Lowes Tries To Silence Sucks Site For Complaints About Lowes

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We’ve covered a variety of cases involving so-called “sucks sites,” where someone registers as a domain name the name of a company and appends sucks to the end in order to create a complaint site. Companies have often complained that these sites are trademark violations, but that usually doesn’t pass the moron in a hurry test. The latest such case involves home improvement store Lowes. A guy who bought a fence from them was upset that the installers botched the job. Lowes refused to take responsibility, so he set up a site at Lowes-Sucks.com and promptly received a cease and desist from the company claiming trademark violation. While early on, a few companies were able to get sucks sites shut down, it’s become a lot rarer, as judges tend to recognize that criticism is perfectly legitimate — and no one is likely to confuse a sucks site as being endorsed by the company. In the meantime, of course, in sending out such a cease and desist, Lowes has just drawn a lot more attention to the fact that they won’t take responsibility for the botched fence install. Wouldn’t it have just been better for business to fix the damn fence?

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Comments on “Lowes Tries To Silence Sucks Site For Complaints About Lowes”

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Anonymous Coward says:

Re: They fixed this on monday


samuel smith says:

Re: Re: Re:

being an entitled customer no be a human and have compassion. cause i am sure if they walked into your work site and did that to you, i am sure you’d be upset and b****ing so be human and you walk away but again i am sure you probably do not work and live off government help so shhhhhh walk away 😉
they don’t need your money you don’t sign the checks

dennis molina says:

Re: They fixed this on monday

thats why guys like you will never last at lowes cause of your type of attitude, we all know that there is alot of customers that just dont thinkk common sence and there is some that we just have to hold there hands and walk them thru, but its our jobs, we are all lucky to even have a job, let alone bitch about it. just do your job and if you dont like it, leave and give it to someone who really wants to work hard and be loyal to lowes, even though the install system needs to be corrected, but by corperate leaders, not our employees. its bad enough that lowes and home depot are getting rid of alot of great associates that knows there stuff just to cut there wages and hire kids off the street who dont know a damn thing about anything, but to cut off someone who is making $20-29 an hour to someone who can do the same,not as good, and get paid $10 an hour. this is what these two big box store are getting ready to do. i know. cause i just fired telling associates the truth.

Al Jamison (profile) says:


I had Lowes put carpet in my house a couple of years ago. As they were getting thru and sewing up there carpet job they told me they did’nt cut off doors and left me with no front doors on my house on a friday afternoon. I had no one to do this job as I was’nt told I’d need anyone to cut my doors or even that they would need to be cut. Every time I try to do anythiong at Lowes I get Screwed.

Carly in NV says:

Re: lowes

I work for Lowe’s Installs and I can tell you that, if this was done in the last year+ you should read your contract better. It clearly says the installers don’t cut doors. I don’t know why they don’t, or who would think to ask, but it’s really important to know what you’re signing (front and back).

mary says:

Re: Re: lowes

Only a professional door cutter can properly cut a door — There isn’t a flooring guy out there who can do it properly and it usually states it in the contract that they don’t do it so read your fine print and do your research before hiring anyone to do work in your house. You do not get full service from big box stores and they sub out the work.

matilda trautweiner says:

Re: Re: lowes

when you need a job done you hope the installer can complete what is needed so you are not left hanging with an unfinished job, thats why we try to hire professionals that know what they are doing. Lowes leaves the unexpected up to you complete the job, next time save the extra 50 percent Lowes charges to set up the job and hire a responsible private contractor!!

mickey says:

Re: lowes

go directly to the president of lowes, people dont seem to know that once you get the presidents name,you can register mail him and he has no choice to sign it and read your letter and tell him that your goig to better business bearue and he will know that you now have his signature to show bbb that you sent a letter and he didnt respond. good luck. the fixer upper guy

jessica says:

Re: lowes

Lowe’s uses professional subcontractors for their flooring installations. It is the Lowe’s salesperson’s job to ask the customer if he/she wants their doors cut by the subcontractor. This is not a free service. The customer can have this done by paying for the service when they purchase their flooring and the subcontractor will cut and rehang the doors that same day. Or, worst case scenario, the customer can call the Lowe’s Installed Sales Office WHILE his/her flooring is being installed by the flooring specialist and advise the Flooring Dept. personnel they would like their doors cut and hung. Provide a cc # and the doors will be cut before the contractor leaves. However, this should all be taken care of before the installer arrives, so do not blame the installer — this is the salesperson’s fault if you were not advised of this.

mary says:

Re: Lowes

I work for a flooring retailer (not Lowes) and in our contracts it clearly states that we are not responsible for cutting doors. However, when we measure the job we do try and let the customer know if it will be an issue before so that they can prepare. Unfortunately, big box stores such as Lowes or Home Depot are only sub contracting out the work so you never get full service with them.

By the way, in the long run, they are not cheaper and can sometimes cost you more money. Better off to shop at your local independant retailer.

arni says:

Re: lowes

I work at Lowe’s and I had one day of training and they put me out on the sales floor. The training is nonexistent, I had no idea as what to tell customers about contracts. This goes on at all 1700 stores, Lowe’s does not train their employees the proper way. To the buying public, get a good private contractor and pay the extra money, stay away from Lowe’s

Anonymous Coward says:

Re: Re: lowes

as a lowes employee for over 10yrs, then you need to go to voice your opinion and get trained, there are several booklets & on=line training.Not getting trained is bottom line your own fault. Speak to your supervisor, hr, store mgr.Someone will listen. If you are going to send customers to another location other than than the one that feeds you at the end of the week, then you need to leave the company.this is what we call NOT engaged employee.

Dave Pyatt says:

Lowe's doesn't install anything...

All installs are done by independent subcontractors arranged through Lowe’s, so Lowe’s is not directly responsible for a botched job, the customer needs to direct their complaints to the contractor that actually did the work. Although I worked at Lowe’s, my department didn’t deal with the sub-contracted labor, but I would assume that there is a contract between the customer and the installer that could be pursued to remedy complaints.

Chuck says:

Re: Lowe's doesn't install anything...

Wait… I buy something from Lowes, THEY subcontract the installation to a third-party, the third-party screws it up and Lowes expects me to go to the third-party with complaints?

My complaints go to whoever I wrote the check to, not who they wrote a different check to. The court summons would also go to whoever I wrote the check to.

Subcontracting does not remove the contractors responsibility or liability.

Carly in NV says:

Re: Re: Lowe's doesn't install anything...

You are correct. YOU as the buyer contract with Lowe’s, not the subcontractor. The sub is responsible for their work, yes, but the chasing should only go: Customer -> Lowe’s -> Sub. There’s more to this story than what we can see about this fence job. There’s no WAY my store would let a sub get away with a botched job!

I am a lowes installer!!! says:

Re: Re: Re: Lowe's doesn't install anything...

I have been a Lowes flooring installer for more than 3 years.
Lowes does a very good job making sure the installers do a good job. They even do surprise job inspections and get the drivers license # from everyone on the job site too make sure they are on the company roster and have passed the background check. They look at the job, our clothes. They make sure you have a power strecher and the proper tools. They customers in most cases cause most of their own problems. They think that since Lowes is a huge company they can call the store and make some sort of complaint and get a partial refund!!!
I really enjoy working for Lowes and find them to be very professional and they really want the customer happy.
I feel that most of the complaints on here are not telling the whole story. On the rare case that we do have a customer complain the store faxes us the work order immediatley. We have 48 hrs to get the work order scheduled and we have to notify the store when it is scheduled. We have to get the customer to sign that they are satisfied with the repair!!
Most of the complaints we get are really nonsense!!!!
Remember……two sides to every story. I send Lowes a lot of business every chance I get.

Mike Woodson says:

Re: Re: Lowe's doesn't install anything...

Absolutely right. I’m a general and have been a sub in the past, and I can definitely say that the GENERAL is on the hook for all work performed on the jobsite. If my glazers botch window installs, the client bitches to me, and rightly so. That’s why I choose subs very carefully. If I get the least bit of bad vibe from one of them, I cut them off and refuse to hire them.

In this case, Lowe’s is 100000% responsible for the bad fence, regardless of their attempts to weasel. Apparently they don’t know much about the construction contracting bidness.

unknown says:

Re: Re: Lowe's doesn't install anything...

Well, we do installs for the Lowes co. And yes we are subcontracted out by Lowes. Now get this we do work for other big home improvement stores and Insurance co. etc..
We wear our uniforms and drive our trucks with our companies name on them. Now Lowes wants us to wear their shirts with their names on them that we have to pay for, and put their signs on customers front lawns when we do work for them and heaven forbid we put the signs on our trucks, and to make sure we park our trucks in the street and if we park in the driveway we must have oil pan shields. And they want us to give customwers thank you cards that they never have in stock and that we must pick up because they won’t mail them out. Well, just recently we were put on hold for any jobs because of the failure for a sign not being on the lawn. Lowes sends out a rep. to check us out and talk with customer about how we are doing . Gee we are big boys and girls here and not in kindergarden Why in the world would Lowes hire us out and expect us to buy and wear their uniforms put up their signs and give out their thank you card.
All the other contractors we do work for use our company for our reputation and integrity and honesty, and they do not expect us to buy and wear their uniforms. Now, think, we go to a job that was sold by the other guy, we do our work in our uniforms and then we must go to the job site for Lowes and switch uniforms, and then we go do another job for the other guys again and we must change out our uniforms again. Wow what a mess, and again heaven forbid if we have any tools or supplies or buckets with the other guys name on it at a Lowes job site, because they let everybody know who did it and threatens them with their jobs to everyone who is reading the emails. Lowes also gets comments from customers for everyone to read
And they say they aren’t responsible for the subcontractor. I don’t get it. I wear their UNIFORMS SO DO I WORK FOR MYSELF OR DO I WORK FOR LOWES. Lowes does not pay for our workmans comp insurance or our truck insurance or our taxes. Lowes wants the whole cake so they can eat it toooooooooo.

ricky says:

Re: Lowe's doesn't install anything...

what are you talking about? the customer contracted with Lowe’s… not with Lowe’s sub-contractor. Lowe’s is the contractor, because the customer contracted with Lowe’s. Lowes is directly responsible, unless Lowes told the customer, “Hey, we don’t install this, but here is a list of people you can call, or you can install it”…

Jim says:

Re: Lowe's doesn't install anything...

You are wrong. The company has to take responsibility for those botched jobs. The correct process would be for the store install coordinator to step up to the plate and fix the problem, and in most cases will include charging back the installer for the job. The customers are to discuss any and all issues with the store, NOT the installer. This is what they have a installation coordinator for. If customers are being told to call the installer directly, then someone needs to be trained the right way!

bkt says:

Re: Lowe's doesn't install anything...

TOTALLY INCORRECT INFORMATION, DAVE PYATT. I am a flooring installer for Lowe’s. A customer has a contract with LOWE’S for his/her installation. If their is a problem, customer should contact Lowe’s, and Lowe’s will notify the installer. Installer will be required to go back to job site and check out complain and fix problem, if any.

Etta Harris says:

Re: Lowe's doesn't install anything...

I purchased the product and labor via Lowe’s. Lowe’s is responsible for any botched job. If I had hired the contractors, then I would direct my complaints to them. I went directly to Lowe’s and paid Lowe’s not the contractors. I am in contact with Lowe’s corporate office regarding the poor job the contractor’s Lowe’s hired to do my job.

usef says:

Re: Lowe's doesn't install anything...

Your view is unfair and simplistic. Lowes says to the customers that if you do not use Lowes-assigned contractors you will have no warrantee. I have talked to one of those subcontractors about their relation with Lowes. I paid Lowes close to $500 for the installation of a door, the subcontractor received only $166. If Lowes gets the difference, Lowes must be responsible for the job quality. A worker at Lowes told me that Lowes got 40% profit on the door itself. This means Lowes must be responsible. They did a very bad job, when my neighbors, friends, and family asks me about the door I always say LOWES HAS SCREWED IT UP. Now, they deal with HOME DEPOT. I buy homes and remodel them, I will never buy anything from Lowes anymore.

Mike (profile) says:

Re: Lowe's doesn't install anything...

Your wrong. The contract is between Lowe’s and the paying customer. I used to install for Lowe’s and believe me they try to screw the contractors every chance they get if anything goes wrong. They are so willing to pay off the customer to shut them up and or make them happy which ever you prefer, but realistically if they were honest and upfront with the customers, had better products or at least held the vendors accountable for quality control, and had trained people on the floors, 90% off the problems would go away. I truly believe that if the owners new what middle management was keeping from them, things might turn around. But then again why would they care, the amount the uppers make vs. the longevity with the company, they take the money and run

Brian says:

What's the story here?

I want to love Lowe’s, I really do–mostly because I despise Home Depot but I’ve had nothing but problems with them. Botched orders and insanely bad customer service (an entire department left me standing at a register in the middle of putting together a quote so they could go do an hour of training).

That being said, “sucks” sites are, in my opinion, all right and I think companies would do well to address the concerns there *if* they contained any sort of constructive material. Typically all they are is “F-so-and-so I hate ’em cause they screwed me”. How does a company address that? Especially when the weight of the internet dogpiles on. Should they try and get them taken down? Of course not–it only makes them look like bigger asses.

Clydes says:

Re: What's the story here?

It seems that the old saying a man being evil cannot see the good in people, is a true story. It’s true that big box arranges install through private contractors for the intalls that big box creates. So the truth is that the customers is so dumb that they dont know what they are doing. They dont know how to use their own heads nor do they have a chance to understand the real progblem. It goes like this the customer is stupid, so they go a store because they believe that’s the way it should be done. Well for that privilege they screw themselves.

Well some more truth is not all installer are required to have licences.
What??? It might pay for the consumer to understnand the bargain they are getting, before making the final decision, The installers (some licensed as handyman and some as licensed contrator) recieve much less pay for the install that they the customer purchased. Yes… Its true, the customers agrees in a round about way to allow or give slighty less than 1/2 of the install price to the big corpration. See how easy it is to understand…. The installer is out there trying to earn a living on about 1/2 less than what it is really worth.. So if you want a good good and a honset price and fair chance… go some where else. Quit your feaking whining, after all it is the customer that is screwing themselves, they are giving their money to the wrong people. I know about now your really ticked. Yes I can see it from here. If you the customer are too lazy to go out and find an honest contractor on your own then dont go crying here. It’s is true the big box corpration try’s to find good honest contrators, that will work for less,, and they have them, the big box stores are a go between and get a nice chunk of your change for the privilage, I have heard it say somewhere that the installs for these types of programs is a real cash cow for these big boxes.

And the last truth is this, how they make lots more of your money it is to make you believe that they care and love you. By the way does any one understand the word manipulation? The customer does not read the fine print the customer agrees to the big box contract, then steer the customer to the installer for a nice fee, and installer is only going to do the bare bones minimun because they are knuckled down so low on their share of the money. The contrator will want more mony for changes because they’re already working of a lot less than the private contractor over there that is not working for the big. box. Now the last truth. The reason the non big box contrators won’t lower their prices to the consumer is because they want a nice share of the apple pie that the consumer is giving the to the local big box store… The customer in truth wants something for nothing because the customer is stupid or lazy and the big box allso likes something for nothing and they get thier share because they are not stupid, and the installers just want something. If you want a top notch job go find one of the installer or ever former installers and have them to do the job for you. They have back grond checks and really need a good job once in while. Oh and one last thing, if a customer being righteous understands what I just said then. Well ok so if you agree or disagree it is your right and your privilege but at least think about it.

Arni says:

Re: Re: This is why me and my dad...

Hay pal, there is not one employee in our Lowe’s store that make $30.00 an hour except for maybe the store manager if you want to break down all his bonuses and incentives.

All our people start between minimum wage and $12.00 an hour. Half of the store employees are on State assistance for food, electrical, medical, etc…

Most of the employees are not an expert in their field or job position, we have four people in our plumbing dept. who know zero about plumbing.

The only thing Lowe’s has that is good for the employees are the benefits but the pay SUCKS, it has not kept up with the times. Who and the hell can live on $10.00hr. Lowe’s employees need to get together with employees of Home Depot and start a UNION to benefit the employees and bring the wages MAYBE up to $30.00hr or at least $18.00 hr. for most positions.

Anonymous Coward says:

Re: Re: This is why me and my dad...

