Congress Just Sold You Out: Leadership Plans To Extend Patriot Act For Four Years With NO Concessions

from the oh-come-on dept

As we’ve discussed, there were some very questionable provisions in the Patriot Act which were set to expire last year, but got extended, officially to allow time for debate. There was none, and when the extension was set to expire, Congress extended the clauses again for 90 days, supposedly to debate them. There were some superficial discussions, but the end result is what many people knew would happen anyway: the provisions are going to be extended for four years, with no concessions or greater oversight. Not only that, but the leadership from both major parties, who have agreed to this “deal,” want to pass it with little or no debate:

The deal between Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid and House Speaker John Boehner calls for a vote before May 27, when parts of the current act expire, according to officials in both parties who spoke on condition of anonymity. The idea is to pass the extension with as little debate as possible to avoid a protracted and familiar argument over the expanded power the law gives to the government.

So, let’s see. The government grants itself the power to abuse the 4th Amendment and spy on people with little oversight, and it would prefer that there not be any debate over this, because pesky people might raise the fact that this is wide open for abuse, and the senators don’t want to have to talk about that.

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Comments on “Congress Just Sold You Out: Leadership Plans To Extend Patriot Act For Four Years With NO Concessions”

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hegemon13 says:

Re: Re: Re: I Hope the Partisan Hacks Remember This

Hahahahaha. No, we haven’t seen capitalism in this country in a long, long time. For the short run we had, it created massive progress and economic growth and the birth of the healthy middle class. Then, the government tried to “help” by founding a private central bank that can issue fiat money at will, and by picking the winners and losers through regulations and subsidies. We have ended up with a corporate welfare system that resists innovation, squashes new entries into the market, props up failed institutions, and transfers wealth from the majority of Americans to a few obscenely wealthy elite.

Hallux says:

Cure is worse than disease

People in this cuntry are apt to forget that there is something way more dangerous than all the terrorists in the world put together: their own government. Filled to overflowing like a stopped up commode with corrupt, stupid, conniving back-stabbing two-faced rat-bastards, who sell out their own conatituents, ironically, to get money to use to trick people into voting for them. Granting these people and those who serve them in the name of safety is cowardly, and stupid. A wholesale abdication of patriotic responsibility to question the government, and make sure We the People are its masters, not its servants. And yes, cuntry.

Bruce Ediger (profile) says:

Where are the pro-PATRIOT Act Trolls?

Really. Can’t any muster the breath to say trollish things about the PATRIOT Act? Maybe accuse someone of being the most pro-Terrorist blogger on the net or something? Do some illogical special pleading for usurpation of constitutional rights on the basis of “but, but, Terrorism!”? Can’t “Blogger Bob” (why does that remind me of “Bagdad Bob”, and “Tokyo Rose”?) use the Sockpupppet Management Software to generate some “grass roots” support for it?


Then why the heck can’t we all just agree to letting the PATRIOT Act lapse?

That Anonymous Coward says:

So they pay public lip service to the people trying to overthrow their corrupt governments and embrace democracy ?? (can’t find the damn TM symbol), while at the same time doing their best to emulate those regimes they wish to seen overthrown.

They have created an amazing Us vs Them culture in this country…
Us vs Illegal Immigrants
Us vs Muslims (it should be terrorists, but that was to hard to explain)
Us vs Godless Homos
Us vs Godless Baby Killers
Us vs Kenyan Manchurian Candidates

How is it the people everyone seems to accept as the voice of Us, are often so far removed from the real people they claim to care about that they are that out of touch?
What does it say about a people who willingly follow what they are told without a single thought beyond “Well X said this was the RIGHT way, so its the only way.”
Anyone who dares question the powers that be is seen as a terrorist, out to destroy the American ??(tm) way of life.

Stolen from someone else –
First they shut down Napster, but I didn?t speak out. I didn?t use Napster.
Next they shut down Gnutella, but i didn?t speak up. I never used Gnutella.
Then they shut down The Pirate Bay, and I didn?t speak up. I never used The Pirate Bay.
Now they will shut down the Internet, and there won?t be anyone left to speak up?

Let us all just embrace the fact we are just serfs meant to toil and suffer for the amusement of the rich and powerful. Lets give up on education, because educated people might think there is something wrong with the outright shitting on the Constitution. Think only happy thoughts, because we are coming in to check on your dreams and thoughts in diaries… but its ok because we are only looking for “bad”* people.

*- the definition of bad will be expanded as we see fit, as we work to exile the undesirable elements from the gene pool until we have the brainless drones we need.

Jan says:

Re: Re:

Yeah, it was Martin Niem?ller who said this:

I didn’t say a word when they came to get the communists – because I wasn’t a communist.
I didn’t say a word when they came to get the socialists – because I wasn’t a socialist.
I didn’t say a word when they came to get the Jews – because I wasn’t a Jew.
I didn’t say a word when they came to get the Christians – because I wasn’t a Christian.

When they came to get me, there wasn’t anyone left to protest.

hegemon13 says:

Re: Re:

Give up education? Are you kidding? Government-run education is where the brainwashing occurs. It’s where the Constitution is redefined from a document that protects our liberties to a document that allows the government to do absolutely anything in the name of welfare or commerce. It is where we are taught that the strongest presidents are the ones who started wars and stole power from the legislature. It is where we are taught that the flag is sacred, and flag-burning protests are akin to terrorism. And most importantly, it is where we are taught that lovable Uncle Sam will always protect us from the bogeyman.

