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09:22 Tennessee Teen Sues School For Suspending Him After He Posted Memes Mocking His Principal (15)
11:57 ‘Free Speech Absolutist’ Elon Musk Files Obvious SLAPP Suit Against Non-Profit Critic (49)
10:58 Prime Minister's Brother Latest Victim Of Singapore's 'Fake News' Law (5)
13:45 Court: Injunction Blocking Florida's Anti-Drag Law Applies To Everyone Affected By It, Not Just Venue That Sued It (35)
09:31 How Would The GOP Feel If Democrats In Congress Demanded Details Regarding How Fox News Or The NY Post Made Editorial Decisions? (267)
10:46 Republican AGs Decide That Coercive Jawboning Is Good, Actually (When They Do It) (28)
10:49 Ninth Circuit Dumps Oregon's 'Surreptitious Recording' Law, Handing A First Amendment Win To Project Veritas (35)
10:52 In 303 Creative, By Happily Helping One Bigot, SCOTUS (Perhaps Inadvertently) Helped The Larger Fight Against Bigotry (168)
09:24 EU And Elon Battle Over The New Internet Regulations That Elon Himself Endorsed Last Year (14)
15:50 New York Dept. Of Corrections Bets On Prior Restraint, Adds Shackles To Certain Forms Of Personal Expression (9)
10:50 Federal Judge Blocks South Dakota County's Attempt To Silence Ballot Petitioners The Government Doesn't Like (18)
13:39 Chinese Authorities Demand Global Censorship Of Protest Anthem ‘Glory To Hong Kong’ (66)
13:48 All You Do Is Lose: Utah Anti-Drag Moratorium Struck Down As Unconstitutional (50)
10:47 Malaysian Government Asks Interpol To Arrest An American Comedian Over Her Airline Crash Joke (43)
12:06 Texas Legislature Convinced First Amendment Simply Does Not Exist (32)
10:45 DOJ Asks Judge To Block Backpage From Talking About Legal Ads, First Amendment, Section 230 (31)
14:22 Tennessee Appeals Court Says Vanity License Plates Are Likely Protected Speech (13)
10:46 Federal Judge Rules Tennessee Anti-Drag Law Unconstitutional (106)
09:21 Once Again, ‘Free Speech Absolutist’ Elon Musk Caves To Authoritarian Censorial Bullies (83)
10:49 Court Grants Restraining Order Against Journalist For Performing Acts Of Journalism On A Politician (36)
09:33 The Mouse Strikes Back: Disney Sues DeSantis For 1st Amendment Violations (75)
19:45 N.H. Bakery's Mural Causes Town Beuracrats To Go Nuts Over Donuts (17)
15:48 Ninth Circuit Says A Horn Honk Isn't Protected Political Expression Even When That's The Honk's Entire Point (20)
10:47 Texas Senate Approves Law Preventing University Instructors From Talking About Things These Senators Don't Like (79)
12:04 ‘Free Speech’ Twitter Is Now Globally Blocking Posts Critical Of The Modi Government (41)
10:49 Free Speech Absolutist Elon Musk Reminds People He Laid Off That If They Disparage Him He May Sue Them (97)
15:31 Elon's Definition Of 'Free Speech Absolutist' Allows Censorship In India, That Twitter Used To Fight (71)
10:46 In Internet Speech Cases, SCOTUS Should Stick Up For Reno v. ACLU (113)
09:29 Canadian Court Upholds 'God Given Right' To Give Your Obnoxious Neighbor The Finger (26)
13:37 Appeals Court Says Nope To Florida Governor's 'Stop Woke' Law, Denies Request To Lift Injunction Against It (22)
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