Lowes gives a one year warrenty with their installs. Every home is diffent but if you have ever tried to get something for free from lowes its not very difficult. Lowes will go above and beyond to please their customers. You just have to open your mouth and tell them exactly what you want. Those guys make a lot more than minumum wage and are pretty down to earth. Their are some things lowes will not do so if you are not very handy at doing small jobs then you need to open the yellow pages look for a handy man.

Jack Sombra says:

“All installs are done by independent subcontractors arranged through Lowe’s, so Lowe’s is not directly responsible for a botched job, the customer needs to direct their complaints to the contractor that actually did the work”
Actually they are directly responsible, client has no contract with whoever Lowe’s subcontract the work to, they have it with Lowe’s.

The subcontractor is 0% liable to the client for the botched job but they are liable 100% liable to Lowe’s, who in turn are liable to to the client

When you subcontract work like this, your subcontractors mainly represent you, not themselves. Which is why companies should always pick their subcontractors very carefully

David says:

Re: Re:

I dont believe jack knows what he’s talking about,
Yes the contractors are independent,the contractors are also
security screened,their job history is checked,Their work
is rated by customers on a weekly bases and if it drops below a set percentage the contractor is let go,lowes seeks
to find the best subs it can find,and does a pretty good job of it,
their pay scale is set to try to draw interest from highly
skilled people,and for the most part does.
The sub is 100% liable and worried about pleasing the customers,at risk of loosing their job,and can be penalized
easily due to their contractual obligations with lowes.
Customers are trying to scam lowes more and more by making false accusations and playing lowes against the subs and vis-versa,trying to get somthing or everything for free.

Anonymous Coward says:

Re: Re: Re:

You have got to work for low down lowes, I mean really the money they pay their contractors is not even competetive for one thing, and then to qualify all they need is a movie, installation guide, and an anyone can print document the gives them the privilage of working as a sub to the primary contractor LOWES, I believe that the primary contractor is the one with the insurance, and therefore LIABLE for any loss of property, or life. The next one liable will be the homeowner, because for all practical reasons the sub contractor is only doing as he is told, and if the home owner was not happy all he would have to do is ask the sub to leave……… All that said, I am a contractor and am always liable for 100% of anything that happens on my jobs, and yes I get the check first just like lowes. I needed to vent God bless all the good people that are discredited by Lowes unprofesional attitude.

peter j valenta says:

Re: Re: Re:

i have been an installer for lowes for 10 years and soon will be leaving their employ. at frist it was’nt a bad deal they took 15% of install price but they have just about bleed me dry with their dictating and their 40% incress of work that i do they think that installers should provide materials such as caulking and lumber that is needed to complete their door installs etc; plus i have yet to see an installer let go for doing a bad job. and i have seen plenty and repaired plenty it seems like they have become so hard up for installers they hire anyone who says they are contractors they just want work done in less than 2 days and the profit and when a job has gone bad they dont want to know about it i have seen so many people come and go thru their employ i didnt know there was that many people in my city every day i walk into their store they have new faces if they dont care about emploees what makes you think they care about customers it has become a lets get the money and screw everyone as playing subs against customers thats bullshit if a sub does a good job in the frist place the customer wont make a compliant

clyde says:

Re: Re:

Well another truth needs to be spelled out here. Installers are claimed to be independant, but this is not quite quite the truth, the independance as climed is only if you dont want to work. You must wear their shirt, their hat and hang out their sign. Must call when they say and when you miust show up. Plus must agree to a below margin cost, the job botched as claimed buy the customer is a lie not in the sense as in frnot of a judge liar, but in the sence of trying to break the contract for any thing and any reason.

The customer is most of the time the liar, and will say anythng to get more from the poor installer. The install was created by the big store, yet even then the so called cutomer doesnt see that they have agreed to in installed undersold by the big store so that change orders can occur or that so called true dumb as a rock sales person, doesnt know what they are doing and never will because of the way the big box system works. So here is the truth the basic install does’nt cover jack in any way or any shape. The basic install is for nothing but the basic. The fact is the old install was done 48 and one have years ago, and the new install doesnt work that way, but tough to the consumer, and a change order is needed because it will never work that why today, and the big store gets another 35% on top of the 46% they already took for the basic install.

Wake up people the name of the game is to make money, big business is to make money off the customer and the installer, quite the bitchen and pay attention.

MyKitchenSucks says:

look at both sides of the argument

As far as the fence goes, yea, it looks like the installer’s work was kind of sub-par, but nothing that couldn’t be fixed in an afternoon by a qualified installer (although its not up to an installer to level out your yard so the fence touches the ground everywhere). The fact that Lowes would not even attempt to fix the obvious problems with the gates says a lot about how little the manager at that store cares for his customers. Or… how much of an asshat this guy is. I’m kind of leaning towards this guy being an asshat, from the way he goes on and on about certain things. I’ve been on the both ends of the same customer complaint conversation before, so I feel for the guy, but I can also feel for the store manager, having to deal with guys like this is tough. I can imagine this guy demanding all sorts of things from the store manager, to the point of being unreasonable and overreaching.

So who is in the wrong and who is in the right on the subject of the fence? Probably a little bit of both. You want a chain link fence that is escape-proof, then you have to do a little more work to your yard to make sure there are no dips and valley’s. Chain link fencing can’t make quick elevation changes, because you have to stretch it very tight, and stretching it makes it straight. If your lot has a lot of those dips, you need a different kind of fence.

However, the moral high ground goes to this guy. As soon as Lowes tried to mess with his freedom of speech, they crossed the line. Yea, he might be a pain in the ass, yea he might be completely wrong, or hell… even outright lying (I don’t think he is), he might even have some sort of mental issues (I doubt this, as well) but he certainly has every right to critisize and complain, up to the point of making threats or outright slander. So, piss off Lowes, I would never shop somewhere that uses legal threats to try and intimidate people, especially when they have no real legal standing, and are relying on their size and bankroll to push people around.

Beck says:

Re: look at both sides of the argument

When Lowes came out to take measurements and do a site survey their fence installer should have pointed out any preparation work that was necessary. When you purchase an installed product you are purchasing the installer’s experience and knowledge, and they should have told him how the dips and valleys would affect the escapability of the fence.

When I bought a Corian countertop through Lowes they gave me very explicit instructions about the preparation that must be completed before they would install the countertop.

Anonymous Coward says:

Re: Re: look at both sides of the argument

there ya go, im a subcontractor i install windows for companies.. These days it seems like everyone just expects you to do a good job. they don’t ask questions or try to profile they’re subcontractor. I work on houses where customers spend 10 to 40 thousand dollars, and it seems that most of them don’t have the common sense to ask questions or at least try to figure out what kind of worker they’re sub is. so, when i come across a customer like that i profile them, make them ask me questions and tell them every step almost to the point of annoying them. but, because of that i’ve been told im one of the best installers in town and at the companies i work for, sorry but it’s alot like congress people just need to use some common sense!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

liz says:

Re: look at both sides of the argument

A month or 2 after this man’s fence was installed, a new store mgr transferred in. Only when this man’s website was put up, did the new store mgr find out about this situation – more than a year later?!! No notes in his file, nor phone calls were made. Sure the pictures show a bad job, but where was he when the job was being done? The responsibility is not only with the contractor but the consumer as well!!! Also, why did it take so long to complain if in fact the contractors did a bad job? Did he mention that he charged it with no interest for a year? AND has made no payments on it? I think his sorry, broke ass couldn’t pay for his installed fence. The way I see it, he falls right into same category as the rest of these Statesboro, GA locals . . . sorry, worthless, pieces of crap that expect something for nothing!

Dave says:

Re: look at both sides of the argument

You want to be objective, but I can see in your ending you can’t be. Being on the bad end of the piece…always…I cannot remember the last time someone took a responsible approach to their own actions. Society has become far dependent on blame of another person rather than looking in the mirror. Does anyone realize how many times a day an average manager of a home based store gets threatened by a customer with a law suit? How about how many times a day an average hourly employee gets his or her own life threatened?

I read a complaint not to long ago where a man said he felt threatened when he walked into a lowe’s store and would never shop there again. What he didn’t say is that he threw product at an employee and screamed in another employee’s face that he was going to take them out back and throw them in a dumpster. Raise your hands if you want to help this guy! I have never known a customer to tell the truth and they really hate it when you catch them on it. Its only human nature to not try to help a person that only knows how to yell or scream or threaten.

Anonymous Coward says:

“My complaints go to whoever I wrote the check to, not who they wrote a different check to. The court summons would also go to whoever I wrote the check to.”

That would be the subcontractor! I have purchased many items from Lowe’s, and had them “arrange the installation”. When the person is done, I write the check to the person who did the install. The only check I write to Lowe’s was for the actual parts. I do not write out any check until I am satisfied with the completeness and quality of the work.

To those people talking about doors being left off or fence not properly installed, don’t pay for it until it is done to your satisfaction. If you use a credit card, you can put a “cancel” on the payment pending dispute resolution.

As for the sucks sites, my biggest complaint with them is that they usually morph into a bunch of posts where people give opinions with no facts to back up the comments. The original poster may have their facts right, but the respondents are usually just slanderous.

Gotsand says:

Re: Never stop payment

Post #12 gave very bad advice. Never put a hold on (or cancel check for) payment to a contractor once work is complete. In many states this is illegal and opens one up to significant civil (and criminal) penalties.

Florida statutes allow for award of triple damages — all the contractor has to show to win is a voided check. Once paid, one’s only recourse for sloppy work is court. Like others have said never stroke a check until the work is done to your satisfaction.

citizenj (profile) says:


I never knew there were so many whiners in the Techdirt forums. What a bunch of wussies. Did you even read the guy’s site? He documents everything and even though IANAL, I find his legal arguments convincing. The fact that the EFF is backing him up surely says something. Now, I’ll still buy stuff from Lowe’s, but I’ll be danged if I ever let them or their sub-contractors ever install anything in/around my home and I’ll make sure everyone I know does the same.

Somewhere in Ohio says:

Having installed fence for 15 years (one of my first jobs) you can plainly see the installation is botched.
That said, Lowes is not the only place to get a fence. There are actually fence companies that do this and only this. If you get fence from a big name because you have their credit card and it looks like a good deal with the savings chances are the cost is saved somewhere . This looks like they saved it on the installation.
If you look at his site and see how much the fence moves that is in part that it is a small gauge wire fence and you can attach a wire that runs through the bottom that is a fix for this.
The posts moving looks like they put bags of dry concrete in the holes. Not always the best option, saves time and money though. This is also only talking about one installer, his or her experience or lack of shows.
Lowes should fix the problem, as I am sure there is a warranty . The fence should also be paid for maybe minus the labor . That will keep the bill collectors from bothering you .
I hope the next time this guy needs fence he shops around and doesn’t choose the big guy just for the price. I do think that Lowes should also check out the work of their installers. It is their name on the line in the end not the installers.

anon spouse of a Lowe's manager says:

Lowe’s is bleeding cash at a pretty fast rate these days, and same-store annual sales are way down. The stores have cut hours ($$$) to the bone to stave off the hemorrhage, unfortunately a bad move.

Decreased employee hours results in a domino effect:
1) fewer employees on the floor/registers
2) unhappy customers, leaving without buying or going to the “big orange box”
3) good employees leaving for other companies
4) decreased revenues
5) stock prices plunge…
6) unhappy customers post “sucks.com” websites
7) fewer customers
8) repeat until stock values near zero…

Business economics 101, courtesy of Lowe’s

Sky Masterson says:

Re: Re:

Recently caught in the massive lay-offs from Lowe’s (not for any performance issues, but because if my manager haddn’t laid me off, “corporate” would bum-rush him and get someone in there who would slash payroll…)I can now more clearly see the bigger picture.

A year of so ago, Lowe’s finally realized that Home Depot had become the punch line to every “bad customer service” joke in America and struck back my inflating their payrolls and flooding their store aisles with red vests and “WOW” customer service.

And it worked.

Now that they’ve won over most of the DIY crowd and a sizeable number of contractors, they feel it’s safe to just cut manpower to the bone and say to hell with the customer.

Everyday over the last couple months I heard comments like, “You guys are getting more like Home Depot everyday”, and “What happened to all the help?”

Bottom Line? Bottom Line! If Wall Street is happy, Lowe’s in happy. So if you own Lowe’s stock and are waiting for that dividend…get used to waiting in long lines and looking down empty aisles for those (no longer easy to find) red vests.

lk2 says:

Re: Re: Re:Lows sucks

I worked for home depot for 3yrs triyed to help customers and love my job but to much work and no peps got the best of me and I tryed Lowes for the last 2yrs will come to find out it is more of the same home depot is just like 5 steps in frunt of lowes. Lowes just see’s how home depot works and makes there move home depot will go out 1st becus there biger Lowes will be next!!

unknown says:

Re: Re: Re: Re:Lows sucks


Cynthia Gaved says:

Re: Re: Layoffs and firings

Lay off is not their method of choice to get rid of people. Firing for violation of company policy is now their favorite method of choice. The bottom line is money,money,money and one is an object not a person. If Lowe’s fails, they deserve to. They are wrecking lives and depriving people of their livelihoods. Why would I throw a pen at a customer (which I did not do) when I knew I was already on my first final? I was out of my head taking pain killers and suffering from a concussion. I can no longer stand up on concrete floor and deal with doing four peoples jobs. Look for more firings. Lay off means paying unemployment. No No NO!!!

Randy says:

Re: you are so right.

I dread the days I walk in and know that I am the only one in my department. I am bombarded with customers that I just cannot give quality “WOW” customer service to. I can only be spread so thin. The company claims drop in profits yet there are to many customers with pockets full of money ready to spend but no one to help them. The company looks at prvious sales and customer counts that dictate how to staff the sore. The question of what came first, “The chicken or the egg” Well I can tell you that Lowes creates their own revenew problems by not being able to service the customer. It will only get worse. Give me enough quality people to provide a good service and I will show them the money. It’s not that it’s not out there, it’s just that people want to feel comfortable spending what they have. When I’m with a customer who is ready to spend tens of thousands of dollars and are being interupted by phone calls and pages and other customers desireing the same kind of service they just don’t feel comfortable.

Carl says:

Re: Re: you are so right.

I know that dread feeling oh so well. Been with lowes almost 10years now. Will say when I first started I thought it was one of the best places I had ever worked at.
The last 4 years has change that totally around. They say that the sales are down and they cant put more people on the floor till the sales are up. That statement made my head hurt. I really wonder how far up the management pole that theory goes. People go where there is service, price is secondary. When they do hire people the so called HR person has themsign a bunch of papers watch a few films amd toss them in a department by themselves on a Saturday afternoon. Dont know how the management team is in your store but it depends on how well you kiss up to upper management as to if you are promoted. We have a dept magr that is 22 years old with no prior mgt experience. He was a part timer that was made into a dept mgr in 2 yrs. I’m have the same feeling as you if they would give the depts the people needed the money would come. Dept I work in is suppose to have 2 specialist and a part timer minimum. Ask where the part timer was they said that the store doesnt have the hours for one. Asked who got the hours that Im suppose to have and I got no answer. It went to a pet of one of the managers. But thats another story. Well got to go. Getting worked up on day off. Thinking about Emailing Larry S and venting a bit with him and see how well the open door policy works LOL.

Brian says:

Re: Re: Re: You get what you pay for.

I would disagree with Carl’s statement about “price being secondary.” If that were true, the likes of Wal-Mart, Lowes, Home Depot, and other big box stores would not thrive as they have. Secondly, if Americans paid attention to quality vs. price, we would not have exported our manufacturing jobs overseas. As the owner of a small company, the first question I get on the phone is “how much”? Not how much experience, how much customer service,how much quality but how much money. American workers are some of the most expensive labor on the planet, with the required taxes, worker and un-employment comp, etc. Not necessarily a bad thing, exept when you’re fellow countrymen are willing to buy goods from countries that don’t protect their workers, pay them PENNIES an hour, and subsequently can make enormous profits as a result. Think Exxon-Mobile is raking in the cash? Take a look at China. If the original complainant had wanted a quality fence, why’d he go to a big box store? None are known for high quality anything. Next time you buy a foreign product just because it’s cheap, stop and think about where your money is going.

Meoip says:


I’m a fan of getting consumer rights but there are ways to go about this. Jumping straight to Lowes-sucks.com bypasses the correct way to solve issues. He should know who is working on his property and what subcontractor they are employed by. He should have read his warranty for parts and labor (his parts warranty could be in jeopardy because of a incorrect installation. He then needs to contact Lowe’s about the issue, when the do nothing he needs to follow the directions on the local builders association website and contact the BBB. If that fails then go for the Lowe’s sucks plan but please don’t skip the steps that are there to deal with issues.

