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20:05 Everyone In the Cook County Criminal Court System Too Busy Pointing Fingers To Fix Its Antiquated Records System (10)
15:40 Report On Device Encryption Suggests A Few Ways Forward For Law Enforcement (20)
13:47 Court Destroys Future Public Art Installations By Holding Building Owner Liable For Destroying This One (45)
11:52 Trump Blames School Shootings On Violent Video Games, Movies; Suggests We Need Some Sort Of Rating System For Them (109)
10:42 Disney's Stupid Lawsuit Against Redbox Results In Judge Saying Disney Is Engaged In Copyright Misuse (36)
10:37 Daily Deal: CISSP Certification Training Course (0)
09:32 House Prepared To Rush Vote On Terrible Frankenstein SESTA, Which Will Harm Trafficking Victims & The Internet (20)
06:07 Right On Time: Kentucky Governor Lays The Blame For Florida School Shooting At The Feet Of Video Games (240)
03:06 The Death Of Net Neutrality Will Be Official In April (Cue The Lawsuits) (17)


19:26 Research Paper Links Police Unions To Increased Officer Misconduct (36)
15:29 Court Realizes It Totally Screwed Up An Injunction Against Zazzle For Copyright Infringement (17)
13:31 Inspector General For Intelligence Community Buried Report Showing Whistleblower Retaliation (8)
12:00 EU Publishers Acknowledge Snippet Tax Concerns, But Say: 'It's OK, You Can Trust Us' (31)
10:41 Trump, Nunes Accidentally Undo DOJ's Efforts To Keep Surveillance Docs Under Wraps (31)
10:36 Daily Deal: Pay What You Want Absolute Python Bundle (0)
09:37 Even If The Russian Troll Factory Abused Our Openness Against Us, That Doesn't Mean We Should Close Up (52)
08:32 Germany's Speech Laws Continue To Be A Raging Dumpster Fire Of Censorial Stupidity (30)
06:29 More Than Half Of U.S. States Now Pushing Their Own Net Neutrality Rules (33)
03:31 German Court Says Facebook's Real Names Policy Violates Users' Privacy (65)


20:40 France Says 'No' To Company Hack-Backs Following Online Attacks -- But Wants To Keep The Option Open For Itself (9)
17:38 Court Sends Cop Back To Prison For Bogus 'Contempt Of Cop' Arrest (43)
15:36 Ubisoft Perma-Bans Creator Of Cool, Non-Cheating Tool For 'The Division' Because It Was Made With Cheating Software (36)
13:30 Techdirt Podcast Episode 155: Lies, Damned Lies & Audience Metrics (1)
12:02 Facebook 'Security': A New VPN That's Spyware And Two-Factor Authentication That Spams You (40)
10:48 Wired's Big Cover Story On Facebook Gets Key Legal Point Totally Backwards, Demonstrating Why CDA 230 Is Actually Important (36)
10:43 Daily Deal: Qi Wireless Fast Charging Pad (0)
09:31 Nunes Demands Copies Of FISA Docs About Steele Dossier Warrants; Court Suggests Taking It Up With The FBI (51)
06:29 FCC Broadband Availability Data Derided As Inaccurate, 'Shameful' (69)
03:25 NSA Exploit Now Powering Cryptocurrency Mining Malware (26)


12:00 Funniest/Most Insightful Comments Of The Week At Techdirt (12)
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