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17:32 Yes, This Site Uses Cookies, Because Nearly All Sites Use Cookies, And We're Notifying You Because We're Told We Have To (73)
15:33 Let's Talk About 'Neutrality' -- And How Math Works (22)
13:33 After FBI Successfully Breaks Into IPhones, Bill Barr Says It's Time For Legislated Encryption Backdoors (27)
12:09 Court Tells Grandma To Delete Photos Of Grandkids On Facebook For Violating The GDPR (46)
10:44 House Democrats Have The Power To Protect Our Web Surfing From Warrantless FBI Searching; Instead, They're Pointing Fingers (36)
10:39 Daily Deal: The Ultimate 2020 White Hat Hacker Bundle (0)
09:48 As Congress Looks To Give FBI Broad Powers To Sniff Through Your Browsing History Sans Warrant, Wyden Asks ODNI How Often It's Used (8)
06:20 Verizon Tries To Temper 5G Enthusiasm After Report Clearly Shows US 5G Is Slow, Lame (19)
03:21 Philippines Government Uses Cybercrime Law To Arrest A Citizen For Calling The President An 'Asshole' (23)


19:29 More Than A Game: The COVID-19 Pandemic Has Turned Esports Into An Economy Of Its Own (6)
15:37 The Case For Contact Tracing Apps Built On Apple And Google's Exposure Notification System (51)
13:49 Techdirt Podcast Episode 243: The .ORG Deal Post-Mortem, With Mike Godwin (0)
12:07 Emergency Room Doctor: Getting Best COVID-19 Treatment Ideas Via WhatsApp (25)
12:02 Our New Blog Series Exploring Tech In The Time Of COVID (5)
10:55 How Most Of The Anti-Internet Crew Misread The News That The NY Times Is Getting Rid Of 3rd Party Advertisers (26)
10:50 Daily Deal: Big Think Edge Lectures (0)
09:27 Libraries Have Never Needed Permission To Lend Books, And The Move To Change That Is A Big Problem (31)
06:27 Beware Of Op/Eds Falsely Claiming The US Internet Only Works During A Pandemic Because Lobbyists Neutered The FCC (15)
03:25 London's Facial Recognition Rollout Trips Over The Pandemic As Facemasks Render The System Even More Useless (12)


19:57 Minnesota's Top Court Says Hotel Guest Records Are Protected By The State's Constitution (8)
15:33 As Expected, Those Who Pushed For FOSTA Are Now Looking To Kill Off Porn (41)
13:37 No, CDA 230 Isn't The Only Thing Keeping Conservatives Off YouTube (100)
12:10 French Government Passes Hate Speech Law, Will Allow Law Enforcement To Run The Internet (18)
10:47 France Is About To Waste A Ton Of Money Trying To Build Its Own Airbnb (30)
10:45 Daily Deal: The Premium Cisco CCNA & CCNP Certification Prep Bundle (0)
09:28 Copyright As Censorship: WSJ Identifies Hundreds Of Bogus News Takedowns; People Blame Google Rather Than Copyright (18)
06:26 Idiots Begin Attacking US 5G Cell Towers Because, Idiots (47)
03:23 FBI Holds Press Conference To Claim Apple Prevented It From [Checks Notes] Verifying Attribution In The Pensacola Air Base Shooting (44)


19:35 It's Impossible To Opt Out Of Android's Ad Tracking; Max Schrems Aims To Change That (15)
15:45 Review Of Working Futures (3)
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