My job was created because my company had no customer service.

Sarita (user link) says:

Sucks Site done right?

I have to say suck sites sometimes do a good job of getting their point across and often are born out of a company’s lack of response to complaints.

I formed Milan Properties Suck after my management company started screwing over their tenants (including me) on a regular basis. At times we didn’t have hot water, working heat, and more often than not these issues went unresolved for months – ans sometimes they never were resolved at all!

After several tenants learned about the site and started contributing it became a productive place where victims of this management company could get help with their problems.

Yes the management company in question (Milan Management/Properties) has sent me numerous cease and desist letters threatening me with legal action and NEVER following up because they know the things posted to this site are true – and because they’d be smacked with an Anti-Slapp motion.

Suck sites work….if the company pays attention to the issues at hand and resolves them….

Leo Lowe says:

botched installation

Lowes should have sued for ‘defamation of character’ because that is what a ‘sucks’ site is really all about. I don’t bother to view any ‘sucks’ sites because I believe that when you have a complaint, you should take it directly to the person(s) you are complaining about. Broadcasting the complaint to the world via the Internet is a low-blow. No pun intended. Complaint sites should be allowed on the Internet but ONLY if they do not contain any form of defamatory substance. For example: I don’t need to cuss someone out in order to let them know that I am displeased with something they have or haven’t done. The ‘sucks’ sites are sites that are counter productive to our culture. If I were the judge in this case, I would have taken that heavily into consideration while reviewing the case. Judges can correctly administer the law without having to omit their ability to use common sense. I happen to have the same last name but I am not related or affiliated with Lowes in any way. ..just pure coincidence.

Tyler says:

Re: Re: botched installation

I think people are missing the big picture about complaints with Lowe’s. An installer for Lowes is only as good as his community. That also applies to the people that work in the store as well. If a town has a higher poverty level and low education standards that is going to effect every bit of product knowlage and customer service you get. Lets face it, most people just get pushed through school if they learn anything or not. And the people that are lucky enough to get good paying work are under the impression their money is worth something to hourly workers in retail chains. Well that cash gets pushed right to the share holder’s (far less than half of lowes employees are owners of lowes stock) with a healthy kick back for corperate bonuses. So the days when you pay someone to do work in your town are over. A company somewhere else is going to make a profit off of everything we do. And every town that doesn’t have a large company HQ or affluent investores is lossing everything they have slowely. It will all be gone and you won’t even know it happened when it does. Cause you will be used to it by then.

Lowes Installer says:

All newly installed decks and fences falling down

Watch out, the Lowe’s sales force is not updated with what are the only fasteners you can use with ACQ treated lumber. Just try it your self, call and ask a sales associate at any Lowe’s. Some of the installers do not know this ether. And the ones that do shame, shame, shame. We know you have to pay for your own nails but cheaper not always better.

Chad says:

I am a sub-contractor for Lowe's

Most of this comments are wrong! Your contract (the customer) is with Lowe’s , but I have a contract with them also if for some reason the job is not completed up to Lowe’s expectation. I being the installer have to pay to get it done correctly. Either way the customer’s job has to be done correctly , all the time. Happy Lowe’s installer

Anonymous Coward says:

Re: I am a sub-contractor for Lowe's

Chad you are as dumb as they come. Lowes’s is paying well less than you are worth and you know it but are afraid to face the truth of your life in general. Tell the truth about the install that they are paying you for. Lowes keep 46% of the contract price for their pocket. Dont lie to yourself. The reason you cant make ends meet at the end of the month, and the reason you’re on the verge of going broke is because now they got your nuts in a vise and you can’t quit even if you wanted to. To quit means you go broke. To stay meams your going broke in the future.

So don’t be trying to blind the eyes of the customer try
to make a good living else where if you can. If you can’t
Then I want you to knows this you keep on installing for Lowe’s because it is only a matter of time before you will be out of business.
Lost river

matilda troutweiner (fish****) says:

Re: I am a sub-contractor for Lowe's

too many miatakes from installers and sales people and Lowes mangement can’t fix unless they throw huge sums of money at customer, district managers tell managers to fix problem no matter what… because if they do not he will open his checkbook for what ever amount it takes (best bet is to call District Manager) to solve the problem, good chance for customers to get whatever they want to end their suffering of dealing with Lowes inept operation. Why would anybody deal there when independant businesses are so much more efficient????????

Stanton says:

Another Lowes victim

I have also been a victim of Lowes’ “personal guarantee. We recently had new flooring installed into a home we were flipping. Lowes subcontracted the job and when the job was finished, we discovered a small rip in one of the vinyl floors. When I reported it to Lowes, I was told that I needed to report this to the subcontractor. I responded that I didn’t hire the subcontractor, Lowes did. Even still, Lowes REFUSED to come out and look at the problem. They insisted that the subcontractor had to come out and make a determination as to whether it needed to be refloored or not. When I spoke with the sales person originally, they assured me that the warranty covered any problems with installation and that they would repair or replace the flooring if a customer was dissatisfied for any reason. But when that was put to the test I was told that that their warranty coverage was subject to their’s (and subsequently) their subcontractor’s discretion. In other words, it was up to Lowes and the subcontractor to determine whether or not they should repair or replace it.


When I sold the house, I had to give a flooring allowance of $1200 because of the tear in the “new vinyl flooring.”

I avoided Lowes opting for Home Depot after that, but at the end of the day, there is really no difference between the two companies. Both lack integrity, but they appeal to our desire to keep our project costs down. Unfortunately, in some instances, it ends up costing us on the back end.

Pamela L. Gross says:


I bought $564 worth of merchandise from Lowes in Port Charlotte Florida to take part in the $10 coupon for $50 spent. I had ten coupons, worth $100 and went into the Lowes store yesterday to buy some items. I got to the cash register and my total was $116.64. I handed her the 10 coupons and she asked some type of service desk manager and came back to tell me you could only use one per purchase. I was so ticked I just left everything in the cart and walked out. I will be going back, and I will make sure I sort my items to spend the least amount over $10. I am also looking at items I have purchased from Lowes that I have not used/opened, and I will return everything that is new. So, instead of having a happy customer that is doing a load of remodeling on two homes and a condo, so would be spending lots of money, they have an angry customer. I will tell everyone about my poor experience and will NEVER buy another thing from them. I spent $30,000 at Home Depot last year, so all of my future purchases will be made at Home Depot. Beware of Lowes promotions, they are devious.


another poor customer service complaint

My husband and I bought a home that was in the process of being remodeled…We are not rich people…so we have been remodeling it ourselves…My father is a contractor and owns two construction businesses, one roofing company and one contracting company. My father being the nice man that he is bought us 25 boxes of tile from Lowe’s to help us out. My father spends quiet a bit of money at Lowe’s each month and sends his customers there to pick up materials. So Lowe’s can personally thank him spending tens of thousands of dollars with them each year. My husband and I did not really like the tile, but took it back to exchange it for another style of tile-wrong…we thought that we would take it back. My husband and I loaded up all of this tile and took it back to the store and they were rude and lacked any type of professionalism. The lady at the return desk at 5pm took back two boxes of the tile and gave us a pretty little Lowe’s card for an in store credit. We asked if we could bring the rest of it back and they said yes, so my husband and I loaded up all of this tile…just for them to tell us that they could not help us…they said that the tile had been discontinued and they WILL not take it back…so between 5pm and 7pm they discontinued the tile…does that make any sense to anyone…My father will no longer be shopping at Lowe’s…we have torn up our Lowe’s cards and not doing business there any longer…Nick Cobb is the store manager at the one in North Little Rock and he did not have the courtesy to come to the return desk and speak with us…he would only talk to the lady at the return desk by phone…how inconsiderate…I am not saying anything slanderous, just stating the facts..I am completely and utterly offended by this store…Where is Robert Niblock (ceo of Lowe’s)…let him have to deal with this poor customer service and see how he likes it….I am so disgusted about this.

Jim says:

Poor customer service support

Keep your site working. Lowe’s as well as other companies need sites like yours to let the consumer and more importantly potential customers know how bad they are. We purchased a Whirlpool Duet W/D from them with extended srvice and it’s been 2 weeks and we still have a broken machine. I must warn others about buying anything expensive from Lowe’s.

Employee says:

I’ve been working at Lowe’s since May. I’m retired Law Enforcement, so the retail business is new to me. I’m used to liars in the field and being able to do something about them. Standing in front of a customer who demands a product that (corporate) has decided to no longer carry is suddenly MY fault. A customer wanted something we no longer carry just because he bought the identical item 9 years prior. He wanted to speak to a manager because he didn’t like my explaination that ‘we no longer carry that item’ sir.

Let’s not forget the customer who asks you for your advise on how to do something, then tells you your wrong. Even if you can provide product instructions as to the ‘how to’ yet you’re wrong.

My personal favorite is customers who openly admit they have not 1) read the directions, 2) read their contracts 3) want to do things ‘on the cheap’ and when none of the above works for them, it’s MY fault.

For $8.28 an hour (just to supplement my pension) I’m about to tell retail and Lowe’s to take a hike. I can’t cover 2 departments (due to lack of scheduling) cover ‘code 3 to the front’ AND answer my call button in less than 45seconds. I haven’t been able to figure out how to grow more legs, and more arms, and be 4 places at 1 time all for $8.28 an hour. When you the customer can tell me how I can do all of that (because we know you’re always right – NOT!) I’d love to listen. In the mean time, the next time someone tells me “I’ll have your job” because Lowe’s no longer carries an item (like we’re the only store on the planet) I’ll gladly hand them my little red vest and have them do the job…

Another employee says:

Re: employee

You said it well Employee!! I wish that every consumer would put on my shoes and pound that concrete floor for just one day. Working in retail has changed my whole outlook on people. I used to be a soulful, caring person with goals and aspirations, now I just have to pretend I’m still that person while being yelled at for trying to help people with project problems. What they truly need is to grow up, grow some manners or get mental help. Don’t get me wrong, there are 100 great customers for every 1 that think we owe them our blood, but that 1 comes day after day. You people have no clue as to what we have to deal with. I really want to know if you unhappy consumers go to Kroger, throw your milk and eggs in the floor, yell and spit at the clerk because the chicken and cow didn’t produce the product you wanted?

Employee says:

I’m with ya. 20 years in Law Enforcement, standing on hot asphalt directing traffic in the heat for hours, wrestling with suspects now and again, 5 years on the bike team, and I never (luckily) had gotten hurt. My first 2 months at Lowes I developed tendonitis in my left ankle from the concrete floors. New shoes, 2 gel inserts, and I still have to wear a boot at night to help with the pain.

You are correct with the 1 out of 100 customers. Yet every shift, there is that 1. I’ve since learned that I give the customer all the information (including a hand-out that I’ve printed from home and keep in a file on re-occuring questions) I have on a product or procedure, when I’m told “I don’t believe that” I can do nothing more than walk away from the customer. I’ve done all I can do and if that customer isn’t happy with my efforts to give him all I can, then I can do no more but walk away and he/she can figure it out themselves – I mean after-all, it’s a D.I.Y. store, right??

I’ve had SEVERAL customers tell me “Well you’re the expert!!” and I reply “No, an expert makes $125.00 an hour for their design techniques, I make $8.28 an hour” – that’s as honest as I can be (and I tell them just that!) I’ve also had to go into great detail and explain that Lowe’s doesn’t train us to do everything a homeowner wants to do nor trouble shoot every problem that can arise being a homeowner. Hey, fire me for being honest, right!?

But you’re right, I often wonder how people act in other stores, and if they ask the stock clerk how to make a dish they read about in a magazine once, a couple years ago, then get mad because the stock clerk doesn’t know EXACTLY how to make the dish ‘in some magazine’ they read and throw their groceries at that stock clerk and storm out the door vowing never to come back and spend a couple hundred dollars a year here! (Our store averages $170,000 a day in sales and have often hit the $1,000,000 week in the summer).

A tourist who was in town on Spring Break who had blown thru a red light, (coming close to hitting a pedrestrian in a cross walk) upon me asking him to sign his traffic summons stated “I’m never coming back here! I looked around at the thousands of people walking the sidewalks and driving the roadways (like the 100 days of hell at Lowes) and said to the driver “I don’t think we’ll miss you” I keep that traffic stop in mind when people tell me they’re going over to the ‘orange box store’ or never coming back.

Ben H. says:

Decided Not to Post-Well sort of...

I was going add a post regarding a recent Lowe’s experience but after reading all the other postings, I have decided not to. Nothing in the posts here are factual (exepect the ex-cop stating his hourly wage). A true complaint should be documented with facts and paperwork and names of those spoken with. The only thing here are people venting theier personl feelings. No facts are present. The customers are complaining about things they have not read or fully understand or have not had fully explained to them. ASK QUESTIONS PEOPLE! Eveyone is afriad to ask questions these days. I worked retail management for years and there are no stupid questions. I have found poeple are in fact afraid to ask but 50 other people have the same question. I myself ask an ass load of questions eveytime I buy something. BE AN INFORMED COMSUMER – ASK QUESTIONS!!!
As for the retail employees, I feel your pain but having worked in both retail and banking for years before moving to the corporate world, all I can say is, that is the nature of the job. There will always be unreasonable people – customers, your boss, shareholders – whatever. These are an ever present part of the retail enviornment.
Yes experts do make more per hour, and if I wanted an expert I would hire one. When I go to Lowes, I expect the hourly wage worth of service because after all I am doing the project myself. If I am dumb enough not to ask questions then that is my fault. But I do expect someone to be avialable in the asile and I expect them to be polite. My problem with Lowe’s as well as other big box locations is lack of service and lathargic 16 year olds who could care less that I am shopping in their store.
If you want really good service – SHOP LOCALLY! You might have to look for them and they might not be 2 blocks from your house, but it is worth it. 99% of the time when shopping at a discount store you get what you pay for. I will pay more for better service. Why give it to the CEO when you can give to the local family owned shop.

Brad C. says:

installer facts

ADVANTAGES to being a lowes installer: no marketing costs and prompt bill payment.

DISADVANTAGES: Installers are paid approximately 70% of retail price,- Lowes keeps a third.
Lowes expects installer to supply certain basic install material instead of the customer, as per contract.
Little or no fee for “haulaway” of large difficult to dispose of items.

Ray says:

customer service

the bottom line is, “customer service” is employed by any number of big box companies as a buzz word only to attract perspective customers (along with 10% off, open 16 hours a day, 0% interest for a year, and we’ll match any competitors prices. their approach is to give back 10% to customers who complain and make that customer go away, instead of doing it right the first time. one must remember that mega stores make big money by bullying suppliers, forcing smaller competitors out of business, hiring an untrained and inexperienced workforce, under paying and bullying that work force, and running as many customers through the front doors as they can per day. what this should point out to anyone with a brain is “bigger is not necessarily better”, so patronize smaller specialty businesses in the neighborhood where you live and receive better treatment by a merchant who cares about having you as a customer and provides better “customer service” in hopes of getting your referrals and future business.

The "Untrained and inexperienced" says:

Customer Service

Get Real Ray!!

First lets think – A guy who works in the electrical department of a big box store make about $9.00hrly. And electrician makes about $55.00 – both are supposed to know how to rewire, voltage, amps, etc and everything about a customers home and how it’s wired and ‘I’m looking for one of those switchy things”. If you want to purchase a ceiling fan for 5 times what they cost now, then go to the service desk and ask that the associate in that department start making $55 an hour.

Let’s think about the poor chump in the paint department. Last I checked, murals, faux finishing, color coordinating, interior design are done by professionals. Professional such as interior decorators and artists demand a higher price than a guy that mixes paint. Yet the guy that mixes paint for $8.00 an hour is expected to know (according to the customer) how to faux finish everything, what colors are used in a Tuscan valley wall mural found in a magazine.
Pay the guy who mixes paint $100-$125 an hour for this professional wisdom he’s supposed to have, and see a gal of paint go from $25 a gallon, to $100 a gallon.

Like the guy above, I don’t ask a grocery store clerk how to make Beef TarTar. I go into a grocery store after having researched the ‘project’ myself and with list in hand, find the necessary items myself. I don’t get upset with the dairy manager because he doesn’t have the type of organic milk I prefer. He doesn’t do the ordering. I don’t “Umph” when the woman in the seafood department doesn’t have an idea for a ‘side dish’ for the shrimp and scallop dinner I want to prepare for dinner. I don’t ‘roll my eyes’ when she says “Um, it’s a personal preference, everyone likes something different” I don’t storm out and leave everything in my cart and vow never to return.

