stories about: "google"


by Mike Masnick

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advertising, dominance, europe, gdpr


Free Speech

by Mike Masnick

Filed Under:
censorship, china, dragonfly, search, suppression

baidu, google


by Timothy Geigner

Filed Under:
antipiracy, copyright, dmca, search, takedowns

aim, google, muso


by Mike Masnick

Filed Under:
antitrust, bias, jeff landry, monopoly, political bias



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12:10 Consumer Groups Say FCC Deregulatory Fever Harming Hurricane Michael Recovery (13)
10:54 Shitty Man Shows How Shitty Men Can Shit On Free Speech By Suing Over The Shitty Media Men List (114)
10:49 Daily Deal: Platinum Sonic Toothbrush & USB Sanitizing Case (3)
09:40 Another Report Shows That FOSTA Increased (Not Decreased) Sex Trafficking; Where Is The Outrage? (25)
06:45 Broadband Industry Sues Vermont For Daring To Protect Consumers, Net Neutrality (12)
03:41 Judge Says FOIA Isn't Battleship; Requesters Don't Need To Score Direct Hits To Obtain Documents (9)


12:00 Funniest/Most Insightful Comments Of The Week At Techdirt (41)


12:30 This Week In Techdirt History: October 14th - 20th (0)


19:39 Apple Demands Retraction Of Bloomberg's Big 'Chip Infiltration' Story; Bloomberg Has Some Explaining To Do (68)
15:35 Whistleblowing About Swiss Banks' Bad Behavior Just Became Safer (4)
13:35 Appeals Court Says Of Course Georgia's Laws (Including Annotations) Are Not Protected By Copyright And Free To Share (42)
12:00 Vietnam Expands Decades Long Effort To Crack Down On Any Dissent Online By Demanding Data Be Kept In The Country (15)
10:49 UK Refreshes Stupid Porn Filter Law, Making It Fresher But No Less Stupid (14)
10:44 Daily Deal: VPNSecure Subscription (1)
09:35 TSA Announces Plans To Subject Domestic Travelers To Biometric Screening (46)
06:24 Streaming Exclusives Will Drive Users Back To Piracy And The Industry Is Largely Oblivious (92)
03:23 As Predicted, Australian Government Looks To Creep Site Censorship Into Search Censorship (23)


19:29 SLCC/FanX Gets A Stay On $4 Million In Legal Fees For SDCC Pending Appeal (23)
15:29 Mississippi Law Enforcement Performed $200,000 Worth Of Illegal Forfeitures Because It 'Didn't Realize' Law Had Changed (46)
13:22 A Decade After Trying To Block Open Source Patent Pool From Buying Its Patents, Microsoft Joins The Pool Entirely (34)
11:55 The Decline Of Congressional Expertise Explained In 10 Charts (23)
10:45 DOJ Rings Up Another Leaker, Nailing Financial Investigation Official For Handing Docs To Buzzfeed (11)
10:40 Daily Deal: Hollywood Art Institute Photography Course (0)
09:41 Supreme Court To Hear Case That Could Possibly (But Not Really) Impact Social Media Content Moderation (47)
06:27 NY's AG Is Trying To Tie Major ISPs To Those Bogus Net Neutrality Comments (82)
03:28 Just As Expected: GDPR Has Made Google Even More Dominant In Europe (53)


19:34 ISU Student Groups Changing Names En Masse To Protest School's Ridiculous New Trademark Policy (17)
15:32 Chinese Professor Argues Google Should Launch A Censored Search Engine In China (32)
13:29 'See Something Say Something' Sends Philly Counter-Terrorism Unit After A Local Journalist Over A Harmless Facebook Post (48)
12:02 The Good Censor Document Shows Google Struggling With The Challenges Of Content Moderation (63)
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