Fewer Than 5,000 Broadband Over Powerlines Subscribers

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Following the story earlier in the week about the death of broadband over powerlines, Broadband Reports points out that even by the FCC’s “stunningly meaningless” broadband stats (that tend to inflate access claims), BPL only has 4,776 subscribers. This for the technology that it declared as “the great broadband hope” five years ago. So, once more, with feeling: broadband over powerlines is dead. It’s not a serious option.

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Comments on “Fewer Than 5,000 Broadband Over Powerlines Subscribers”

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Elohssa says:

I'm no master of the subject, but...

..as a concept, it makes sense, because access to power, phone and water lines is guaranteed by the government in almost every modernized nation. Cable and fiber is not (yet.)

At the same time, the idea of using the self-same lines just sounds dangerous to maintain. Might as well float fiber through the sewers.

Maybe it would be better to guarantee right-of-way access (within reason) to the poles to private companies? They could hang their own gear up there, and then just connect the dots.

Rich Brownlee says:

Broadband Over Powerlines

The reason BPL is not popular is very few of the people in the country are aware of it. Not everybody lives in a large city…u would be surprised of the people who aren’t even aware of HDTV! I still have dial-up and am located about 1000 yds. from a broadband area–moving is no option so BPL would be ideal but the bottom line is it would be too much competition for the BIG phone companies.

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