Funniest/Most Inisghtful Comments Of The Week At Techdirt

from the as-the-saying-goes dept

This week, our first place winner on the insightful side is Thad with a simple comment about the “bad apple” theory of policing:

Someone should really tell them what the other half of that expression is.

That comment came in response to a police official complaining about police as a group being unfairly hated because of a few outliers. Our second place winner, Chris Brand, took on his argument in more detail:


His argument would be a lot stronger if the reaction of police unions, police chiefs, etc to those “bad apples” was to loudly say “this is not acceptable”, fire them, make sure they never work in law enforcement again, and in many cases prosecute them for their crimes.

Instead they show us which side of that “thin blue line” they consider those people to be on. Maybe if you stop aligning yourselves with the “bad apples”, you’ll have better luck convincing others not to assume they’re representative of the entire profession.

For editor’s choice on the insightful side, we’ve got a pair of comments about the study showing that anti-piracy ads often made people pirate more. First, it’s Stephen T. Stone noting one reason this shouldn’t be surprising:

Good time for a reminder: The D.A.R.E. program suffered similar failures in its attempts to curb drug abuse.

Next, it’s dan8mx pointing out how the strategy doesn’t make a lot of sense:

No such thing as bad publicity

I’m not surprised, since the best solutions make me forget that piracy is an option. In this case, the industry starting running ads for it!

Over on the funny side, our first place winner is Autrach Sejanoz responding to that same post by passing on a relevant clip:

The IT Crowd’s BRILLIANT parody of that ad is always worth a rewatch

In second place, it’s Triplechanger responding to the claim that the Babylon Bee was censored by Twitter:

Oh wow, Twitter stopped The Babylon Bee from posting to The Babylon Bee’s website? Didn’t know Twitter had that much control over another companies resources, someone should look into that.

For editor’s choice on the funny side, we start out with an anonymous comment about Activision’s victory against ridiculous copyright and trademark claims:

I, John Michael Robert Sean Chris James Greg Paul William Frank David Jones Smith Johnson Brooks Harris Long Davis Williams Brown Miller, am suing for the violation of my trademark on any combination of any of my names!

Finally, we’ve got jojo_36 with a comment about an EU Commissioner’s defense of the idea of spying on everyone to protect the children:

Johansson: “So I was inspired by this book by George Orwell and it gave me a great idea to protect the children.”

That’s all for this week, folks!

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Comments on “Funniest/Most Inisghtful Comments Of The Week At Techdirt”

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ECA (profile) says:


The problem with the adverts:
They Told people there was a better way for:
NOT buying crap games.
NOT buying games that were the same as the other one they already had.
A way to demo games BEFORE YOU BUY, as the rule was if you OPEN the box, there is no return.
Then the BIG ONE, its not available in your area. The company made 1 million copies, and most went to the big cities, Who ran out. And the rural area got a few that ran out, and New production takes TIME.
Time= we are playing another game, and waiting for YOURS isnt happening.

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