LA Includes Piracy With Drugs, Gangs, Prostitution And Gambling As 'Detrimental To Public Health & Safety'

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Various laws have allowed local governments to declare specific property “detrimental to public health & safety” when that property becomes overrun with drugs, gangs, prostitution or gambling. However, the entertainment industry’s hometown gov’t in Los Angeles has now expanded the list to include music and movie piracy as well. Whatever you think of unauthorized copying of content, it’s difficult to see how you can, with a straight face, claim that it is the equivalent of property being overrun with drugs, gangs prostitution or gambling.

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Comments on “LA Includes Piracy With Drugs, Gangs, Prostitution And Gambling As 'Detrimental To Public Health & Safety'”

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Anonymous Coward says:

let’s begin some thought experiments.

most educated economists will tell you that prohibition leads to crime, violence, and decreases safety. so if all these things are detrimental to society, the only logical, rational thing to do is legalize them all.

who is most likely to currently provide a household with drugs, that cause overdose? the pharmacy.

how can we get rid of gang violence? legalize them, turn them into city militia protecting civilians.

legalizing prostitution leads to health benefits, and an increase in safety. heck they should be getting health care and child care.

its the same rational with guns. banning guns makes people less safe. if every kid was taught gun safety and proper use in school, would there be nearly as many accidents?

prohibition is to blame for the dangers of meth and heroin.

this boneheaded political policy to ban things only accomplishes one thing. reelection. they use “for the kids” and scare statistics, which amount to terrorism to make parents think the streets are becoming safer.

psychology tells us that as the laws get stricter, we are more likely to become obedient (millgram) and that the cops will get meaner (zimbardo – standford prison experiment) is that the society you want to raise kids in, one with more sheep, and meaner wolves?

like i said above the ONLY SANE RATIONAL THING TO DO IS LEGALIZE EVERYTHING, and educate the populous as best, and truthfully as possible.

Kiba (user link) says:


By corporations focusing on fighting piracy, they take away precious resources that can be used to fight new, smaller, innovative firms.

These firms, smart enough to avoid the “war on piracy” mines will have easier time to grow into gigantic competitor that will be the nightmare of RIAA and MPAA and any other DRM embracing firms.

Stronger effort will simply yield even a gloomier future.

Anti-piracy efforts is a seed of firms’ own destruction and for competitors, a blessing.


Bobby K says:

Re: Re:

@I work for the RIAA:
No. I think we just stopped buying your stuff because it sucks. Besides, when you cut out entertainment expenses, it becomes easy to afford a week trip overseas! In November, the 8 of us are going to Japan for two weeks!

“Just Say No” to drugs, gangs, and Hollywood Content, and say “Yes” to relaxing vacations.

I work for the RIAA too! says:

Re: Re:

Listen to us because we know what’s best for you. Piracy is a disease that is responsible for Global Warming, the crisis in the Middle East, and erectile dysfunction.

If you want to steal music then you hate America and Heterosexuality. You probably leave the toilet seat up, sit too long when the traffic light has turned green, and molest farm animals.

People of America be warned! Internet Pirates will steal your music, and when that no longer satisfies them they will start stealing your children.

You pirates make me sick. I can’t wait for it to be legal to hunt you all for sport so this will be a respectable country again.

BTW, the New Kids On The Block are getting back together, their music touches my soul, so please buy their new album. Twice.

Krak-Ho on mp3s says:

I know what they mean

Every time I hear music that might be pirated I have the urge to break out the crackpipe, sacrifice babies to Satan, rob the nearest liquor store and join a gang. Don’t even ask what I do when I see software that might be pirated.

“The RIAA and MPAA are always right.” Thats the mantra that gets me through those tough spots. Thank all the deities that they’re here to protect my soul.

Annalise (profile) says:

This is why I hate LA

This is great, from the same bureaucratic morons who have publicly declared that LA does not have a problem with brown on black violence, and that Mexican gangbangers aren’t targeting innocent black citizens as their victims for extermination and genocide.

Isn’t it strange that the FEDS have recently successfully prosecuted these same Mexican hoodlums for targeted hate crimes against blacks, ensuring that when the state lets them go, they’ll serve the rest of their lives in Federal prison, but the local Chief of Police (William Bratton) goes on TV and blathers that there is no crisis of brown on black violence in this city.

But we’ll gather up scarce city resources to prosecute copyright infringers. Yahoo, way to go, city leaders.

MLS (profile) says:

"Feel Good" Ordinance

LA ordinance an excellent example of a feel good law with absolutely no teeth and no hope of ever being successfully applied. Federal statutes and case law pertaining to copyrights makes it abundantly clear that federal law trumps local ordinances where the claim under a local ordinance necessarily depends upon a finding of copyright infringement.

The signing of the ordinance likely created a wonderful photo-op and made political contributors in the music and movie industries quite happy. Beyond that the ordinance is generally meaningless words on paper.

AJ says:

Not THAT much of a stretch!

Given that the record executives MUST be taking drugs for thinking they can give less for more money, their GANG of miscreants continue to acts as PIMPS for their forced-labor clients who PROSTITUTE themselves for the record labels, GAMBLING that the public will continue to put up with the s**t that the record industry foisters upon the consuming public. So, there must be a link to those with DRM somewhere, no?

Kurt says:

Law Propaganda

There’s been a serious uptick in organized (and unorganized) crime’s involvement in piracy. Just as gangs use drugs as a source of revenue, some are beginning to use piracy as a source of revenue. That’s not too surprising, since serious commercial bootlegging operations can be very profitable.

That’s the connection this law is trying to make. The problem, though, is that all those other things–drugs, prostitution, etc–are probably “detrimental to public health and safety” independent of the criminal organizations they thrive in.

Unless they’ve got hard stats showing serious and unavoidable secondary effects around centers of piracy (for example, if gangs start making it a habit to conduct armed raids of rival gangs’ piracy operations, leading to shoot-outs and bloodshed), they don’t seem to have much of a legitimate leg to stand on.

This isn’t law, this is propaganda.

Computer Consulting Kit Home Study Course Blog Com (user link) says:

One of the first things I advise computer consultants to do when they go into do an IT audit for small business clients is check the licenses on software. While software piracy is definitely not a problem that necessarily ranks up there in terms of dangerous consequences with prostitution, drugs, etc., it is a problem in its own right that, when done en masse can have a really negative impact on the business climate and the economy. Also, it can raise major security concerns, which are a big deal today where a lot of personal information is being transmitted via the Internet – credit cards, social security numbers, bank account information, etc. Plus, you never know what you are getting when you borrow or steal software. I think software piracy is definitely something to watch out for, especially for companies that want to compete with their competitors, stay secure and stay in business for the long term.

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