If you believe these types of people are few-and-far-between, you must live in Fantasy Land. They’re every day, every hour, and every other customer.

We as “untrained and inexperienced” Customer Service Associates have no way to pull a rabbit out of our hat, tell you what the electrical diagram is in your home because we’ve never been to your home, what that ‘thingy’ is you’re looking for (as you make hand signals), and what I think you should paint your laundryroom,(the one I’ve never seen).

Call us what you will. Lowe’s, HomeDepot are big-box DO IT YOURSELF stores (DIY). We as employees do what we can, for the money we earn. Wouldn’t you think we’d like to all be electricians making $55 bucks an hour? Or a plumber making $100 an hour? Or an artist billing $125 an hour? We wouldn’t be working at a DIY store that’s for sure!! We wouldn’t need to. We’d know more and could ask for more based on our knowledge and expertise in each field/department. If you want to pay more, hire an professional. If you want to DO IT YOURSELF, go to a DIY store. That’s what they’re for!!

Customer Example... says:

“Hi Lowe’s Employee – I’m have a piece of material, a rake handle, and an old lamp – could you tell me how to make a shabby chic table and chairs out of this by tomorrow I’m having company over? I’m in a hurry” “What? You don’t KNOW? What kind of place is this!!”

This example maybe just a little out-there, but not by far. I loved the Lowe’s Christmas commercial where the Associate had to continually guess what the customer was looking for. Now THAT commercial wasn’t out-there, it was quite real. The other Christmas commercial got me too where the woman was asked to be the customer’s personal shopper for his wife. That too was based on real customers. Yet, if I spend 45 minutes being a personal customer assistant, how do I assist other customers and answer their questions?

At a morning meeting, our store manager had to re-emphasize that customers do not read directions and that WE were to read the directions directly from the product to the customer. I agree, it’s a Do It Yourself store and I can only do so much or give so much product information. What a customer does with it when they go home I cannot control but I’m held responsible for. All for less than $10 an hour.

I don't understand? says:

Lowes sucks by Teresa Allen

So somewhere between Lowe’s and your house, your self cleaning oven no longer became a self cleaning oven? I don’t get it. Same oven? Same dent? Yet it changed?

Same thing happens in the paint department at my store. Customer chooses a color, we make the color, we show the color to the customer by putting some of the paint on top of the can, customer says that’s the color, yet when they get it home, it changes color.

It’s magic I tell ya, magic….or something.

Pat Francis says:

Lowes Hiring Methods

Lowes “hiring” methods are a joke also. I applied at one store, talked to no less than 8 people, took the drug test, and was told by a manager “we don’t have many people over the age of 40 here, they are a liability”, and was shown the door.
I’m 54 years old.

Applied at another Lowes store, came in for an interview, and was told “there is no person by that name working here”. Asked to see the HR manager and was told “that person is not available”, asked to see the manager, same response.

Something is wrong here, when you go on-line, apply, get a phone call to come in for an interview, then “mind games” are played out.

HR Manager says:

Re: Lowes Hiring Methods

I agree with you – I used to be an HR Manager a while ago and walked out one day because of the lack of respect for people because of their age and ethnic background. We used to hire well experienced employees and now that is not so – if you are not in the so called “CLick” and/or one of the “Good Ole’ Boys” – you are not getting a job. If if you worked there before with plenty of experience.

Cynthia Gaved says:

Re: Re: Lowes Hiring Methods

Everything you said is true. I was not in a click or a nice, timid little girl. Front end manager did not like me. He walked around yelling orders, talking at the top of his lungs, yelling at a woman down an aisle for wanting to write off a 97 cent paint brush, but I got nailed for being frustrated and at the end of my rope. I repeated a rumor, stupid me. How was I supposed to know it was against company policy. I was fired before I knew it.

bt says:

loews sucks

lowes is out for one and only one thing. LOWES. They will trample on any respectable subcontractor just to get themselves out of a jamb. Dont let them owe you money, they will find a way to back charge you for something to get out of the obligation. I cant believe that a company of this magnitude can get away with the treatment subcontractors receive. Yes, I have an attitude, but I have seen first hand that the sales people sell products just for the sale, offering no care and maint. after the sale, leaving it up to the subcontractors to educate the public all the while getting paid below average prices for our work. Happily, we have chosen to drop lowes ,finding that our bottom line is better for it. Word of wisdom to those who are on the fence..lowes does suck..they suck the life out of YOUR business.

paul wood says:

I was a Lowes installer for five years till i was recently fired. Lowes is there to make money and having things installed sells a lot of material for them. I have seen the problem from all sides,Lowes selling jobs the customer is clueless what they got,customers never intending to ultimatly pay for because if they bitch loud enough they will get there money back and keep the product or want a fence installed level on top and lay flat on the uneven ground[aint never gunna happen],or yes a crappy install. Yes, Lowes was a shitty company to work for at the end. They have there managers trained by other suits and have no clue what a good install or bad even standing there looking.They are unable to say ‘sir this is a good install,your out of line, or sorry sir he is going to fix this right now”. Lowes is left to firing installers and replacing them and hope for the best. Common sence and a sence of whats fair is beyound them so good luck to all sides, we will all suffer for this stupid corprate model they have developed

paul wood says:

I was a Lowes installer for five years till i was recently fired. Lowes is there to make money and having things installed sells a lot of material for them. I have seen the problem from all sides,Lowes selling jobs the customer is clueless what they got,customers never intending to ultimatly pay for because if they bitch loud enough they will get there money back and keep the product or want a fence installed level on top and lay flat on the uneven ground[aint never gunna happen],or yes a crappy install. Yes, Lowes was a shitty company to work for at the end. They have there managers trained by other suits and have no clue what a good install or bad even standing there looking.They are unable to say ‘sir this is a good install,your out of line, or sorry sir he is going to fix this right now”. Lowes is left to firing installers and replacing them and hope for the best. Common sence and a sence of whats fair is beyound them so good luck to all sides, we will all suffer for this stupid corprate model they have developed

Anonymous Coward says:

Re: Re:

As an installer you must must must always list everything down on your details to Lowes. Walls crooked you have to state it and how much to straighten it.

See water damage? You have to state it and then say you wont do the install until the water damage is repaired.

I went to do a detail on a entrance door. The right side of door looks like it fell out of the door framing of the house.
Somethings not right here. See, I look closer. I reach my hand inside doorway frame and grab onto plate. I tear a piece of wood off it very easily. Oh look what I find, termite shit on wood.

A lot of you installers would not have bothered to look and you may have gotten screwed in 11 months 20 days because the door fell out again. And maybe sued because now the brick work fell out too and the front of the house tilts to the right.

We told Lowes were not giving a detail until the lady fixes termites.

Some of you guys forget your COC! Thats a no no. Lowes can screw you in ten different shades of grey for that one.

Maybe they said don’t worry we know you. Then complaints come in for that job and not only do they not pay you but its hell getting a COC now Right!!

Did you not give them the invoice for the job? Did you save the fax receipt to prove you sent something to them?

I never had a prob geting paid, so i say what did the installer screw up.

R. Vafael says:

Lowe's Installers!

Anyone who has/thinks about/ or wants Lowe’s to install anything for them should read this! I used to do installs for Lowe’s (and other big box stores). As an installer, our company did not get paid on almost 20% of installs. As a sub-contractor…Lowe’s promises to either make you or break you! No $hit!

It all started out GREAT!!! Money was rolling…the communication lines were open with the install sales team and the store managers. They had us think we were gods! Until…After the first six months they withheld payment on one job. The next six months went by and they withheld payment on 3 jobs. The next six months went by and they starting holding back and not paying money. This is a game they play with their subcontractors. When business is bad at Lowe’s they are hosing their sub-contractors.

Honestly, I seriously doubt that the fencing contractor on the job got paid for the install! You can bet your a$$ that Lowe’s made a bundle on this. One thing is for sure…the customer did not get their money back.

Anyway…after 2 years of getting hosed by Lowe’s we somehow financially managed to drop them. They owe us over $25,000.00. I have spoken with an attorney and we do have just cause to file an action against Lowe’s but it would be better if we could find a multitude of other installers who have experienced the same problem.

Go to Craigslist.org/Milwaukee and look under skilled trades to get in on class action lawsuit for sub-contractors.

kathy murphy says:



Ed K says:

Bad Wallpaper

I bought 6 double rolls from Lowes and put up an entire room. Afterward it was evident that they sold me defective wallpaper. I had to tear it all down and they were so nice to refund my money for the bag of wallpaper scraps that I had to return to them. The estimate for a tear off and wallpaper job like this is $1,200.00 But Anthony of the Lowes in Brooklyn NY was so generous as to promise me %10 off my next purchase at Lowes. You can’t imagine my excitement when he promised me that. I just can’t wait to get down there and spend my hard earned cash in order to waste more time doing jobs that end up botched because of the crappy products that they sell.

To Ed K says:

Your Bad Wallpaper??

I don’t get it…you put up an entire room of wallpaper THEN decided it was defective??

To me, it sounds like all of your RUN NUMBERS or BATCH NUMBERS didn’t match. Seems like you bought some of the INSTOCK paper. Customer’s just like you, buy wallpaper from 1 Lowe’s, get it home, and decide they don’t like it and take it back to another store. RUN NUMBERS are going to be different depending on the shipment and when it’s shipped. It’s not a new concept in wallpapering, nor is it a new concept to selling wallpaper. You wanted cheap and didn’t do your research on the product you purchased.

LOWES is a DIY store. If you didn’t educate yourself on wallpaper, how to purchase and what to purchase, there isn’t much ANY Lowe’s can do for you.

Mark says:

Lowe's window installer, Monroeville, PA

I had Lowe’s install Pella windows in my home in Pittsburgh, PA late last year. After their contractor finished, I realized that he had caulked closed and covered with aluminum trim all of the weep holes in the windows. (These are the little holes that allow water to get out of the window frames. If these are plugged, the water finds its way into the wall cavity and can severely damage the structure.) I contacted Lowe’s and the installer and pointed out to both that I had found one of the Pella Installation Manuals that came with the windows and that the manual indicated clearly in BOLD print that the installer should NEVER caulk or cover these holes. The installer arrogantly told me that he was an expert, was the best Lowe’s had to offer, and that Pella did not know windows as well as he did. I confirmed with Pella that the way the windows were installed has VOIDED my warranty. After 3 months of waiting and MANY calls to Pella, the local Lowe’s store in Monroeville, PA, and Pella and Lowe’s corporate headquarters, the situation has not been corrected. This “professional” installation by Lowe’s continues to allow water to infiltrate my walls. The condition has damaged paint on the interior and exterior walls and I recently noticed a musty odor at one of the windows. I have also been suffering from a sinus and lung infection that has all of the symptoms of exposure to mold. The most unbelievable part of the whole experience … this incompetent installer is still working for Lowe’s installing windows! Lowe’s explained that they cannot find anyone qualified who will do the job for the same money this person will. BEWARE OF LOWE’S.

B says:

still sucks

Tried to get new bathroom vanities and counter tops. The contractors were bathed to in cigerette smoke and what he submitted to the Lowes was crap. I spent hours tring to have them fix the problem and get vanities that would fit. Then I lined up a time to install the shower door and they never showed. The lead guy, Don was too worried about getting on the plane to carry through with anything and I practically begged another guy to make sure the installer would show up. No follow through. I rather use a cardboard box as a vanity then ever go into the store again. And the rebates are also a bunch a crap. Pay a professional and don’t let those people into your home.

Anonymous Coward says:

My note to Lowes after a disturbing “interview:”

Whoops for you-
You’ve lost not only MY entire family’s business, but that of every friend we have(and most are in the construction business); and I’m making sure that anyone who will listen- will know of your lying, decietful, cheating TACTICS.
I even got this e-mail address while I was perusing YOUR worth as an employer fromONE of the MANY websites ( http://uhacc.org/forums/index.php?action=display&board=3;threadid=1509;start=0) that tell of your lying cheating STEALING ways ! Guess I should’ve done that FIRST. AND I’m forwarding these links to the BBB, the news stations and every single person i can think of.

We have bought ALL of our shoddy appliances, compressors, lumber, carpet, flooring, hardware and even lightbulbs at Lowes for years because they were convienient to our proximity.
We have been ignored, treated rudely and discounted VERY often. And GOD forbid you should try to seek out a manager! THEY are the WORST!

I recently went in and placed an application for employment in the Owasso, OK. store.
I must’ve been insane. But I sincerely thought I could be a valuable asset as an honest, hard-working, over-achieving consionable human being! Insanity! No WONDER you people can’t keep help! Should’ve taken that into consideration… but I thought I could make it a better store because I, at least, DO have some integrity!

I did get called back for interviews because of my background as a cdl-holding truck driver and past employment history as a mechanic.

The second interview with one of the managers, one “j.d.,” was ridiculous. That absolutely rude man didn’t even give me a CHANCE. He almost DARED me to speak! Intimidated me INTENTIONALLY- He simply did not like the way I “looked,” although I was clean, well-dressed, well spoken and groomed. When he walked in and took ONE look at me, his already irritated expression (SORRY- didn’t know I was BOTHERING him when he had ‘other’ things to do than waste his time on an ugly broad)turned to one of complete disgust. I am not a “pretty” woman, and have worked HARD in “mens” trades since 1984… I have had to EARN my living the hardest ways possible- performance and integrity.
When asked why I would be a good employee for Lowes, I responded that I was friendly and helpful, hard-working, I would NOT lie to them, I’d show up EVERY DAY before I was scheduled, and if they needed me, all they had to do was call and I’d BE there.

He responded to that with a smirk, deliberately and intentionally looking ‘down his nose’ at me, and said they’d let me know.
Which was actually a ‘don’t call us, we’ll call you” answer, as clear and plain as the rather large nose on my face.

And, by the way- NO- they DIDN’T ‘let me know-‘ ANYTHING!
So your managers are blatant liars, as stated in MANY of the posts I’ve been reading.

So much for honesty and integrity, which I hold dear and valuable…
THANK GOD I was shucked off!!!
Thank GOD I can now take my money and loyalty elsewhere!

Lowe’s SUCKS & I for one, am ECSTATIC that I didn’t get trapped there! I’m too good of an employee to waste on an employer whos’ word means nothing.

BUT- you’ve ALSO lost a LOT of business because of your callous treatment of human beings! I’d give you the names of the businesses that my friends own, but I wouldn’t waste THEIR privacy on such a nasty, deceitful company. As long as they’re aware (& they KNOW me and my integrity), they can look to other worthier responsive companies who actually CARE whether they have business or not.

Pardon me while I call the BBB to make sure they’ve recieved our report of our personal experiences of your failure to comply with your warranties, and then the employment commission to report your failure to comply with state employment laws based on sex, color, creed, and all the rest of that crap that obviously means nothing to you.

unhappy employee says:

Lowes really does SUCK

It wouldn’t be so bad but Lowes’s really does SUCK. If you need to make a living or feed your family DO NOT work for LOWES. The only people that make money there are race car drivers,the Opps Manager, Sales Manager, Store Manager and above, and I mean six figures while the people that do the work make almost minimum wages and they don’t care…..

Cynthia Gaved says:

Re: Lowes really does SUCK

This is absolutely the truth. There were people that were part-time that made more money than I did. I asked to get out of the job I was in, needed more money, and was led down the garden path by area HR manager. Hey, it took them six days to fire me and on the sixth day, I called first thing in the morning and was told there was no decision made. They wanted me to come in and fire me. I went home one day because I was limping and they also got me for saying a couple of things I said when I finally did have an emotional melt down. Beware, they can monitor your behavior outside work. I made the mistake of sending an e-mail to a company monitoring the FSA and used a bad word. Just came back from falling down the stairs and in April, 2007, I was written up first final. They also do not give accommodations and do not like disabled people.

Gay McDonald says:

LOWES paid up-front contracts are very bad for the consumer.

