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Guy Asks For Software Crack, Creator Provides Free App Instead

from the how-to-react-to-piracy dept

I’m a big fan of two things: vulgarity and people who treat others well.  If you share similar passions, then this story is for you.  While it’s understandable for content creators to react negatively to those that "pirate" their work, Techdirt has highlighted instance after instance showing those that have chosen to react in a way that is more beneficial to everyone.  It’s kind of sad that, when people behaving kindly to one another (even after someone has tried to infringe on their copyright), it becomes something we have to point to, but consider the reaction of Chris Baker, creator of the F***ing Word Of The Day iPhone application, as shown on the The Next Web blog.

Basically, the story boils down to this.  A person on the Xsellize iPhone app message board put out a thread request for someone to crack Chris’ app, without further explanation.  Chris showed up immediately and responded to the poster:

Hello! I’m the creator of the ******* Word of the Day website and more particularly the F-ing Word of the Day App. First of all, this is a huge compliment! As a person who pirates content, I’ve always placed the moment people are pirating MY goods as the exact time of my arrival, as it were. So congratu-*******-lations to me. With that said, I’d like to just offer that while I’m employed with a decent salary in the city of New York, I am by no means rich…I write all the sentences myself and find the words to use myself and I do this in my own personal time and essentially for free. Sure, I learn a few words too, but I was already a pretty well-read guy, and could have done without the site.

What’s my point in all this? Go ahead and pirate the app. It cost me 1500 bucks to have programmed. It’s not even a month’s rent for me. But if you think the site is cool, and you want to pay for one eighth of a Stella Artois for me, hook me up with 99 cents. The rapture will be here soon, I could use the drink.

It’s just… perfect.  Communicate with the potential customer, let them know you’d appreciate their actual patronage, mention that pirating isn’t a big deal but it’d be cool to purchase in an agreeable way, and wrap it up with a joke.  About the only thing off here is a willingness to drink Stella Artois, a name which translates to english as "sewer water". 

And the reaction from the original poster?  He thanked Chris for responding and then clarified why he was looking for a crack.  It turns out that he has no credit cards or banking cards with which he could make the purchase from the app store.  But he said he was so enamored with Chris’ response that he rescinded his request for the crack and promised to figure out how to purchase the app, even if his situation meant it would cost him a few extra bucks to do so.  But Chris wasn’t done:

Sir, you’ve warmed the cockles of my heart. I believe Apple allows you to gift apps to people, and I’m feeling charitable so if you want to email me your address or whatever in the hell they require to complete such a transaction, I will buy the app for you. I only ask that you give the ******* thing a good rating.  I hope this comment thread goes down as one of the more unexpected things that happens to you online. I like the unexpected. And I like making people happy, even when something stupid like learning vocabulary is involved.

Sigh, bliss!  And take a look at some of the reaction further down in the thread.  It looks like Chris’ acting like a human being has garnered him a few more fans and paying customers:

-This thread makes me want to buy the app just to honor such an awesome attitude. If only more developers would have this positive and constructive humbleness towards the consumer, things would go better.

-Chris, I just bought your app for the support!

-I am not a fan of vulgarity, and I would not normally buy or use your app, clever as it is. But your mission is admirable and your heart is gold and I just bought a copy of your app simply to reward you. I’ll now delete it, because my kids use my phone and wow, but you know, you’re awesome.

-Chris, as a result of this thread I want to offer my body to you.  You make me feel like more of a woman than I have ever felt before.  I have toys and dirty videos.  Please contact me.

Okay, okay, I made that last one up.  But the point is, if you treat people like they’re people and not the $.99 they might otherwise represent, you will reap the benefits.  Bravo, Chris.

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Comments on “Guy Asks For Software Crack, Creator Provides Free App Instead”

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Anonymous Coward says:

Re: Stella Artois

“Sewer water”? Nope.

Wikipedia says: Stella Artois (play /ˈstɛlə ɑrˈtwɑː/) is a 5% ABV lager originating from Leuven, Belgium, predominantly brewed in the United Kingdom.[1] It is named Stella after the Latin word for “star” whereas Artois is a traditional area in France that was once part of the Low Countries.

Hautedawg says:

Off subject, but only a little

So, can you kind folks get Boulevard Ales where you reside? It is made in Kansas City, from teh sparkling waters of the Missouri River (/sarcasm).

The wheat is delicious, and it is fresh! If not, I reccomend highly.

Does anyone reccomend anything for a young (50’s) lady to drink. She likes Heiniken, but I’d like her to drink local or at least American.

PS: Great article. Being nice pays

anon says:

Re: Off subject, but only a little

Well, there are many. If she likes sweeter citrus type stuff, Michelob’s shock top is awsome. Blue moon is, decent, but IMO not as good as shock top.

Widmer Hef is good. All depends if she want’s a lager, or something a bit more filling.

Just remember, beer doesn’t make someone gain weight… it’s the food people eat while drinking the beer that does. The “carb thing” is a hoax put on by the big beer companies in order to push cheaper made light beers. PHD & Ivy League college busted myth.


Stella sucks btw. Another sweet lager, right up there with the crappy piss made mexican beers.

rooben (profile) says:

Already Doing the Job

Looks like his attitude is turning into sales – looking at the App Store, there’s about 20 comments now from people saying that they are buying the app due to his comments on the site (or via Reddit).

Hm…having dialog with your customers…discussing their issue…leading to others appreciation and more sales…maybe this guy is on to something!

The Original Anonymous Coward (profile) says:

Stella sucks in the US

The beer, not the actress.

It’s great on the continent. I’ve never had it in the UK since I’m normally too busy trying all the other bizarre brews.

For US beer try Schell’s from Minnesota. Lots of gold and silver prizes at various competitions. Last I checked it was the second oldest US brewery still owned by the same family, after #1 Yuengling.

Anonymous Coward says:

Stella Artois is a magnificent beer! Not many people appreciate it the first time they have one, but it’s worth getting a taste for.

As for Americans criticizing beer from anywhere else, well….you should all be ashamed! πŸ˜‰ Off the top of my head I can’t think of a country that makes worse beer than the USA.

Chris Baker (profile) says:

Re: Re: Hello

hahaha. Stella. What’s funny is that my go-to, just a wednesday night on the couch beer is Amstel. I’m not even sure why I put Stella.

App sales were at about 5-10 a day. Yesterday I sold almost 700. Definite increase. People loved the story so much they downloaded the app just to give me sale, not because they like the idea of the app. Which is cool, but obviously I like when people get into it because of the idea. πŸ™‚

Alima (user link) says:



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have a great day and God bless you.
miss Alima

Malek Alahmar says:

Remove license verification from this app ?

hello how are you please bro ? ,I have a metal detector device they have an android app and when I am trying install it on new device it asks me for license code and I don’t know what should I do. This is bothersome for me every time I need to ask the company to provide me the license code after giving them my Mac address of my phone. Can you help me on that I would really appreciate it so much I need to bypass the license code checking and keep using it for free.

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