? esp with the net.. 99.999% of it comes out FREE. the one worse for ware, tend to be those Sites that give malware, LIKE THOSE PAID SITES that want to place cookies on your machine..that track all your data..and send a list of all the movies you installed..(love you also itunes) And/or ERASE STUFF you even paid for..

    HOW about the DRM on High def, TV MOVIES...know how that works? You TV and the AUDIO channel have to have the DRM for it, or it will goto Standard 1080..NOT 4k, not 7.1/5.1 or anything else..and they cant keep it secret for long before they WANT to change it, and your BRAND NEW unit cant do it..they changed the code...Hackers, love you also..NOW I can play it at the Res I wanted..
    After the hackers, I can store it on Anything and watch the movie/music as I wish.. NOT at home on a DVD player that dont work anymore because they changed the codes.. Or locked up on my Phone at a RES I cant even see.

    How would it seem to a court, if we brought up lots of this info and comments, about HOW they TRY to protect themselves. and mess up everything..
    I think I would give the hackers the $1 rental fee.

  • Jan 17th, 2019 @ 12:49pm

    I think they have a problem,,

    Discerning what is at stake here..
    Its no international news that is Problematical..
    Its local.

    IF' they pass this fairly, and EVERYONE that links has to pay.. Bing, excite, yahoo, and every other search engine..
    Dont forget, that MOST news paper ARE AGGREGATORS..they didnt go out and get/make the news, they only gather it from the major corps, and display it on the site..

    If this is done fairly, all those smaller news site will have to pay ALSO..
    Local news will suffer, because it wont be sent out to all that need to know.

  • Jan 17th, 2019 @ 12:31pm

    Re: Is that a rhetorical question?

    If everyone had separate accounts they could Track the movies you are watching...
    Send you more adverts, focus advert specifically to you..

    ROKU does can get Local adverts..played 3-4 times in 1 break.. At twice the volume levels..

  • Jan 16th, 2019 @ 11:43am

    Re: Re: Re:Tricks

    long ago it was established..
    that corps like to either take BIG or little steps.
    Take 1 step, then another. to get what they want..

    Information is a big key in allot of things..
    AND YES, your browser Does track you..Look at your history file, and understand something...Thats only RECENT, the rest has already been taken off your computer.

    Ever notice that when you buy stuff, you all of a sudden get notices on FB to buy more from amazon??
    The corps gather more info on us then the gov. ever did or will. I find it strange that when the FBI/CIA/Any agency WANTS to find someone they should JUST GO TO THE CORPS..

    Your credit card corp tracks every purchase, and can pull up recent and OLD data on you.. They even know your pets name(if you ever gave it to anyone on the net)..

    And if you dont think they know WHO your parents are and where they live, Goto a Genealogy site or a name search site, or even a phone number site..
    (yes there has been an incident recently)(more then 1)

    And a strange little fact about Fugitives using phones..If they are stupid enough NOT to buy a Pay-as-you-go phone, that requires NO ID...they need to be caught.

    Its fun to watch TV cop shows and see the THINGS they wish they had...The problem here for the Corps, they ARNT supposed to do this.. BECAUSE, if the Gov. shared with them, the Gov COULD track you down within a 3' range, any time you are alive.(PS. they are working on that also)
    (your chip is in the mail)

  • Jan 14th, 2019 @ 10:39am

    Lets see...

    City building inspectors? where?
    County inspectors?? where?
    State inspectors?? where??

    So they have a franchise that isnt doing its job?
    They have loose wires hanging all over??
    Arnt there supposed to be SOME inspections for WHO is doing what? Even with a Franchise contract, there are rules..

    Or is the truth of the matter, about HOW corps have taken over the USA, 1 step at a time, true..
    I have a few NOT so nice ideas..Lets goto the States reps, and take down a telephone pole...lets drop there cable/phone lines across those Beautiful Grass and plants.. Lets dig up a few yards and pull up the underground lines..

    And when done, LETS head to the capital..I think I can find a few friends with D8's and other heavy vehicles..

  • Jan 14th, 2019 @ 10:26am

    you cant Justify religious idiogogy.

    The concept of 'Im right, you are wrong' is one for hte fundamental reasoning in religion. Its a justification to do anything. In any form the heads of that religion ASK/DEMAND..

  • Jan 13th, 2019 @ 1:02pm

    Back on subject..RTBF..

    Im running for office...WHO ARE YOU..
    I created a law that you have to obey...I forgot, WHO ARE YOU to tell me what I can t do..
    Lets for get all the politicians..PLEASE..
    Can we forget the stupid people that rule over us??

    Flashing lights and a funny clown car pulls you over..
    Sir I need to give you a ticket..
    And Who are you? Do you have the right to give a ticket If we dont know WHo you are or who you represent??

    PS...they are trying to get this over here.. I would love to Think there has been no one running this country for the last 20 years..

  • Jan 11th, 2019 @ 11:13am

    PC=Politically (IN)correct, which was a good TV program.

    The idea of being PC, is kinda stupid when things dont get done.
    Being able to express oneself, in such away that it leads to no mis-meaning, misunderstanding, Misnomers, and about 15-20 other words.. IS VANTASTIC(no such word).

    Iv gotten my friends and I, to play with words, not the meanings, just saying different ones that have more then 1-2-3-4-26 meanings. there are REASONS to use expletives, And there are ways to say things, in such away, that makes things interesting to say..

    We have caught many people trying to listen to us, and they pick up different meanings to our contention of the thought process. Our words, not being to complicated, can be misconstrued, in many ways, depending on a persons mindset.

    Its a great exercise and teaches how and what words are, and can be.. It would be a great game to teach to younger persons..

  • Jan 10th, 2019 @ 12:56pm

    dear face book.

    Iv watched the trailers, Iv watched game play..
    For anyone getting a woody by any of this, I would suggest they STOP watching Anime so much.. They might loose a part of their body for playing with it, so much..

  • Jan 8th, 2019 @ 1:16pm

    Funny part is all the security

    That FEW other nations use on a Visa/passport.
    Lets see...
    Chipped Cards.
    Personal ID.
    Facial ID, computerized.

    Then lets TRY to get the same from other countries..
    Where about 1/2 dont have this. they just walk across the border.
    HOW many other nations have the ID requirements that the USA can/will/should be using.
    AS well as a US citizen should have the RIGHT to know he is on that list, and WHY, WHO put him there..
    (I hope your Ex. dont work for them)

  • Jan 7th, 2019 @ 5:44pm

    1 person..

    That costs MY county and citizens, 1 million dollars...
    WILL NOT WORK in my county.. and probably NOT my state.

  • Jan 7th, 2019 @ 11:34am

    Who understands...

    Oops's Im sorry...
    I made a little mistake..
    And its done.

    Really have a problem when agencies KNOW, Bury, HIDE, DENY, a small mistake.. Even in Judgement..
    How many 2 year olds do we have in the Gov.??

    Are we able to take pride in our country? Or has this Cr** been happening all our lives?? And we just get to see it better now??

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