On April 27th 08 I paid in excess of 4300 dollars up front to LOWES (Warner Robins) for materials and installation of a perimeter fence. I expected a straight/acceptable fence as thia was what I asked for and it’s been a horrendous problem. First they sent out a trio of the most uncouth louts to do the work who, when asked why they hadn’t followed the instructions, proceeded to be abusive and walked off the job leaving the materials all over the place. Not only so but they threatened my husband with violence and this necessitated me filing a report with the Eastman Police Department. My husband is an ex British middleweight boxer and very obviously cannot ever become embroiled in anything of that nature. When told about this, the defensive response from a Mr David Bulinn (Area District Manager Installations) was that I would have to have the fence done because I’d signed a contract and paid upfront. That I could not have my money back. My complaint is that LOWES made me pay up front a considerable amount of money which is, I have unfortunately come to realize, not good for the consumer. My response from Mr Bulin has been that ‘what was done fits company standards’, ie. it’s therefore unreasonable to complain. Literally everyone has been laughing at this partial fence which is a product of the worst workmanship I’ve ever seen. Even the Police have commented on this. It really is appaling and so is the way I’ve been treated. Once LOWES have the money, it appears they can treat the consumer any way they wish. They are a an absolutely awful company to use as this experience most certainly demonstrates! I have no power at all. I have had to live with shoddy work, being insulted, threatened and told that I have to suck it because I’ve paid up front! Yours sincerely,

Mary says:


I work at Lowes and I am in my 7th month of pregnancy. Other cashiers with doctor’s notes were allowed a stool, so I went and got a doctors note. The first day I had my stool everyone seemed irritated by it. Its not like I didn’t do what I was supposed to do. It’s not like I didn’t stand to ring up customers, either. They were jealous because they have to stand on the concrete and I got to relieve myself in between customers. I had my stool 3 days and then they banned ALL stools for everyone, even people with their notes claiming that people without notes were sitting in them anyways. I HAVE A DOCTOR’S NOTE THAT I WENT OUT OF MY WAY TO GET SO THAT I WON’T HAVE A PREMATURE BABY WITH A LOW BIRTH WEIGHT!!! If they got a problem with it, they should lay down, get fucked, and get pregnant so they can sit down. I am fed up with them and about ready to tell them all to kiss my ass. I HAVE A RIGHT TO HAVE A BABY ON THE WAY AND HAVE A JOB, and I beleive it is the law that they need to accomodate people or else it is discrimination.

Jeff says:

They suck

Took my business down the road after they rented me a faulty insulation blower, but i got a nice cut and paste appology and a promise of 10 or 20% of my next purchase in the e-mail. Boy do these morons need to learn somthing about customer service. The Albertsons store just down the street from them closed it’s doors because of this kind of service, won’t be supprised if this happens to Lowes.



Lowes contractor Kennedy Enterprizes installed some new Peachtree windows over rotten wood. I called Lowes in Moresville and spoke with Nancy and she has not returned my call since I spoke with Mark Kennedy at Kennedy Enterprizes.
Kennedy Enterprizes does not replace roten wood per my conversation with Marks wife. They just installed new windows over the wood but will come out and take the window out and install it again for a fee. I would of been more than happy to pay extra to get the job done right the first time. Lowes install sales need to cease.
This is where corporate is loacted and all you get is verrrrrrrrrrrrry bad service.



I have been a Lowe’s employee for 5 years now. And, I’m not sure where these Lowe’s are that are stated in the previous comments. BUT, my store would not settle for any of this service provided to customers. These stores give my store a bad name. We are customer focused. Our customers come first. They are the reason why we are there. We even give to those whiney customers everything. If you come to our store and buy a product, get it home and realize it is dented or scratched….You just call us and we give you a discount without even seeing the product. Because you are the customer and you are #1. If you Special order a 6′ door and get it home and realize you needed a 5′ door….even though our policy states NO RTNS on SOS items…Just bring it back and we will return it. And satisfy you completely. We are not allowed to walk past a customer without saying “How are you today or can I help you with something?” If a customer asks for a product we are not allowed to point to where the product is, we have to walk you there and ask if there is anything else you need. If you live more than 25 miles from the store and we screw something up, but you dont realize it until you get home we will even compensate you on your gas. BUT, our management expects this out of us and accepts no less. I guess what I am getting to, is the solution starts with management. I think that has a big impact on these employees and the poor service the customer gets. All of you unhappy customers….come to my Ohio store and we will take care of you and give you WOW customer service!!!

John Doe says:

There needs to be a “Suck” site about how poorly Lowes treats their employees and how poorly the stores are managed by the store GM. Each store is treated like a little kingdom … don’t let your boss screw you ? … loose your job. Screw your boss and you can treat other employee as you please, steal their sales, leave work for them to do, come and go as you please, threaten other employees, etc.
Forget about the open door policy … talk to HR and loose you job, you can be accused of anything by HR.
The GM’s get five and six figure bonus checks by among other things not hiring people. Keep the payroll to a minimum and their bonus is bigger. Don’t buy toilet paper for the bathrooms and their bonus is bigger. Don’t repair, replace or maintain equipment and their bonus is bigger … equipment is also the trucks that are rented to the public.
Get the picture?
This not even the tip of the iceberg.

Anonymous Coward says:

Lowe's Sucks

I think that people should be able to voice what is going on in Lowe’s. Workers, Ex workers and customers. They do suck. They have there heads up each others you know whats. The upper managers are always breaking the rules inside and out side of Lowe’s. Lowe’s is going to loose more customers if they don’t start changing the way they do there job. They need to start fist with getting rid of the problems that are in the stores like the Managers. Palm Springs Lowe’s sucks. It was once a nice place to shop and work now it is a hell hole for workers and customers alike. I worked for Lowe’s for years got bugged about who I was dating and them trying to call my childs school to see if she was sick. I stopped working for them. And now over a year I have not been with them. I shop all the time because my customers need thing and I get bothered by the managers. What they hell. They have the worst managers ever.

NHAL says:

Working there REALLY sucks

I work at a Lowe’s in Atlanta and the managment treats the employees very poorly. We are told to focus on the customers and we do but then we get yelled at when we don’t complete task. The have cut staff to a bare bones level and are running the sales people ragged. They use the economy and the unemployment rate as a weapon…reminding us that there are PLENTY of people that would love to have a job. That will blow up in theier faces when the economy rebounds and there starts to be more jobs…can you say mass exodus?

sandra says:

Got a water heater last night. Installed price was supposed to be 900.00 with heater and install. Installer came today and now quoted me $800.00 MORE. Called management- they said …”yea we all know water heaters cant be installed less than $600.00″!……Well, than why did they quote me 235.00?????Management was very unprofessional…..will never shop here again. !

Gaile Davidson says:

If Lowe's doesn't like negative publicity...

Then they should either fix their mess or go out of business.
Lowe’s really should be out of business by now. No one in their right mind would let this company contract a kitchen install – and I’m obviously not in my right mind. They’ve been trying to correct a catastrophic cabinet install for a year at my house – and they’ve still not got it right. Remember, when you use their install service, you get what they pay for – not what you pay for. Spend a little extra money and get someone who really knows what they’re doing – not someone who can barely run a retail outlet.

Walt says:

Yeah, Lowes Really DOES Suck

About nine years ago I put down Lowes vinyl sheet on the floor in a room we use for our dogs. We have about one litter/year (midsize dogs), puppies spend 2-4 weeks there with adults, right before they’re sold. They’re around 10-12 pounds during that time.

That first sheet was Lowes middle-of-what-we stock grade — not much over $1/sf. When it wore out in early fall this year, we trotted back to Lowes and bought what we thought was the same grade — very slightly higher price and still middle grade of what they had there. It lasted about three weeks.

$#$!!! I blamed myself for not realizing that what was about the same price eight or nine years later, was probably cheaper. I ate the cost of that first worthless replacement and trotted back to Lowes AGAIN, this time buying the best thing they had in stock.

And that lasted less than a week before holes appeared. I took a sample of the part with the holes together with my receipt to the store, expecting to get my money back without question, told the story, and instead of a refund, was told “Your problem is with the manufacturer — we can’t help you.”

I contacted the national Lowes people; they said senior store management would get back to me instantly. They did, but between my schedule and theirs, we’ve only managed to talk once in at least half a dozen tries from this end and three or four from theirs. But they did send me a letter saying that my problem was with the manufacturer.

I’m sorry, but when a flooring which claims to be warranted for a few years lasts less than a week, my problem is with YOU, Lowes. You’re certainly free to exclude traffic by dogs from the warrantee (but you’d better exclude high heels, too, because seeing what happened with puppy toenails I’m sure it wouldn’t take small heels, either.) OR you can put up a sign saying that “Material is not warranted by Lowes — contact manufacturer in case of warrantee claims.” But DON’T claim a guarantee that you have no intention of honoring.

This story isn’t over yet. Failing all else, there’s a small claims court where words like ‘merchantability’ will be understood. And I’m sure there are other Lowes sucks website names available.

That Orange Store may not be great, but we got the (more expensive) replacement there, and it seems to be just fine.

Anonymous Coward says:

So here starts a whole lot of truth that you did not know! The installer recieves only a portion of the money that the big stores charges for its install program. Yes it is the truth. The reason for the public using this type type of installs system is because the public or customer just truly doesn’t know what they are doing. Yes it is.
It the same truth as jbuy a used car?
A truth sound like this– the customer is the same when buying a car or a kitchen sink!

What ?
They (meaning the customers) dont know what the hell they are doing. Might be that the coustmers are stupid, or richer than all get out.

The complaint is this read and do your own math

if the install of the basic sink is about

280.00 installers get 188.00

ok sound ggod so far right 46-48 % goes to the big box store.
Now if the big store say we will deliver they might want

80.00 installers gets 35.00

oh whats this you did not read the fine print?? NO?

because you are stupid

Same sink sink size same location, not me making it up read the contract, cost shall increase with resonable profit of another 35% on any changes that you have not told us about.
So that covers the part where the customers is a freaking liar? Ya that is it in a nut shell, the custome who doesnt know shit about sinks and plumbing doesnt understand the part about defective substructure, superstructure, and points of attachment.

Well look at it this way the same sink in the same location
what does that mean in IQ level of about -2 ++ your stupid thats what it means. Your 40 year old sink is not the same as the new sink, the drain holes have moved or the sink is deeper or not so deep as the old one, and now you get to pay for lieing to us at the big store. What ever you do dont lie ot or piss off the installer he has already lost 2 hours because you did not not bring the sink home with you in the first place. Because you was to busing not wanting to pay the delivery fee.

But its not like the installer has not complainend before to the big store about the cost of the kitchen sink and how it is screwing the customer and the installer at the same. Remember the basic install is for the same sink in the same location that covers the basic install. And big business is only interested in makeing their money. The installer is just trying to make a living. And that is was the customer has lied about in the first place. See the big doesnt care if you lie to them, you already a contract based on what you told them. Big business could give a shit they dont care that the sink you bought dont work.YOu paid them already and they will fight to keep money because thats what they are there for.

So the customer gets home and then after the installer is there and asks where all the parts?
The customer states, and it is the first thing out the sobs mouth is oh they said they were included and supplied by the installer.

I’m amazed all the time by by the just how plain simple this one sentence is, the cost to the customer is covered by the goods sold, installation sold, to the premise????

Well crap, in english read what they sold you, that rights
youd think you be able to see that the big store didn’t sell you a new faucet new dispozal or anythng else. What you bought was pig in the poke.

Ok call them and bitch em out, you now get the famous refund rebilled and really screwed. But customers you need to remember it was you’r lying that started this mess in the first place. The salesman or women ask you all the questions. You was just trying to save money right. But whom is the liar in the first place cant be the instller he’s never seen you before , nor has been to your house, because if youd’ve paid the detail to find the real cost for a sink install youd’ve call it quits a long time ago.

So now 2 hours later, 2 wasted trips, the change order, a the delivery of the parts, you refused to carry with might be

122.00 more dollars or even 290.00 more

the big store get another nice 35% more and you aggreed to it when you signed the first contract so shut and pay the bill and quit your crying. See what i mean about your IQ

So don’t be afraid to call your local carpet man, or tile man or roofer or local plumber. Ok now that you understand that its time roll over from bing f, and go back to school and learn how big business really works. Its the car you bought that was driven by the little old lady to church only on sundays.

Oh ok in the furture try and watch out for those big franchise stores, wait wait one more minute, one more truth, watch out for the big franchise, roofers, water hearters, and toilets, and appilance remmember this rule

The bigger the advertizing, inthe paper, the t’v, the phone book, the bill board, anthing that pertains to your house or anything that can get screwed.

Ted Finley says:


When buying, buy from some one that will not upset you
when you have a true complaint, I learned this the hard way
we were at LOWE’S saturday my wife wonted a new cealing fan
but I reminder her, wait lets get it at wal-mart should we
have a problem they will replace with out you not geting upset to get it replaced. She said you are right we left Lowe’s and bought one from wal-mart (remember the washer ?
you can’t use while we watch tv because its so loud)

Lost says:

Re: payroll sucks

come on dude pull your heand out your paying child support because you screwed up. They might be takeing the child support that you owe and them some the the back support you haven’t paid in the past. This is not a Lowes problem it is because you’re an idiot. Thats the problem.

Count 1 plus 1 = 2 and that the I/Q. you got. The end.

In case you cant understand this is a complaint site about Lowes not a site for the really stupid and that you

Sarah says:

I agree...

They stole $463 and change from me and have yet to give it back. I returned an online order 2 minutes after I made it realizing it was the wrong one. Now they’re telling me they’re sorry…and that’s all I keep getting!!!!!!!! That guy should have got his fence fixed. Accountability for these large businesses needs to written into law somewhere soon, so that this picking on and bullying of the American consumer comes to an end!!

Lost River says:

The time has come that someone starts speaking the truth about Installed by Lowe’s. By my own experience doing work for Lowe’s as a subcontactor, allmost put my business that I’ve owned for thirty years out of business. That’s right and thats the truth. I learned that doing any installs for Lowe’s as a subcontractor turns in to a money losing adventure. The cost of doing the job at the price set by Lowe’s might seem ok at first, but the discoved hidden agenda to screw, the customer and then screw the subcontractor soon jump out infront of your face.

So here goes my thoughts Lowes keeps at least 46-51 percent
of the install price as the prime contractor on the installs.
Holy shit you say. Well it is the truth. Just do the math.

Attention any one thinking of having anything installed by Lowe’s might as well have go check into the state funny farm.

Yes just keep reading the complaints that you read on this site and you will soon see and hear all kinds of truth about Lowes and the how they screw the customer and the subcontractor at the same time. With time you will be able to read in detail all the in and outs of the contract that lowes offers. The customers will be able to understand the hidden meanings of the contract. With time you will understand why it is so important not to let these types
of business practices inter into your home and your life.
Dear customer where ever you are, no matter what type of project you’re considering ask your questions here and somehow Lost River will try and tell you the truth. Before you make that lose your ass and your wallet at Lowe’s install project that your thinking about.

Dear customers
this is not a joke I dont want your money and I dont want you to get screwed at Lowe’s so ask Lost River and wait for the answer.




Cynthia Gaved says:


Is it any surprise you were fired? I was fired for willful misconduct a/k/a a violation of company policy. There were three other people fired under similar circumstances. I have had trouble getting transition info, pay stubs, etc. They put everything on myLoweslife.com, including company policies, they threaten to send people for being non-productive, refused to take me out of c/s when I told them I could not handle the job. When I mentioned depression, I was told that I chose to be depressed. This way, they do not have to pay unemployment. Front end manager thought store money was his money. He made fun of another employee he personally escorted out of the store. I was fired over the phone by request so I could avoid humiliation. Don’t have any accidents or cost them money on the insurance, they’ll target you.

Mike says:

Sense and Senseless

These sorts of situations always make me laugh. I worked for the Depot for a while and currently work at Lowes.

1) To all the upset retail employees – Managers at the store level and even above do NOT get bigger bonuses by cutting hours. Every store has a minimum they cannot go below, and there is an equation based on sales past that. As a manager, you are accountable for staffing CORRECTLY. This means that you MUST add hours when sales climb, and cut(but not below the minimum) when they fall. Predicting sales can be challenging, but Lowes does a decent job compared to the Depot, in my experience.

2) Lowes as a company from top to bottom most certainly shows concern for quality customer service. One of the surest ways to get fired as a manager is to let this element of your business slip in any way. Lowes tracks this number and makes a large public issue out of it at store meetings and manager meetings. Lowes will even force store level managers to add overtime to clean up well shopped stores during the week so that weekends can be customer focused. The issue comes, I believe, in the size of these places. Lowes and the Depot are very large companies that serve many customers. The law of averages means some of you will have problems, and that some of you will not be satisfied with how they are resolved. When I sell appliances I get this issue. Recommend an appliance to an internet savvy customer and listen to the claims that it is not reviewed well online. The truth is that EVERY appliance has bad reviews online…and good ones. EVERY retailer has bad and good reviews as well. Common sense.

