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Italy Wants To Save Its Children, Too by 22-Nov-2023 11:59 AM (31 comments)
Nikki Haley Reinvigorates The GOP’s Breathless TikTok Hysteria… For The Children by 22-Nov-2023 05:20 AM (31 comments)
Parents Sue Gaming Companies Over ‘Video Game Addiction’, Because That’s Easier Than Parenting by 17-Nov-2023 15:15 PM (61 comments)
Apple’s ‘180 On Right To Repair’ Was Widely Overstated by 16-Nov-2023 05:20 AM (10 comments)
FCC Commish Brendan Carr Takes A Break From Crying About TikTok To Lie About His Agency’s Plan To Combat Racism In Broadband Deployment by 14-Nov-2023 05:24 AM (4 comments)
NY Post: Emails Show DHS Censored Speech! Actual Emails: Show Exactly The Opposite by 09-Nov-2023 12:00 PM (48 comments)
Streaming TV Prices Double As ‘Enshittification’ Takes Root, Likely Driving Users Back To Piracy by 09-Nov-2023 05:28 AM (29 comments)
Tim Wu Asks Why Congress Keeps Failing To Protect Kids Online. The Answer Is That He’s Asking The Wrong Question by 07-Nov-2023 09:26 AM (14 comments)
The Retail Theft Surge That Isn’t: Report Says Crime Is Being Exaggerated To Cover Up Other Retail Issues by 31-Oct-2023 10:52 AM (43 comments)
The FCC’s Plan To Address Racism In Broadband Deployment Sounds Like A Sad Joke by 31-Oct-2023 05:25 AM (12 comments)
The First Rule Of Owning A Toyota Tundra In Australia Is You’re Not Allowed To Talk About Your Toyota Tundra by 30-Oct-2023 20:14 PM (14 comments)
Just Because Certain Crimes Are Going Viral Doesn’t Mean Crime Rates Are Increasing by 24-Oct-2023 09:34 AM (393 comments)
IRS Pilots Direct File Program While Tax Prep Industry Flails In Response by 20-Oct-2023 12:03 PM (26 comments)
Breaking Encryption To Aid Client-Side Scanning Isn’t The Solution To The CSAM Problem by 17-Oct-2023 10:50 AM (12 comments)
Disney Joins Netflix In Harassing Password Sharers As The Enshittification Of Streaming Continues by 03-Oct-2023 05:24 AM (39 comments)
Sorry, No, AI Girlfriends Are Not Destroying The Birthrate Or Killing Medicare & Social Security by 28-Sep-2023 11:53 AM (85 comments)
After Passing Online Safety Bill, UK Government Gets Back To Harassing Meta About Its End-To-End Encryption by 25-Sep-2023 13:31 PM (21 comments)
A Small Percentage Of Skyrim’s Sales Were On Non-Microsoft Platforms; Its Sequel Will Be Microsoft Exclusive by 19-Sep-2023 20:11 PM (30 comments)
Filing Bogus Copyright & Patent Claims On Your Not-Actually-Sentient AI Is Not A Good Way To Market Your Not-Actually-Sentient AI by 06-Sep-2023 12:41 PM (12 comments)
Apple Irritates Interest Groups, Law Enforcement With Its (Reasonable) Refusal To Restart Its Client-Side Scanning Program by 05-Sep-2023 12:01 PM (24 comments)
Foxconn’s Shriveled Wisconsin Subsidy Scam Stumbles Forth With Sale Of Two Key Buildings by 05-Sep-2023 05:29 AM (21 comments)
A Banana Puts The Final Nail In The Coffin Of 5G Hype by 31-Aug-2023 05:30 AM (30 comments)
E-Bike Industry Blames Consumers For Fires In Effort To Undermine ‘Right To Repair’ Laws by 28-Aug-2023 05:29 AM (32 comments)
UK’s Oldest Daily Newspaper Apparently First Stop On Clearview’s Reputational Rehab Tour by 23-Aug-2023 13:52 PM (4 comments)
Techno Moral Panics Are Making Senators Desperately Ridiculous by 23-Aug-2023 09:31 AM (22 comments)
California Senator Nancy Skinner Falls For Junk Science Moral Panic; Makes Blatantly False Claims In Support Of Social Media Addiction Bill by 28-Jul-2023 09:29 AM (80 comments)
Once Again, Mainstream Media Falls For A Fake TikTok Challenge, Creating Yet Another Moral Panic by 21-Jul-2023 09:27 AM (23 comments)
Another City Ditches ShotSpotter, Says It Can’t Show The System Helped Reduce Violent Crime by 19-Jul-2023 10:42 AM (2 comments)
No, Threads Is Not ‘Copying Twitter’ With Rate Limiting by 18-Jul-2023 09:28 AM (17 comments)
DEA’s Alarmist-In-Chief Thinks It’s Time To Start Regulating Social Media Moderation Efforts by 12-Jul-2023 09:25 AM (16 comments)

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