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15:31 A Quick Bite Post Mortem For For Quibi: Hollywood Still Doesn't Get The Internet (30)
13:42 Judge: Trump Denying He Raped Someone Was Not Part Of His Official President's Duties (18)
12:02 Senator Wyden Wants To Know If The NSA Is Still Demanding Tech Companies Build Backdoors Into Their Products (9)
10:46 Monopolistic U.S. ISPs Take Full Advantage Of The Covid Crisis (9)
10:41 Daily Deal: The Complete Excel Excellence Bundle (0)
09:38 Transparency Is Important; Mandated Transparency Is Dangerous And Will Stifle Innovation And Competition (41)
06:43 The Senate Snowflake Grievance Committee Quizzes Tech CEOs On Tweets & Employee Viewpoints (54)
03:38 EFF Asks Government To Dump DHS's Plan To Massively Expand Its Biometric Collections (7)


20:21 One Restaurant Sends Cease And Desist To Another Over The Word 'Juicy' (13)
15:30 Content Moderation Case Study: Facebook's Moderation Of Terrorist Content Results In The Removal Of Journalists' And Activists' Accounts (June 2020) (3)
13:45 Another Section 230 Reform Bill: Dangerous Algorithms Bill Threatens Speech (45)
12:00 Community Broadband In The Age Of Covid (2)
10:43 Another Arrest Shows It's Pretty Much Everyone But Antifa Engaging In Anti-Government Violence (76)
10:38 Daily Deal: The Complete Coder Bundle (3)
09:43 Zoom Shuts Down NYU Event To Discuss Whether Zoom Should Be Shutting Down Events Based On Content (21)
06:33 The Trump Swamp Fights Itself Over Multi-Billion Dollar No-Bid Spectrum Grab (17)
03:31 Ninth Circuit Dumps Sentencing Enhancement Handed To Defendant For Opening Social Media Accounts For ISIS Sympathizers (20)


20:03 Not Just America: CEO Of Esports Org In India Says COVID-19 Resulted In Explosive Growth (2)
14:27 Zuckerberg And Facebook Throw The Open Internet Under The Bus; Support Section 230 Reform (112)
13:30 Techdirt Podcast Episode 260: The Future Of Silicon Valley (0)
12:10 FCC Ignores The Courts, Finalizes Facts-Optional Repeal Of Net Neutrality (19)
10:41 Sacha Baron Cohen Demands Facebook Remove Conspiracies; Flips Out When Facebook Removes His Article With Conspiracy Images (17)
10:36 Daily Deal: The All-In-One Mastering Organization Bundle (1)
09:34 DHS Appears Willing To Violate Whistleblower Laws To Shut Down Leaks (17)
06:27 Facebook's Threat To NYU Researchers Is A Mistake, But It's The Inevitable Follow On To Overreaction To Cambridge Analytica (18)
03:27 CBP Is Asking The National Archives For Permission To Destroy Misconduct Records (16)


20:25 2K Sports Could Have Avoided Its Un-Skippable Ads Backlash If The Ads Were Better Content (54)
15:37 Join The Fan Fiction Deep State And Watch This Latest Video That Addison Cain Really Doesn't Want You To See (39)
13:34 Twitch's Freak Out Response To RIAA Takedown Demands Raises Even More DMCA Questions (44)
12:00 Safety in Name, Commercial in Fact: The Auto Industry Spectrum Squatting Campaign on 5.9 GHz Widens the Digital Divide (15)
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