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15:40 Top Court In Massachusetts Says Prosecutors Must Provide Info On Bad Cops To Criminal Defendants (15)
13:50 WeChat Users Fighting To Block Trump's Executive Order Banning The App In The US (15)
12:18 New Bill Calls For An End To PACER Fees, Complete Overhaul Of The Outdated System (7)
10:50 Trump Nominates Guy Who Wants To Police Speech Online To Be The Next FCC Commissioner (57)
10:44 Daily Deal: The 2020 Adobe CC Essentials Course Bundle (0)
09:33 Bill Barr Says DOJ Prosecutors Should Bring Sedition Charges Against Violent Protesters (65)
06:33 AT&T Says It's Eyeing 'Wireless Discounts For Ads.' But It's Not Going To Be What You Think. (12)
03:32 Human Rights Organization Issues Press Freedom Alert Over UK Government's Refusal To Speak To Critical Journalists (6)


19:55 EA To Rebrand Its Origin Platform As It Bows Out Of The PC Gaming Platform Wars (43)
15:30 Content Moderation Case Study: Twitter Removes Account For Pointing Users To Leaked Documents Obtained By A Hacking Collective (June 2020) (5)
13:30 Techdirt Podcast Episode 255: Threatcasting The Election (0)
12:03 That's A Wrap: Techdirt Greenhouse Content Moderation Edition (1)
10:50 Court Refuses To Block Trump Exec Order On TikTok As Requested By TikTok Employee After DOJ Says He Can Still Get Paid (4)
10:45 Daily Deal: Interactive Learn to Code Bundle (0)
09:43 The TikTok Oracle Grift: Insiders Admit They Went Hunting For A Tech Company The President Liked (10)
06:26 Josh Hawley Isn't 'Helping' When It Comes To TikTok (27)
03:27 Copyright Companies Want Memes That Are Legal In The EU Blocked Because They Now Admit Upload Filters Are 'Practically Unworkable' (65)


19:31 How Not To Be A School District Superintendent: The Elmhurst, IL Edition (30)
15:34 Because Too Many People Still Don't Know Why The EARN IT Bill Is Terrible, Here's A Video (5)
13:42 Ninth Circuit Appeals Court May Have Raised The Bar On Notifying Defendants About Secretive Surveillance Techniques (5)
11:00 Banksy's Weakass Attempt To Abuse Trademark Law Flops, Following Bad Legal Advice (18)
10:55 Daily Deal: The Deep Learning And Data Analysis Certification Bundle (0)
09:34 Denver Now Routing 911 Calls About Mental Health Issues Away From Cops, Towards Trained Health Professionals (75)
06:11 Yet Another Study Shows U.S. 5G Over Promises, Under Delivers (8)
03:12 Fight For The Future Wants To Help You Tell The FCC Where To Shove The NTIA's Anti-Section 230 Petition (20)


20:20 Craft Brewing Trade Mag Argues Beer Is The Most IP Product Ever, Ignores History Of The Industry (12)
15:40 Minnesota Cops Are Dismantling Criminal Organizations At Less Than $1,000 A Pop (20)
13:36 CBP So Confused It Seizes Clearly Labeled OnePlus Earbuds, And Falsely Claims They're Counterfeit Apple Airpods (66)
12:14 PayPal Blocks Purchases Of Tardigrade Merchandise For Potentially Violating US Sanctions Laws (25)
10:47 Would You Believe That Infamous Copyright Troll Richard Liebowitz Is In Trouble Again? (49)
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