3) I can relate to many current and former retail workers about the many interesting and challenging situations that we all deal with when interacting with customers, but its important to remember that its a job. Not all of it will be fun. Try not to allow the rude customer to be the centerpiece of your day. Many of our customers also thank us for what we do to help them and recommend us to friends and family for future projects/purchases. We get Christmas cards and thank you notes…some people even bring pastries in and family members for us to meet. Remember the good customers and the positive interactions and take that with you to forums to post. There will always be losses, but why not celebrate some victories? Most of our customers are great people who work as hard as we do and really appreciate our efforts. Show interest and compassion for them and they will treat you the same way most of the time. For the times that they don’t, just remember that we have all had bad days and difficult chapters of life and try not to take it personal. Its our job. If that is too much then service related jobs may not be for you.

4) If any of you have an issue with the service at Lowes, please use the store management team and the conflict resolution resources Lowes provides. As a company, they are interested in making it right. That doesn’t mean there aren’t managers that take it personal despite themselves, but at the end of the day the Customer is the real Manager and Lowes is built on that idea. The customer pays all our big salaries and bonuses and keeps food on our families tables. For that we are grateful even when it doesn’t seem like it.

Lost River says:

Re: Sense and Senseless

MIke you sound like someone one that has been brainwashed!
Lowe’s is a control freak@.com-org. That’s right mimd control for the sake of money. Whom do you think you’re trying to kid. Lowes is only interested in money or the high way. In the past they have been sued for things like
selling bad, to very bad water heaters, cheating the employees on overtime. Often refered to Chinese Math. Lowes in not interested in sell anything, or installing anything with out making tons of dollars. Off the customer and off the backs of the poor dumb installers. The installer are forced to wear little hats, and ugly shirts, put up pain in the ass yard signs, deal with no brains install sales managers. and AIM that are full of abuse and mind controled
sale associates. And all of that for have pay. So dont go trying to pretend the Lowes you work at is so good.

The one thing you need to do is face the truth and try and find a better job. And the bst reason you cant find a better job is because you work so screwed up hours at the store you dont have time to get a better education and then quit. I wonder have you ever thought that this truth might be correct. It is a plan to keep you down in the dirt.

I wnat you to know this the custmers is a liar most of the time, and they want some one to kiss their ass becauce they are stupid but will spead money to have it happen that way. Lowes is just trying to do the same thing for you.

They pretend to be taking care of you with the use on mind control, just like they are pretnding to take care of the customer, with words like (lets build someting together).

Get a grip will you. Lowes is there to make money, and they dont care whom they screw to get the money.. I wish the installer would pull it together and start an installers union.

Lowes would be on strike the first week if the litte people
got their acts together.

mike says:

Re: Re: Sense and Senseless

I sound brainwashed? How so? Because I defended the company?

I’m confused by your constant references to money. Is there another reason that you think Lowes is in business? Maybe you don’t go to work for the money, but I do. Consequently, I understand that Lowes is made up of other people trying to do the same. Whats more is that Lowes has a responsibility to make money in order to preserve my job as well as the other people who work there.

Your legal references are equally irrelevant. Find me a large company that has not been sued. Lowes was sued for the “chinese math”…which was actually called Chinese overtime, just so you know. And the issue was settled and the employees in question paid. The suit hardly makes sense to me, given that it was rather unpopular at Lowes because many workers enjoyed the extra money it brought in. Those covered under that policy were also hired under it. But its over with.

So for the record, I’m not pretending that the Lowes I work at is so good, as you say. It really is a great place to work and to shop. Our installers are decent people, and the installed sales manager is a pretty good guy too. We all work hard but we are fairly compensated and their are incentives and bonuses at every level of the organization. My store will even be giving away a car this year. Lowes as a company does care about its customers. The truth is that most businesses do. Customers pay the bills. Some lie, sure. But what good does it do to argue with them? They are worth a lot more money happy than telling everyone on the internet how terrible their experience was, even if they are cheating you.

In the end, people are all participating in a sort of improvised democracy where the votes are all cast with dollars. Lowes, like Home Depot and GE, wants to get the most votes. What else would they want to do?

If you’re an installer and find your shirt and hat unacceptable, you could leave at any time. If you would rather work, then I guess you’ll have to deal with the shirt and hat. As with all things, what you get out of Lowes(or any employer) is up to you. So why are you at Lowes? What goals have you set for your career this year? If you don’t know you should think about it. You sure seem unhappy.

Good luck to you.

Kathy Brosemer says:

incompetant installers and plumbers

I ordered new counter tops. was not installled right, the plumbing was not done right. Water leaked into seams and bubbled up. Lowes replaced counter, It was bubbled up when the installers got through. I then spent more money to get granite tops as that would take care of that problem. I had to call the granite people myself to find out where my counter top was. When they finally came to install it, all the plumbing was done wrong. My reverse osmoses was distroyed,under the sink plumbing was leaking. The boss came and was going to fix it himself. He change the plumbing under the sink which included the reverse osmoses. When this took weeks!! I was getting ready for a birthday party, turned on my garbage disposile, the plumbing fell off flooding my kitchen and carpet. I called Lowes, the new boss told me too bad they had never touch anything under my sink.
I finally was able to talk to someone who told me he would talk to someone monday. Monday I got a voice mail from “Brad” telling me he would give me $500.00 to hire my own plumber and to buy another reverse osmoses. I told him
there was more to this them that. the water that had come out from under the counters was very dirty and ruined my carpet. He again left me a message saying he would liketo resole my issues. I had to leave for Minnesota as my mother was ver sick,she ended up passing. Total, I was gone for 6 weeks.
Since I have came back I have called Lowes, Left meessages, been transfered to a phone that no one ever answers. So now
I am being avoided.I will never purchase another think from Lowes. I am in sales and would never treat my customers
the way Lowes has treated me.

Lost River says:

Re: incompetant installers and plumbers

Kathy, It sounds like there is great confuson as to what really happened

Lowes as a rule does not explain their contracts for installations. It is carefully worded to allow for the average customer to assume things that are not gong to happen. This is so that the customer never really hears the real truth about the actual real cost for any installation.

That is the the truth…
It is not a concocotion that we have made up. Lowe’s standard installation charge will not cover any install at your house because it is planed that way to confuse the customer as to what this installation is going to cost you.
Or at least confuse you long enough to get your commmitment on paper.

It sounds like you as the customer committed to have Lowes install a new counter top for you at your house. But they failed to tell you that this contertop installaltion did not include a standard sink install at the same time.


Well Lowes does not tell the customer that new countertops
doesnot include new plumbing under the sink, or a new sink or any new parts. It sounds like you had to hire a plumber later. We are not sure. It sound like the job was screwed up that is for sure. We just are confused to whom did what.

The standard sink install will not cover any of the true cost of installing a sink, or the cost to reconnect any R.O. water filter system. Now if the new conter top that was later ruined by the plumber that Lowes sent out, lowes sould pay. But I want you to know this right now Lowes might send a plumber or might send a handyman. They hire both but the customer is not aware of that. At Lowes im am under orders to keep my mouth shut about this but it is true. The basic counter install doenst include plumbing, the basic sink install does not include R.O.System and the basic sink install doe not include parts nor any caulking to make a good water tight seal for the sink, or the drain fitting in the bottem of the sink. The Lowes contracts words say this will change it the points of attachment are different. This is how they f the customer?

You see they make it so that you assume what is incorrect at you home is the basic standard install and everything will be fine. It is far from the truth but the customer does not know that until the project is well past the point of no return and then lets the customers hang out to dry or cough up some big dollars to continue on.

Which is what sounds like happen in your case.

So please type your complete story here for better understading. We will be able to see what really happened and then explain it better for the next unlucky Lowes customer.

So attention to all customers if you want the truth then leave your complaint we will figure it out together.

Travis Weston says:


Beginning the week of March 23, 2009, the Store Manager-Delbert Gallagher of Lowe’s in South Burlington began to meet individually with approximately 50+ associates to communicate the loss of hundreds of hours of vacation time. According to the Store Manager and Lowe’s Legal Department this was not a case of poorly written policy. It was a “communication error” received and conveyed by the Store Manager, whom is still employed by Lowe’s. The average hourly rate for Lowe’s Associates at 14.00 per hour saved the organization thousands of dollars not to mention sales floor hours. This was truly a case of a Store Manager wanting to leverage payroll hours and reduce seasonal hiring demands. Ultimately this entire situation off sets the impact of reduced store sales felt by everyone in this economy including lost business absorbed by the new Essex location. Shame on Lowe’s for not protecting its Associates and shame on Lowe’s for even including in these discussions personal responsibility of Associates to be informed of the change in policy.

Bob Pierce says:

Toilet Install

I paid for the toilet and the install and when the plumber they hired came he told my wife we needed a new flange at the tune of $175.00 more money to be paid to the plumbing company. The plumber never called to get permission from Lowe’s.

I went to the store today and spoke with a manager, Tony and he said he could give me the check back for $175.00 but he would need another check for $129.67 to cover Lowe’s cost of the flange (they sell flanges for less than $20.00)

I wrote the additional check and told Tony I would ley people know about the fact they could not afford a flange.


Lost River says:

Re: Toilet Install

Bob Lowes is in the business to make money, they get to keep 46% or better of the install, and another 35% minium of any change order. That is why the sub contractor charged you. Plus the contract that you signed cleary point out the the price for a toilet change out is based on the if, the points of attachment were sound. You lasy lying pice of shit
your complaining about lowes yet you lied out your to us when you singed the contract.

Anonymous Coward says:

Re: Re: Toilet Install

Really, where did you get those numbers? Sounds pretty outrageous!!

And Lowes is in business to make money? Say it aint so!!!! How dare a company try to turn a profit! And on the backs of poor dumb installers. The management should be installing the toilets themselves! Why create jobs and employ people. Such a waste. And to think its all profitable.

Frank Browning says:

Lowes Is a very discriminating company

I worked for Lowes for approximately 10 years. as most big companies do, Lowes is guilty of blaming their short comings on other employees . I was a commercial sales specialist and you would not believe what went on just in my area. I worked chineese overtime totaling approximately 500 hours. When charges were brought against Lowes for these types of labor practices they made us salary employees go back to a 40 hr work week instead of working 50 and sometimes 60 hour weeks of course any thing over 40 hours was calculated as such, if for example if I made 20. per hour my overtime pay would be something as this they would take my hourly rate down to 10. an hour for every hour, and half of that amount again for anything over additional hours. I was also promised a raise to make up for the difference in pay for my reduced hours, it never happened. This is just one incident their is a long list of discriminating practices at this company,
that are still happening. I was also trerminated after one policy violation in 8 years. If YOU ARE INTERESTED IN A LONG LIST AND PROOF CONTACT ME

ChristyB027 says:


I found this site trying to figure out what an installer for Lowes averages an hr. so I know what my ex makes and I can come up with the correct figure for child support. Didn’t find that info so if anyone knows feel free to reply. HOWEVER, knowing the shoddy work my ex can do sometimes, I don’t know who in the world would want these people doing any “professional” install jobs. He is far from a professional. Hardly worked anywhere for 8 yrs and not much work pertaining to this type of business whn he did keep a job for a minute. FYI – You are not necessarily hiring professional contractors when you use a “Lowe’s Installer”..

ChristyB027 says:

To: Sense and Senseless

I don’t know about Lowe’s and Home Depot persay, but MCDONALD’S managers DO get bonuses for cutting hours. Full time employees at our local store usually get about 36 hrs so labor is down and managers get their bonuses.. not so hard to believe this would be practiced at Lowe’s. It is a possibility.

Lost River says:

Re: To: Sense and Senseless

Cristy this is a a lowe’s sucks site, but like lowe’s you suck also. You’re trying to destroy the husbands job that helps pay the child support payments that you need. To me your low I.Q. give away the problem. If you weren’t such a stupid bitch, you might have still been married.

Gary Lawley says:

Lowe's has horrible management !

It all boils down to the lack the of quality management at Lowes. Instead of providing the customer with quality products and services, management spends the majority of their efforts in developing rules, loopholes, and excuses for subpar products, service, and workmanship.
In order to disguise what you actually get, Lowe’s management has created quite a flashy campaign to win consumer confidence. It includes TV comercials, newspaper adds, and radio spots, that praise the value of Lowe’s to the customer and the community. These adds entice the customers with promises of being served by experts at their stores.
Now, heres what you get !
Our local Lowes does provide our community with an attaractive, clean, and well stocked store. From that point it heads downhill !
The majority of the employees are far from being expert quality. Why? Poor training ! Who’s fault? Lowe’s management !
Then you enter the realm of Lowes’ rulebook, which by the way, apparently has more entries than the number of items in the store. The underlying synopsis for the rulebook is – We want your money and once we get it – it’s ours !
If your unhappy with the product, service, or workmanship during your Lowes’ experience – it’s your fault. You didn’t understand something that Lowes expertly explained, or a rule that you never heard of covers the issue so Lowes is not in error.
Lowes is a horrible answer for America’s building needs !

Anonymous Coward says:

Re: Lowe's has horrible management !

Well now that’s just more garbage. Lowes goes as far as it can in training quality people. Lowes believes in hiring the best person for the job and paying them accordingly. You’re not going to get a store full of retired contractors(there are just not that many out there that want to work in retail at a retail wage). What you do get is a well trained and compassionate sales person that has a vested interest in the success of the store.

Nothings perfect and Lowes is no exception. But I have to say your characterization reeks of personal involvement. Lowes employees do not refuse to help customers with return problems. Lowes managers are held accountable for customer complaints. Lowes has a zero tolerance for rude and unfriendly associates.

Lowes does have plenty of rules, but then I haven’t worked for any big company that doesn’t.

john lyles says:

racial slurs

Went to Lowes for my boss who was a loyal customer.As I shopped and asked question the clerk called me a dumb nigger.They are saying there is no corrabartion. My point is why make it up and my boss was a loyal customer til he sent me . They dont want to do anything about it so we have started picketing. We really need help

Ryan i says:

why lowes sucks

im a manager at lowes in woodvillage OR.and you are right that some stores do suck! thats because the big corp.pays us managers $$$$ to do dick..while the people that make the store work,get small raises.and we get to treat like crap.and we hire p.t help who are a bunch of idiots to walk around and talk to each other and are trained in the art of knowing how to do nothing at all.i like to pick on the white people here.because i can.and our H.R will believe anything I tell her. because she is a stupid fat white girl if your looking for a pt. job and you are a idiot come work for me. she will hire you too. because she is clueless to what this company needs and if you bring her some doughnuts you are in my friend. this place is so blind to what im realy about its funny.

mattilda trautweiner says:

lowes sucks

Always probems with Lowes installs , they have outside installers that don’t actually work for comapany and many uderpaid untrained employees stting up the work needed. mannegement is often incompetant hicks with no formal training to handle level of service needed for the dollar amount involved. Any one that shops at Lowes is risking their money. Get a local contractor because if Lowes installers were any good they would be on thier own. Lowes gets thier cut to find their installers a job ant fro the most par they ar incompetant.

matilda trautweiner says:

lowes sucks

Always probems with Lowes installs , they have outside installers that don’t actually work for comapany and many uderpaid untrained employees. mannegement is often incompetant hicks with no formal training to handle level of service needed for the dollar amount involved. Any one that shops at Lowes is risking their money. Get a local contractor because if Lowes installers were any good they would be on thier own. Lowes gets thier cut to find their installers a job ant fro the most par they ar incompetant.

minidee says:

