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The ‘Institute For Free Speech’ Seems Confused About Free Speech Online by 10-Aug-2022 12:01 PM (261 comments)
Rep. Cathy McMorris Rodgers And Deeply Unfunny ‘Satirist’ Seek To Remove Website 1st Amendment Rights To ‘Protect Free Speech’ by 09-Aug-2022 09:25 AM (147 comments)
Study Says Trump’s Truth Social Is Much More Aggressive, And Much More Arbitrary, In Moderating Content by 03-Aug-2022 09:40 AM (66 comments)
Politicians Whining About Censorship Are All Just Trying To Dictate The Terms Of Debate by 27-Jul-2022 12:04 PM (27 comments)
Hulu Blocking Democrats’ Ads Is No More ‘Censorship’ Than Social Media Removing Harassment by 27-Jul-2022 09:37 AM (63 comments)
Two Dogmas Of The Free Speech Panic by 21-Jul-2022 13:40 PM (34 comments)
California’s Social Media Bill Flies In The Face Of The First Amendment by 19-Jul-2022 10:46 AM (20 comments)
Scaling Content Moderation Is Impossible: YouTube Flags Horror Video As ‘For Kids’ by 13-Jul-2022 15:39 PM (31 comments)
Senators Klobuchar And Warren Are Mad That Meta Is Taking Down Abortion Posts; If They Were Serious, They’d Protect Section 230 by 13-Jul-2022 11:55 AM (40 comments)
Facebook Bans People For Simply Saying Abortion Pills Exist by 29-Jun-2022 06:21 AM (33 comments)
Appeals Court: No, You Can’t Just Sue Twitter Because You’re Upset They Kicked Trump Off by 24-Jun-2022 09:30 AM (25 comments)
Republicans Announce That If Content Moderation Is Written Out Of Antitrust Bills, They’ll Pull Their Support by 23-Jun-2022 09:25 AM (20 comments)
Senators Ask Amy Klobuchar To Fix The Content Moderation Loophole In Her Antitrust Bill by 21-Jun-2022 13:38 PM (12 comments)
Impossibility Theorem Strikes Again: YouTube Deletes January 6th Committee Video by 21-Jun-2022 09:35 AM (24 comments)
New York Passes Ridiculous, Likely Unconstitutional, Bill Requiring Websites To Have ‘Hateful Conduct’ Policies by 15-Jun-2022 10:50 AM (36 comments)
Trump’s ‘Free Speech’ Social Network, Truth Social, Is Banning People For Truthing The Truth About January 6 Hearings by 10-Jun-2022 15:30 PM (220 comments)
Websites Now Have One Hour To Remove “Terrorist Content” Online Or Face Massive Fines. What Could Go Wrong? by 10-Jun-2022 09:31 AM (30 comments)
Twitter Fights Back Against January 6th Committee’s Dangerously Intrusive Subpoena Demands by 09-Jun-2022 09:32 AM (22 comments)
Democrats Need To Get Their Head Out Of The Sand: The Only Reason GOP Is Supporting Their Antitrust Bills Is To Force Companies To Host Disinfo by 08-Jun-2022 12:03 PM (261 comments)
Techdirt Podcast Episode 322: What Is Platform Democracy? by 31-May-2022 13:30 PM (2 comments)
Senator Gillibrand Says We Don’t Have To Regulate Speech, Just Misinfo. Who Wants To Tell Her? by 26-May-2022 09:29 AM (9 comments)
Very, Very Little Of ‘Content Moderation’ Has Anything To Do With Politics by 25-May-2022 10:44 AM (319 comments)
The Problem With The Otherwise Very Good And Very Important Eleventh Circuit Decision On The Florida Social Media Law by 23-May-2022 12:21 PM (451 comments)
11th Circuit Disagrees With The 5th Circuit (But Actually Explains Its Work): Florida’s Social Media Bill Still (Mostly) Unconstitutional by 23-May-2022 11:22 AM (24 comments)
No, Twitter Doesn’t Want To ‘Censor’ Anyone, It Just Wants Everyone To Stop Attacking Each Other by 20-May-2022 12:22 PM (138 comments)
Techdirt Podcast Episode 320: Elon Musk Doesn’t Understand Twitter by 17-May-2022 13:30 PM (5 comments)
Did Twitch Violate Texas’ Social Media Law By Removing Mass Murderer’s Live Stream Of His Killing Spree? by 16-May-2022 10:46 AM (104 comments)
Because Of Course: Rightsholders Pushing To Turn Digital Services Act Into Another Anti-Piracy Tool by 13-May-2022 13:41 PM (35 comments)
Boiling Elon Musk – Jumping Out Of The Pot Of Platform Law? by 13-May-2022 12:07 PM (130 comments)
Just How Incredibly Fucked Up Is Texas’ Social Media Content Moderation Law? by 12-May-2022 09:30 AM (202 comments)

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