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Researcher Finds Russian Cybersecurity Far Shittier Than The Mythology Suggests by 12-Aug-2022 06:34 AM (6 comments)
With The Hype Bubble Burst, Companies Try Comically Hard To Distance Themselves From NFTs by 21-Jul-2022 15:42 PM (56 comments)
Omnipresent Fentanyl Copaganda Is Turning Normal Citizens Into Fainting Goats by 20-Jul-2022 19:29 PM (42 comments)
OAN Starts Attacking Verizon, The Last Cable Giant Willing To Platform Its Conspiratorial Gibberish by 15-Jul-2022 05:32 AM (46 comments)
Ben Smith’s New Media Venture Ably Demonstrates Why Platforming Authoritarian Propagandists Is A Lose-Lose Scenario by 08-Jul-2022 12:17 PM (20 comments)
The Moral Panic Is Spreading: Think Tank Proposes Banning Teens From Social Media; Texas Rep Promises To Intro Bill by 06-Jul-2022 09:28 AM (87 comments)
FCC’s Carr Once Again Heads To The Fainting Couch Over TikTok by 30-Jun-2022 06:36 AM (20 comments)
$1-2 Billion In Streaming Ads A Year Aren’t Being Watched Because The TV Is Off by 16-Jun-2022 05:31 AM (32 comments)
FOIA Reform We Don’t Need: Blocking Foreigners From Using FOIA by 15-Jun-2022 13:35 PM (8 comments)
Google AI Fracas Shows How The Modern Ad-Based Press Tends To Devalue The Truth by 14-Jun-2022 13:46 PM (55 comments)
John Oliver’s Big Whiff: Just Because You Agree There’s A Problem, Doesn’t Mean That This Is The Right Solution by 14-Jun-2022 09:32 AM (28 comments)
6G Hype Begins Despite Fact 5G Hasn’t Finished Disappointing Us Yet by 02-Jun-2022 05:33 AM (15 comments)
Journalists: Stop Pretending The GOP Actually Cares About Regulating ‘Big Corporations’ by 24-May-2022 06:23 AM (30 comments)
A Guide For Tech Journalists: How To Be Bullshit Detectors And Hype Slayers (And Not The Opposite) by 17-May-2022 12:15 PM (15 comments)
Why Are People Still Blaming Facebook For Australia’s Terrible News Linking Tax Law? by 10-May-2022 12:09 PM (38 comments)
EA Streisands Leaked ‘Skate 4’ Footage Into The News by 25-Apr-2022 20:21 PM (13 comments)
U.S. Buries Fact It Gave Elon Musk $3 Million To Send Satellite Dishes To Ukraine by 11-Apr-2022 15:42 PM (19 comments)
UK Politician Who Had Shows On Russian TV Channel Threatens To Sue Twitter For Noting His Connections To Russian Media by 11-Apr-2022 12:09 PM (28 comments)
Facebook-Hired PR Firm Coordinated Anti-TikTok Campaign To Spread Bogus Moral Panics by and 31-Mar-2022 09:27 AM (16 comments)
Texas Gov’t Threw Millions At ‘Border Enforcement.’ Stats Show It Was A Waste Of Money. by 30-Mar-2022 12:12 PM (21 comments)
The Latest Moral Panic Focuses On Discord by 29-Mar-2022 09:34 AM (18 comments)
Ted Cruz, Mike Lee Join Dumb, Baseless GOP Quest To Pretend OAN Was Unfairly Censored by 25-Mar-2022 05:44 AM (131 comments)
Apple Cripples Its Own Streaming App In Stand Off With Google by 23-Mar-2022 05:37 AM (17 comments)
Performative Conservatives Are Mad That A Search Engine Wants To Downrank Disinformation by 11-Mar-2022 12:09 PM (224 comments)
TikTok Hysteria Returns: AGs Launch Mental Health Impact Inquiry by 03-Mar-2022 12:12 PM (5 comments)
Pentagon Publication: Young People Getting Injured At Basic Training Because Of 'Nintendo Generation' by 28-Feb-2022 10:50 AM (31 comments)
Trump's Truth Social Bakes Section 230 Directly Into Its Terms, So Apparently Trump Now Likes Section 230 by 22-Feb-2022 09:25 AM (131 comments)
Wireless Industry Now Claims 5G Will Miraculously Help Fix Climate Change by 31-Jan-2022 06:16 AM (18 comments)
New Bill Claims To Ban 'Surveillance Advertising,' But Doesn't Actually Do It by 21-Jan-2022 06:32 AM (3 comments)
Airline CEOs Freak Out Over 5G Despite Limited Evidence Of Real World Harm by 20-Jan-2022 06:28 AM (46 comments)

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