Lowes REALLY does suck

I work at Lowes and for the past four years I have been treated like less than a human.If you aren’t drinking with or sleeping with the managers on the weekends you are pretty much overlooked. They boast about training but I have had to do most of it on my own time including after hours or on lunch breaks. And the training they want you to do is mostly online questionaires with outdated information and useless dribble about customer service being number one. Right now I am at the end of my rope because a manager wanted me to apply for a position and promised me the sun, moon, and stars if I would take it…and like an idiot who has been lied to sooo many times by this “so-called” company I did. Three months later I haven’t had, and haven’t been offered any training because the manager who begged me into this mess got shipped out to another store and all the other managers are playing stupid to the promises made to me. Lowes lies to their employees, plays dirty with their customers and has no integrity what so ever, just read what the manager wrote, stating he picks on people because of their color,and if he brings the HR donuts she will listen to whatever he says. THIS IS TRUE! It is not how hard of a worker you are, its how brown your nose is, and that is happening at every Lowes in every town to some extent. It is sad that you go to work, trying to do a good job, pay your bills, take care of your family but if someone doesn’t like you or are jealous of you all they gotta do is buy a box of donuts and your in the unemployment line with hungry kids and a past due mortgage because Lowes has a million managers who don’t know squat looking for some poor shmuck to blame their lack of ethics and integrity on.

rbert celotto says:

Lowes sucks

My girlfriend and I purchased a refrigerator from Lowe’s in mid July, upon delivery the gentlemen plugged it in and set it into space. we noticed after 8 hours ice was not being made and the food was not getting cold we called and were told ice takes 72 hours to make. thsi was news to me after 48 hours our food in the freezer was still not frozen. We called the Lowes in Exton Pa where it was purchased and were told we’ll have to wait for them to replace it. So in the mean time our food went bad and they were taking their time to replace it. the manager was about useless and the stiore really could care less and made no effort to compisate us for teh inconvenience of food going bad and after 2 days still not having a product replaced that they sold us for $ 900.00

victim of Milan Properties and Home Depot says:

Rubenstein Milan Properties Issues and Home Depot

Yep I saw Milan Properties and how they illegally shut it down. Only low down criminals would resort to shutting down the real, honest, and factual greiviences of a multitude. It was a Hitler Tactic, A Hussein Tactic and the tactic used by corps or businesses that actually have something real to hide. I don’t use Lowes. I had a problem with Home Depot though and because of their negligence they caused a problem but ok Home Depot had a person call me back who tried to check video to assure my claim. He then recognized I had a legitimate claim and yes paid up. He made restitution without court. He wasn’t always nice about it and was a lousy a nine at times but they paid up. I didn’t ask for alot just enough to cover the damage. I should have demanded more though for all they cost me. Now a problem with SEARS who lied and now apparently has refused to fix the problem they caused. I may have to go to court and work xtra hard with emotional distress just to get them to be accountable for their lousy work and actions. I heard Sears got sold out to K Mart. It figures. Walk into KMart and look at the mess inside, sometimes the lousy service

matilda trautweiner says:

lowes sucks

anybody that goes to Lowes for an install is taking a chance.Customers are throwing their money away. I was a manager there and there were so many mistakes from the untrained people on the salesfloor and the outside contractors that did not actually work for Lowes. I had to deal daily with unfortunate complaints from people that just wanted to improve their property. My advice is get a local contrator that works for themselves and get satisfaction for your money, you don’t need the hassle of dealing with untrained employees and contractors that can’t make it on their own. You can save a least 40 percent and have someone working for you that actually cares that you are satisfied.

Rehman says:

Lowes Extended Protection Plan is a joke

I have a Brand new John Deere 22-HP Hydrostatic 48″ Cut Lawn Tractor. After 8 Hours of use the tractor would not start. I called Lowes on the 10/18/2009. they said the would schedule a pickup. 4 days later still no pickup. Contacted Lowes apparntly the outside service company was to busy and they would schedule another company to come and pickup. About 12 days after making my initial call someone finally came to take the tractor. Today marks the 30th day without my lawn mover and in Miami the lawn needs to weekly this time of year. I called Lowes again this Monday and was told the mower was ready and would be delivered Tuesday or Wednesday. Today is Thursday so i called Lowes and they informed me that the mower needed a new carborator and would be ready next monday… are you kinding me.

I was told on 3 seperate occasions over the passed month that a supervisor would call me back, still waiting.
I was so happy when Lowes opened in Miami, however that feeling is gone. I also purchased a brand new grill for my sons birthday party. I called Lowes on the day it was supposed to be ready and it was not. I called 2 days later and was told it was ready, had my nephew meet me at the store only to find out i was not ready. Strike two. This company looks good on the outside but that is truly a fasade, to mask incompetency and a general lack of concern.

Anonymous Coward says:

The reasons so many people complain about lowe’s and why lowes suck seem to be out of anger or frustration. Mst likely the cause for anger is for the way their own personal install went.

So here is some truth for all readers the reason the customer gets mad or tick off at the process for get something installed at there home is because, they the customer assumed the get the shit and shine olla all at once.

What’s that you say? Well ok how about the story goes like this..

The customer wants a water heater 437.00 plus install of 249.00 for a total of 686.00….. the end
sounds good to me….

Now here we go

the following truths have not been told to the customer

If the gas line for this water heater does not line up

for the height of the new heater
or for the location in tended for the heater
or for any other reason the installer can think of

If the water heater is not the same height as the old water heater
and the water lines do not match up
or the water heater has to move 2 inches left, right,forward,or backwards
can you see the problems building now>???

Yes that right your going to get screwed and the installer is not through with you yet.>>>>

Now then if you was the one the purchased the earthquake straping kit at the added cost of about 55.00
and the added expansion tank cost of about 80.00
and then th installer tells you that

a wall must be built to install the eath quake brace.
a pipe modification,change to install the expansion tank

Then because lowes keep 46% of the labor at the start of this screw the customer water heater install, and allso demand 35% of any change order charge.
The install will point out that you need a 4 inch exhaust vent for the new heater.
The old 3 inch vent that is there now, does not meet the new building code requirements.

So a new change order for who know how much,,, 80.00 to several hundered dollars… and keep in mind lowes gets 35% either added to that of buried in the price some wheres

That is the truth and dont forget the building permit..

Now the other parts of the truth that you the customer nver once considered.

The installers are try to make a profit for their own business and have a subcontract agreement with lowes that states, the will pass all prced to lowes through the lowes change order system and lowes will keep the money and pay the install as to to the arranged set agreement.

which Lowes keeps 46 percent of the money for the installed sold in the store and 35 percent of the change orders.

So the name of the game is Lowes make lots and the install makes some.

Thats the way is and that is the truth, And the story goes in for a penny in for a pound. The rule is once the customer committed they will stand for the ongoing screwed by lowes because the customer is the one that is stupid.

If the customer would have just called the plumber directly, that works for lowe’s and had that company install a made by anybody water-heater not sold at Lowe’s

For a better price and a better water heater,because you sould see how many water heaters are retunded to lowes because they are selling some cheap shit heater made by a company that has had so many lawsuits because of the defective crap thety use to make the heater.,…

And if you think this is not the truth, just go there and buy a water heater and see what happens…

Because lowes policy is make tons of money and let the buyer beware…

It is the rule, loes doesnt care what the heater cost the rule

lets build something,,, really means we are getting lots of your money… and we laughing all the way to the bank……ha ha ha

lost river

Anonymous Coward says:

The reasons so many people complain about lowe’s and why lowes suck seem to be out of anger or frustration. Mst likely the cause for anger is for the way their own personal install went.

So here is some truth for all readers the reason the customer gets mad or tick off at the process for get something installed at there home is because, they the customer assumed the get the shit and shine olla all at once.

What’s that you say? Well ok how about the story goes like this..

The customer wants a water heater 437.00 plus install of 249.00 for a total of 686.00….. the end
sounds good to me….

Now here we go

the following truths have not been told to the customer

If the gas line for this water heater does not line up

for the height of the new heater
or for the location in tended for the heater
or for any other reason the installer can think of

If the water heater is not the same height as the old water heater
and the water lines do not match up
or the water heater has to move 2 inches left, right,forward,or backwards
can you see the problems building now>???

Yes that right your going to get screwed and the installer is not through with you yet.>>>>

Now then if you was the one the purchased the earthquake straping kit at the added cost of about 55.00
and the added expansion tank cost of about 80.00
and then th installer tells you that

a wall must be built to install the eath quake brace.
a pipe modification,change to install the expansion tank

Then because lowes keep 46% of the labor at the start of this screw the customer water heater install, and allso demand 35% of any change order charge.
The install will point out that you need a 4 inch exhaust vent for the new heater.
The old 3 inch vent that is there now, does not meet the new building code requirements.

So a new change order for who know how much,,, 80.00 to several hundered dollars… and keep in mind lowes gets 35% either added to that of buried in the price some wheres

That is the truth and dont forget the building permit..

Now the other parts of the truth that you the customer nver once considered.

The installers are try to make a profit for their own business and have a subcontract agreement with lowes that states, the will pass all prced to lowes through the lowes change order system and lowes will keep the money and pay the install as to to the arranged set agreement.

which Lowes keeps 46 percent of the money for the installed sold in the store and 35 percent of the change orders.

So the name of the game is Lowes make lots and the install makes some.

Thats the way is and that is the truth, And the story goes in for a penny in for a pound. The rule is once the customer committed they will stand for the ongoing screwed by lowes because the customer is the one that is stupid.

If the customer would have just called the plumber directly, that works for lowe’s and had that company install a made by anybody water-heater not sold at Lowe’s

For a better price and a better water heater,because you sould see how many water heaters are retunded to lowes because they are selling some cheap shit heater made by a company that has had so many lawsuits because of the defective crap thety use to make the heater.,…

And if you think this is not the truth, just go there and buy a water heater and see what happens…

Because lowes policy is make tons of money and let the buyer beware…

It is the rule, loes doesnt care what the heater cost the rule

lets build something,,, really means we are getting lots of your money… and we laughing all the way to the bank……ha ha ha

lost river

DJD (profile) says:

The Refrigerator Story.

At my local Lowe’s, late July 2009 for duct tape and a dish drainer. Nothing more. Browsing through the refrigerators on a whim, I spotted a lovely French door Maytag with a huge lower price tag on it, toward the back of that appliance section. At closer range, one could clearly see the eight inch indentation in the right side door. After opening all the doors and drawers, and finding nothing further wrong, I sought the salesperson for some help and guidance.

The gentleman assured me it was a brand new machine, ‘damaged during either shipping or unpacking. But who would want a ‘frige like that – with that dent in the stainless? *That* is the only reason it is priced so far below it’s usual price.” I asked him if everything worked – the lights, the ice and water maker/dispenser and he assured me – twice – it was a brand new machine, that everything worked; and that the ONLY reason it was back here with a handwritten price tag on it was because of the dent in the stainless door.

I was sold. Purchased the refrigerator – which, the salesman assured me came with “the standard one-year manufacturer’s warranty”, but I purchased an additional three-year service plan, just in case. I’m a single mom and never would have been able to buy this appliance (1) at full price [$2,500 approx] nor (2) would be able to afford expensive repairs. I thought I was being smart and covering any possible challenges. Paid for delivery, the extended service plan and the frige and went on my way.

A week later it was delivered and plugged in. The water line, however, could not be installed then as my plumber was not able to come to the house until the electrical was done, and that couldn’t happen before the cabinets were done.

After two months of using the ‘frige as a cooling device and nothing more, the water was finally hooked up.

And it didn’t work at all.
So, I called Maytag directly and this is what the nice lady on the other end told me (in a nutshell):

I am the third owner of this “brand new” Maytag French Door Refrigerator; the second owner lived just south of me and they purchased it in April 09 and returned it a month later in May – with a service call to their home during that time – the complaints were that the light didn’t go on and none of the water/ice features worked.

The best is that the “standard one year manufacturer’s warranty” – good from the date of purchase, began on the date of the VERY FIRST purchase and had actually expired in April of this year, 2009! The second owner’s didn’t have a warranty either!!

So what leg do I have to stand on now?! I have no idea how to proceed with this because I’ve owned this contraption since late July and discovered it doesn’t work as the “brand new” appliance I was told I was buying about three months later! It’s a used, broken machine.

I have never been so taken advantage of – and I asked all the questions of that sales person and he LIED to my face and charged for delivery of this icebox that doesn’t work as sold.

WHAT do I do?!

Anonymous Coward says:

Re: The Refrigerator Story.

Im was wondering if you could just up and take your proof to samll claims court in you county? If Lowes doesn’t give you a new refrigerator. Sue the shi– out of them. I am sure your state has a law about selling used crap as new crap.
Remember the squeaking wheel is the one that gets the grease.
Good Luck
Lost River

DJD (profile) says:

The Refrigerator Story.

At my local Lowe’s, late July 2009 for duct tape and a dish drainer. Nothing more. Browsing through the refrigerators on a whim, I spotted a lovely French door Maytag with a huge lower price tag on it, toward the back of that appliance section. At closer range, one could clearly see the eight inch indentation in the right side door. After opening all the doors and drawers, and finding nothing further wrong, I sought the salesperson for some help and guidance.

The gentleman assured me it was a brand new machine, ‘damaged during either shipping or unpacking. But who would want a ‘frige like that – with that dent in the stainless? *That* is the only reason it is priced so far below it’s usual price.” I asked him if everything worked – the lights, the ice and water maker/dispenser and he assured me – twice – it was a brand new machine, that everything worked; and that the ONLY reason it was back here with a handwritten price tag on it was because of the dent in the stainless door.

I was sold. Purchased the refrigerator – which, the salesman assured me came with “the standard one-year manufacturer’s warranty”, but I purchased an additional three-year service plan, just in case. I’m a single mom and never would have been able to buy this appliance (1) at full price [$2,500 approx] nor (2) would be able to afford expensive repairs. I thought I was being smart and covering any possible challenges. Paid for delivery, the extended service plan and the frige and went on my way.

A week later it was delivered and plugged in. The water line, however, could not be installed then as my plumber was not able to come to the house until the electrical was done, and that couldn’t happen before the cabinets were done.

After two months of using the ‘frige as a cooling device and nothing more, the water was finally hooked up.

And it didn’t work at all.
So, I called Maytag directly and this is what the nice lady on the other end told me (in a nutshell):

I am the third owner of this “brand new” Maytag French Door Refrigerator; the second owner lived just south of me and they purchased it in April 09 and returned it a month later in May – with a service call to their home during that time – the complaints were that the light didn’t go on and none of the water/ice features worked.

The best is that the “standard one year manufacturer’s warranty” – good from the date of purchase, began on the date of the VERY FIRST purchase and had actually expired in April of this year, 2009! The second owner’s didn’t have a warranty either!!

So what leg do I have to stand on now?! I have no idea how to proceed with this because I’ve owned this contraption since late July and discovered it doesn’t work as the “brand new” appliance I was told I was buying about three months later! It’s a used, broken machine.

I have never been so taken advantage of – and I asked all the questions of that sales person and he LIED to my face and charged for delivery of this icebox that doesn’t work as sold.

WHAT do I do?!

cant give name need my job for famlies health insu says:

I am a installed sales dept manager. I have read most of hte comments submitted here. I must say the following. I am way under paid to deal with what I deal with on a daily basis. Customers are sometimes right, we have some installers who could care less what the craftsmanship of thier work is in the end. However, I have some installer who take grat pride in thier work. I also have some custoemrs who take the samllest issue and run with it, in hopes to get some type of “compenstation” back. What the general public does not understand is I have myself and one other person in my office to handle an average of 210 customers projects a day. My office had to keep the custoemr informed of the projects process, stay on the isntallers who are not scheduling and or callling the custoemrs as the should, when we get the schedules, call the custoemr again to confrim the scheule dates. Then call after the install is compelted to ensure they are satisfied with the end result. So many things can go wrong in the process. From the installer giving the wrong measuremnts to have the salesman order from to the manufacture sending out the wrong color or size, or constantly putting the product on backorder. When any of the above and so many other possibilites that I would have to write for a decade to explain all the things that can happen, I am the one who gets to appologize to the customer, keep them calm, make it as right as possible. I do care about my customers, even though over the last few years corp office has decieded it is a wise idea to take three full time possitions from our office and add half agian the paper work and leagal orentated workload to the remaining posistions, allowing no overtime in which to complete your tasks. I often feel my hands are tied behinde my back and i am not given a fair chance to provide the custoemr service Lowes states in all of our meeting and commercials they want us to provde. To top all of this off I get cursed at nearly everyday by a customer who feels slighted by Lowes. I wonder if any of them are reading this and ask themselves, if the roles were reversed and I called cusing at you if you would put me at the top of the mountian of issues you are trying disperatly to resolve or on the bottom? Further moore my pay is so unfair, I promise the average wage I have seen reported on here would be a pray answered if it was true to my paycheck. So my point is there is wrong on all sides, but I am an employee who cares, even if it does not always show becuse of unseen cercumstances the public does not see.

