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19:22 How An NYPD Officer Can Hit A Teen With His Car In Front Of Several Witnesses And Get Away With It (31)
15:36 NY Judge Apparently Unaware Of The Supreme Court's Ban On Prior Restraint: Puts Temporary Restraining Order On Trump's Niece's Book (32)
13:35 Senate Waters Down EARN IT At The Last Minute; Gives Civil Liberties Groups No Time To Point Out The Many Remaining Problems (19)
12:19 Brazil's Proposed 'Fake News' Law Says Internet Users Are Guilty Until Proven Innocent, Demands Constant Logging From ISPs (5)
10:43 Parler Speedruns The Content Moderation Learning Curve; Goes From 'We Allow Everything' To 'We're The Good Censors' In Days (126)
10:38 Daily Deal: The Ultimate Artificial Intelligence Scientist Bundle (0)
09:23 'But Without 230 Reform, Websites Have No Incentive To Change!' They Scream Into The Void As Every Large Company Pulls Ads From Facebook (36)
06:25 ISPs To Bring Back Usage Caps After Brief Pandemic Hiatus (14)
03:23 Companies Issuing Bogus Copyright Claims To Hide Police Training Materials From The Public (52)


20:07 Prosecco People Move On From Bullying Puns Over Trademark To Bullying Portmanteau Over Trademark (5)
15:33 Copyright Troll Richard Liebowitz Benchslapped And Sanctioned AGAIN In A Massive Filing Detailing Pages Upon Pages Of Him Lying Under Oath (48)
13:47 Techdirt Podcast Episode 247: Trust & Safety Has A Posse (0)
12:00 The Most Important Privacy Case You've Never Heard Of (10)
10:44 Techdirt Gear: New Masks, Old Favorites (4)
10:38 Daily Deal: The Data Analysis with Excel And Power BI Bundle (0)
09:23 I'd Bet Ted Cruz Will Start Supporting Section 230 Once He Realizes He's On The Hook For Parler's Legal Expenses (15)
06:22 New Bill Would Kill State Laws Blocking Broadband Competition (31)
03:23 Indiana Supreme Court Says Compelled Decryption Of Smartphones Violates The Fifth Amendment (22)


19:52 Twitch And Reddit Ramp Up Their Enforcement Against 'Hateful' Content (101)
15:44 Knight Foundation Grant To Copia To Research Content Moderation, Governance, Rules & Norms For Internet Infrastructure (12)
13:36 North Carolina Cops Fired After Their In-Car Camera Catches Them Talking About Wiping Black People 'Off The (Expletive) Map' (53)
12:08 As Predicted: Parler Is Banning Users It Doesn't Like (554)
10:47 Facial Recognition Software Finally Gets Around To Getting An Innocent Person Arrested (31)
10:42 Daily Deal: InPaint Photo Editing App Bundle for Mac & Windows (0)
09:28 GOOGLE THREATENS TO DEFUND TECHDIRT? Where Are All The Politicians Complaining? (35)
06:29 AT&T Ditches $15 TV Service It Used As Regulator Bait To Seal Time Warner Merger (22)


12:20 Funniest/Most Insightful Comments Of The Week At Techdirt (7)


12:00 This Week In Techdirt History: June 21st - 27th (4)


19:39 Appeals Court Strips Immunity From Abusive Cops Who Assaulted A Compliant Black Man... And The City That Allowed This To Happen (32)
15:37 Mixer Shuts Down, Showing Again Why You Don't Need To Freak Out By Copycat Competitors (22)
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