Anonymous Coward says:

I havent read the entire act but exactly how could this act be “Abused” and used against a law abiding citizen? They could tap my phone and hear me talking dirty to my girlfriend?

Have any of you every been abused by this act? Do you really think you will be in your lifetime? What exactly do you have to hide that the government wants to learn about?

Is it, give them an inch and they will take a mile? I’ll have to disagree. There is a line that I wouldnt let them cross but this isnt it.

Anonymous Coward says:

Re: Re:

Just because you haven’t been affected by this, then it’s ok. Guess what, the goverenment has murdered people before, but you haven’t been affected by government murder so that must be ok too, right????

We don’t care if you agree to give the government this power that is specifically excluded by the constitution.

The rest of us don’t agree and that is what counts.

Rekrul says:

Re: Re:

I havent read the entire act but exactly how could this act be “Abused” and used against a law abiding citizen? They could tap my phone and hear me talking dirty to my girlfriend?

Have any of you every been abused by this act? Do you really think you will be in your lifetime? What exactly do you have to hide that the government wants to learn about?

Is it, give them an inch and they will take a mile? I’ll have to disagree. There is a line that I wouldnt let them cross but this isnt it.

And what line is that? Do you realize that the entire patriot act was basically created to negate the rights afforded to US citizens in the Constitution? That by declaring someone a terrorist, all their rights basically get suspended and they can be locked up indefinitely without ever being charged with a crime?

BTW, if you don’t mind being spied on, please install web cams in each room of your home, post their IP addresses, and make sure than that they’re online 24/7. After all, if you have nothing to hide, you shouldn’t mind people watching you, right? While you’re at it, will you also please post copies of your bank statements, monthly bills, medical history, a list of all family and friends, what TV shows you watch, what stores you shop at, what web sites you visit, etc.

Kathie says:

Re: Thank God For The Second Amendment!

How old are you? Has our government helped us? yes.. Do they hide things from us? yes..

Our freedom is becoming less and less..for the greater good of the country but the country has only been great because we ask the “questions” and challenge those who think they know what is best for the country.

chris (profile) says:

Re: Thank God For The Second Amendment!

As long as we have that, they can never take our freedoms away.

whatever dude.

have you seen the gear a marine carries?

have you seen what an army abrams tank can do?

watch the collateral murder video and see what a 25mm bushmaster can do to a group of people from miles away. accident or not, they never heard the shots and never saw the helicopter before they were eliminated. they had ak47’s and never fired a shot.

if martial law is declared your moble home full of “huntin’ rifles and shootin’ irons” won’t do you any good against armor, night vision, crew served weapons, and satellite communications.

if you really want to bear arms against the government, stop reading NRA pamphlets and start learning about asymmetric warfare.

darryl says:

OH NO I Agree with Mike

I think the patriot act is quite stupid, and a good example of the US Gov taking advantage of an “attack”, to gain more control.

The trouble is, once you have a form of power its really hard to give that power up.

As the US Gov is well aware of.

Conspriacy people will tell you that the US Gov created the 9/11 attacks specifically to enable them to establish more control. And who is going to argue with US patritism ?

So if that was in fact the case, there is far to much tied up in the effort to enable the Patriot act invested in it for them to just cancel it.

Show me any politician who is willing to give up power and authority over the people ?

So sorry Mike, but on this I have to agree the PA really is a product of the USA and would not be accepted by any other western country.

GW Bush “if you are not with us, you are with the enemy” I think turned most of the planet agaist him and the US, then he put out the Pat Act and sealed it in law.

He played the people of Americal like a fiddle, WMD’s, axis of evil, not with us you are with them, patriot act, if you are not with us you are not patriotic, blah blah.

But its a great defense industry money spinner.

TS.Atomic (profile) says:

Amazing... Progressives bitching about Govt...

So, you complain that the patriot act is fascism; over-reaching; govt gone wild; abuse of power; unconstitutional; blah, blah, blah. Well, no shit sherlock!

I don’t like the patriot act either, but it is also disgustingly hypocritical when progressives don’t utter a freaking peep, but actually fervently support when the govt chips away at all out other freedoms by:
– controlling what lightbulbs you can use
– controlling what type of gas you can put in your car (example: seasonal/botique blends. really?)
– controlling how much water your toilet can use
– controlling your consumption of trans-fats (see NY’s latest bullshit)
– controlling how/if you can improve your own land (example: small pond deemed “wetlands”)
– controlling when/where/how you can exercise your 2nd amendment rights (obvious)
– controlling your access to medication your doctor recommends (example: mail-order meds from Canada)
– controlling who you can buy insurance from (example: Obamacare)
– controlling the food we buy/sell (example: raw milk)
– and on and on and on and on and on…

Yet all of a sudden when the Govt stays true to freakin’ character, you get all pissy about it??!!

You jackass progressives created this monster. Now show us what you can do to leash the damn thing! Let’s start with a revival of personal-responsibility, self-determination and a commitment to excellence — instead of near total reliance upon a nanny-state to provide for your cradle to grave needs and protect you from yourself. Can we try that for a few decades??!!

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