Thank Twitter For Standing Up For User Rights

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We recently wrote about Twitter’s decision to stand up for a user in court, fighting against a court ruling that said that a user has no proprietary interest in their own tweets and info, such that those users cannot contest a government attempt to subpoena information from Twitter. This is not the first time that Twitter has aggressively stood up for its users’ rights against government excess — in a world where that’s quite rare. When the government comes calling, most companies roll right over. In response to this, the folks over at Fight for the Future have put together a petition page, asking people to sign up to thank Twitter. If they get 50,000 people to sign, they’ll present Twitter with a medal for defending the internet (these medals are awesome).

Given that internet petitions are often done in protest of something or against something, I really like this idea of effectively getting people to sign on for something positive and celebrate a company that does its best to protect the interests of its users. If you agree, head on over and sign up to thank Twitter.

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Comments on “Thank Twitter For Standing Up For User Rights”

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Benjamin (profile) says:

Not for me (censorship in France)

Sorry, but that’s not for me: Twitter seems to be a dual-headed centralized-service monster as any other one (google, facebook & al.)

in France, we had many twitter account, not all of them were parodic one, (they were politely critical of the government behavior) that where destroyed without breaking any rules and, of course, without any explanation or possibility to get them back.

so, that other story is nice, yes, but only enough for me to applaud with one hand, which makes not much noise 😉

Anonymous Coward says:

they didnt stand up for the user, twits on rules say they own your tweets, so the man has no standing to protect them, they need to prove to the court that Twitter has to provide the info, twit is protecting itself, not the user

let me guess? privacy?? since when is something said to the public in a public format, that you have rights not to have those used against you??

your on the wrong soapbox again

Anonymous Coward says:

How pathetically naive and stupid

Really? A medal?

The only reason Twitter did this is that it’s good for Twitter. That’s it. The fact that it accidentally works out in favor of users is just that: an accident.

And yet you clowns want to give them a medal for it?

Please. Go home. You’re far too naive and stupid to be playing this game.

Anonymous Coward says:

Not for me (censorship in France)


I put a lot more faith in the ACLU and EFF and their ilk than I do in either large companies or government these days. I simply don’t trust any group of people making lots of money who can hide behind a faceless bureaucratic mask. It breeds disregard for other human beings.

Anonymous Coward says:


I think you missed a point in there. The government is also asking for identifying information that is not publicly available, and it’s saying the user has no right to file a motion in court to quash the subpoena. Normally, you and I do have that right. (Whether we’d win or not is another point entirely.) However, lately the government has taken to serving companies quietly and ignoring users, trying to get the companies to violate their own terms of service and just hand over the data without alerting users at all. Not okay.

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