Anonymous Coward says:

Re: Re:

See even you realise. The truth,,,, the lowe’s system is designed to put all the money the installs created into the great cash cow installs program of lowes. The desire to work everyone to death andkeep all the money, they work you to death and even a few years agoe had a fussy math program to cheat the employees at lowes, out of any overtime.the reason the customer (as you put it) start whining about the install that they thought was a good deal, now turns out to be a real f— job, Lowes by the claim of it try’s to blame everyone but the truth. The truth is,,,, lowes try’s to pretends the install will go smooth, by is designed to have lots of changes orders to further drain the customer out of there money, and at the same time pretend the private contractor is the fu the customer. The system is drain you of time, and your mental health. so dont sit there and grip at everyone just face the truth. Well look at it this way, if you were the one reciveing the money made on an install you yourself would screw the customer and the installer and tie install cordnatior also.

cant give name need job says:

To Anonymous Coward, was the post on Nov 7th @8:12pm a reply to my post? By the way sorry for the mistypes, was crazy tired and too frustrated to check spelling, anyway…if it was a reply to me I believe you misquoted me saying I said the customers (are whining) I stated there is some wrong on all sides, yes some times there are customers who make a living off a type of scam, that includes trying to get something they paid for free plus some. This did NOT mean all customers who report issues are like this just a few! NOT all Lowes employees are bad and NOT all installers are bad. There is simply some good and bad with everything in life. As far as your comment that Lowes pretends the install will go smooth, I will again say,some install goes flawless and when I call the customers to confrim thier install was completed I ask them how thier experince was, I ask if there is any questions I can answer for them and I ask if there is any reason they would not want to use Lowe’s in the future. I often have great responses. For the customers who have issues (each case is unquie, and handled accordingly) however the key word is handled. I do not just sweep thier issues under the rug I do everything in my power to make them still want to come back to Lowe’s. The point I was trying to make and obviously fell on deaf ears, was as hard as I try every day, I am over loaded, and this is where customers don’t get the perfect customer service the expect. But then again a persons expectations are often so differant from one person to the next that the old saying you can please everyone rings so true. I simply wished Lowe’s would untie my hands and staff me so we can take care of the customer 100%, get rid of the crappy installers that do not care, as well as stand up to the fraudulant customers and say no to them when we know for a fact they are trying to take Lowes for a free ride. This would give the rest of us who care a fighting chance. The “rest of us” means honest customers and the honest caring employees who are trying to make a living. The other thing I wish for is, the customers who have valid complaints be it Lowe’s or at any other type of business (lets just throw the fine customer servie we get time to time in a drive thru out there as well) when we get a damaged door in or ketchup instead of mustard, we stop and think about how we are all human and all subject to make mistakes. Before we cuss the other person out. State the issue you have to the other person in a way you would like to be spoken to, and I promise our whole world would improve. My parnets raised me to obey this “golden rule.” I just wished other parents had taught this to thier children. If they had when they grow up to be consumers and employers life would be better for all.

Anonymous Coward says:

Re: Re:

to dear cant give name
you know and i know the name of the game is to screw the cusotmer.
You know that the installres have complaimed many time how the lowes systems rips of the customer and the installer.

Your not fooling anyone here the pretended head in the sand
routine. Yourt afraid to face the truth about yourself the the crap that lowes makes you say.

Here is the truth,,, if lowes would spell out the correct intall and the true cost of the job with the changes orders. the customer would say omg this place if ripping me off. they the customers would run from the higest price install on the earth.

If the installer were contacted directly and the customer not go through lowes the install would make more money and the customer would pay a hell of a lot less.

Then you wouldnt have the job you have pretending your honest.

Anonymous Coward says:

I just want to be able to view more than 12 items at a time like EVERY OTHER website. I’ve tried and tried to reach someone who can MAKE A DECISION and provide an answer as to why they’re the ONLY site I shop at that doesn’t let you view more than 12 items. I get nowhere, and the customer service sheep are clueless. Some corporate contact info would be great.

Anonymous Coward says:

I went to Lowes to have them tile my bathroom. I realize it might be more expensive then what they quote me the first time. When it was all said and done the final quote was 2 and a half times what they first quoted me. I wasted lots of time and the customer service was pretty bad. I decided to just tile my bathroom myself and not have to deal with the dishonesty.

larry scruggs says:

lowes store manager


susan says:

lowes sucks

used to work at Lowes, saw the managers steal and the district managers cover it up, one of the workers wanted my job so they lied about me and no one took the time to investigate, I lost my job but glad that I am out of the company where the people who work there are not given respect or training. Its a giant ponze on the american people trying to scam money for false information by workers who know nothing or very little about a product or service. Lowes is a rip off and should be avoided.

hwchouse says:

Terrible service from Lowe's

I ordered 2 sliding double vinyl doors from Lowes month ago. First time they delivered only having 1 door. Called them to ask the reason and they said they will check and call me back but never call back. After at least 1 week, I got my second door delivered but this time, the screen and keylock is missing. Keep calling them, every time to call them, they said they will check and call back. However, they never called back and never having the records about the missing parts. Last week they said the screen and keylock will be sent by the provider and I should got it this week. However, when I called today, they said the items will be sent next week and deliver two days after.

The customer service is totally suck, especially the delivery department. No one enters any request and every time, I need to repeat and repeat the same questions and ask for the same delivery. I don’t know why Lowes can still exist !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


ED (user link) says:


Never heard of so many whiny babies in my life,lowes takes more screwings than deserves,i was in line a day before xmas when a lady brought back all her xmas wreathes and all that were reduced in price,well the wreath ran up 2.00 but she paid 18.99 which she got back with a half a dozen other items,when dep and low is gone you freako’s can go back to ace and get a real deal,americans are now whimps whiners and pussys and crumbsnatchers-you all sicken me

Capt Quahog says:

~ Four Crucial Things WRONG with LOWES

First off, as a rule, I try to stay out of any LOWES store due to past negative experience. For whatever reason, even the atmosphere in those stores is annoying.

Went into a Lowes store in Pennsylvania just today. Was in the same shopping mall and needed a bottle of wallpaper remover. Figured to give LOWES one last chance. Needless to say, my effort was fruitless.

Four Crucial Things WRONG with LOWES

1.) The stores are far too big for reasonable on-foot navigation. Most of the LOWES stores that I’ve been in must be around 3 or 4 acres or more in size. The buildings are over-wrought enormous. Going in there and walking around on that raw concrete floors is extremely exhausting.

2.) There’s rarely any employee to be found for assistance. If you’re able to find somebody, they’ve recently started working there and don’t know anything. Have been actually directed in the totally wrong direction a couple of times.

3.) My last three times at Lowes, I could not find the item and with legs starting to hurt from the brutally hard floors and left empty handed.

4.) In general, the if it can be found, the selection is very limited and prices are higher than other stores. If there are bargains at LOWES, they’re quite rare.

Always seem to end up at either at the Home Depot or local Hardware store. Today was my absolute last visit to any LOWES store. Summing it up . . . LOWES sucks!

Anonymous Coward says:

I work there

I work there,,,

I best thing in your life that you could ever do, is get the hell away from lowes stores and stay away. As an emolyeee you are on the bottom of the dirt pile, or you are the piece of shi”t that they will kick around…. unitl you call it quits.
The end is coming for yout time as an employee and that’s the truth, and in real life you know I’am telling you the truth also… The need for a higher education
is the real goal in life.. get out of the now and get the education thay you and your family needs. The better you are eduacated the better off you are in this life.. working for lowes will not allow you the reach for a better job or a better life.

The reason you are being yelled at right now, is how abuse works and they got you by the nuts or what-ever part of your body they can get a-hold of and lowes will squeese you until, the get the chance to really f-you by firing you… If you thing it won’t happen to you?… then let me tell you that you arew wrong. If your married the sooner the better to protect yourself form the bloodsuckers that claim they want to build something. They want to use you until you wise up and then you will be gone.. I promise this is the truth……….. Good luck and try to get out as soon as you can….

former lowes worker says:


wow i love how people that spend a certain amount of money just assume that they deserve to be treated speacial get over your self and your money. Lowes promotions are not the problem, the problem is idiots like you that dont read the fine print. No store anywhere lets the consumer stack coupons or promotions that is the way it is.Plus go spend your money at orange box because guess what it all is chinese crap that will break, it probably has lead and will kill your children too.

melinda Saldivia says:

The Refrigerator Story.

go back to lowes and tell them the story ask for a manager all the way to the store manager ….they will fix the problem or replace the unit…i am under the impression that the warrantee for three years is in addition to the 1 year warrantee and if you are past 4 years total …i did not understand your story ….
or that really was a whopper of a lye …i find lowes is really good about fixing these sorts of problems …and sometimes the sales guy can only tell you what he has been told…..i have never heard of lowes selling used machines returned and repaired ones but out and back 3 times … try the store first

LOWES RANT: can't give name need job TOO says:


here here
working at lowes i am proud of the job i do and try to do the best i can to give the best customer service

but we are severly understaffed most days we work 10 hours no breaks, no lunch …working alone………with no relief

my partner in lowes works equally hard and we do all we can …but there just are not enough hours in the day …we cover 98 hrs per week over 7 days and can only work 40 hours so if we work over time they send us on a three hour lunch or force us to leave when we have customers coming in

…now they want us to scrub toilets, clean the bathroom, sweep, wash the floors and dust, push carts in the parking lot, stock all the shelves no matter how high or how heavy …all this with no break and no lunch …and never forget we must always ask permission to have a thought ….be yelled at by fellow employees with mental problems …zone managers with god complexes …installed sales who are equally overworked underpaid and just plain nasty …be ridiculed and abused by cashiers and the rumor mill….screamed at by every housewife having a bad day and needs to take it out on someone

…and god forbid you or your family has an emergency you get written up

i heard of a woman taking her kid to the hospital and was written up for attendance ….another was asked as he was wheeled out on a gurny with a heart attach “what could you have done you have only been here for 15 minutes” and then was written up for taking off…

…and if you make a complaint you are told you must learn the LOWES way…

And remember the borg mentality our customers have …well i told another guy in a red vest yesterday or when i called on the phone …so they expect somehow you should have been privy to that conversation and are irritated that you dont know like the borg all who wear the vest have the same knowledge.

Then there are the people who are just plain stupid ….i have been asked more times than i could count …how many square feet are in a 12 inch by 12 inch tile …if my roomis 10 by 10 how many square feeet is that ….stupid just stupid.

when did good customer service =abuse the sales clerk???????

All this we are supposed to accomplish with a smile never allowing the customers to even consider we may be human ..have to eat, or pee or could possibly ourselves be having a bad day….!!!!!!

And when all is said and done and we have done the best job possible… a customer complains about something out of our control gets a manager to take off money causing us to have to pay back the pittance we make on commissions or when the delivery guys deliver an appliance and it is dented or scratched they come in and get $$ off which those dollars come first out of the employees pockets then the stores …..it is a wonder we ever make a dime.

We do the best we can with antiquated equipment, computer programs that are so slow dial up still seams futuristic…phone systems that don’t work ..printers from the stone age…no copiers no faxes local to our work station…oh and by the way no water at your desk …no sitting down and during impact hours you need to walk the floor asking the same 3 customers for the 1 millionth time if they need help while answering the phones and writting down in order management everything you did each and every day with every customer which must be done at the computer you are no longer allowed to sit at since its impact hours which last from 10-2 and 4 to 8
it is all an impossible task …so come in yell at us, abuse us, take us for granted, insult our liniage, our ethnicity, our height, our weight, our hair, our skin and tell us you would never be caught dead in one of those vests ( hot and sticky like wearing a plastic bag all day) we obviously love the abuse or we would be ex-lowes employees

….did you know the national average of people depressed and on some form of meds is about 35% did you know at lowes it is nearly 97 percent

…so yes i agree think long and hard about what it is you may want and how it is you may say it …because if you treated a waiter or waitress the way you treat a lowes employee they would spit on your food …

Lunch anyone?


anonymous installer says:

can't blame the installer for your stupidity

I just so happen to be a lowes carpet installer. Yes i will admit lowes has a few lower grade installers like any other company. That doesnt mean that you can call a good job a bad one because you ordered thicker carpet than you originaly had thats up to you to look at and consider, you live there not the measuring guy. that guy doesnt know how thick your new carpet is or how dense your pad is but YOU do. Everyone on this website is blowing things out of proportion, Lowes is a more than reasonable company and will always work with the customer. If the guy you are talking to doesnt seem to have a clue, ask for someone higher up this is a huge company

jc says:

Lowes truely does suck, Lowes fired me I have been working for lowes for 5 years, and they fired me, then layed off 6 employees. I have 3 children, I have been loyal to lowes for many years and they smack me in the face. I have nothing good to say about this company, except let home depot prevale,,,,,,(Thomasville FDC, sucks and does the managment)

disgruntled says:


thats just how they are, if it makes logical sence they will be against it. they keep us tired to keep us thinned out…i.e. our hourly rotation is such that you are always tired so you quit or complain either way they can hire someone for less even if they dont know what they are doing they fill the gap and that makes corporate sence. i say happy employees are more productive and are better for thier image…that makes too much sence…………

ha right i"m going to give my name says:


I work for Lowe’s H.I.W. for a number of over 5 years. And was fired for a class A safety violation. I walked under a safety banner. Used with a fork lift. I was never in any kind of danger and either was anyone else. I have never been in ANY
kind of trouble, never written up. never warned never even talked to about anything!I did miss somedays when my Mom passed away. I had FMLA. Then it was back to work. I always got good reviews raises and even a letter or two from customers about good jobs I have done. They took me up stairs 2 manages of course and fired me. I was not in with people or management. I did my job, and went home. I think a warning would have sufficed or written warning. I have seen other employees done this many times. The H.R. Manager
asked me for dates and times! OH sure just let me pull a rabbit out of my ass. Dates and time sure no problem! I don’t really care about the Job that much. But I have never been fired from any Job. And that is what gets me. If anyone care to read if not I got it off my chest! Former Lowe’s HIW eployee

Todd says:

Lowe's doesn't install anything...

Well the problem with that is you pay Lowe’s and no one else…I am having my counter tops installed for the third time…everyone is apologetic but I am still having issues. The company that is responsible for ordering the product just can get it right, my wife is 8 months pregnant and I just started a new job. The worst part is that Lowes will not discuss reimbursement until after the job is completed so there is no guarantee that you will ever be happy. the company contracted has been very rude to my wife and they need to be fired, I think there is an on-going communication issue that needs to be resolved

Aggrivated Home Improvement Employee says:


Funny how it clearly states on those coupons that you may use only ONE per purchase so shame on you for attempting to use 10. What store do you know that lets you use 10 of the same coupon per purchase? None, obviously. Another fine point in this case of the install situation, I can stand there and tell you what supplies you need for the job, the correct way in which to do the job and then only to have you tell me you aren’t going to do it that way because a)That would take you too long or too much work effort and b) you aren’t going to spend that much money to purchase the correct product or grade of product. So please remember that when you are at any home improvement store that if you don’t want to listen and do the job correctly (he probably was told to fix the uneven yard)then please don’t be the one to complain to us when it fails. Or because you have done something a certain way for 30 years does not mean it is the correct way. Oh and to the individual who thinks we get minimum wages at home improvement stores..I get well over double minimum wage as well as have college degrees so please leave that silly attitude elsewhere too and welcome to the modern world.There are educated folks in some of these stores. Some are asshats but then so are some customers too.

annonymus says:

lowe's value of it's employees

as an employee of lowe’s for 17 years I’ve seen alot of good and bad within the company. lowe’s has become a company with double standards. they do not value they long time employee and anyone is dispensable. Managers are hired and lack the skills to become a manager. Employees are thrown into positions with lack of training and this causes frustration for customers. And as for as the open door policy they are so proud of , this is a joke. You have a store located in Louisiana that HR is racist, is alouded to lie to employees if it benefits Lowe’s and has made racist remarks against white employees. Also I truely wish DEQ would check out a couple to their dumpsters to see the chemicals being thrown down them. And Irs also needs to check out the merchandise that is being donated to non-charitable groups.

Robert says:

Lowe's doesn't install anything...

Although Lowe’s does not directly handle anything (all work is done through 10-99 contractors) The offer that Lowe’s makes on it’s contract states two things:

1. Is a 1 year labor warranty against defects
This means that though it’s the installer’s responsibility to repair any of his shoddy work, if he refuses to or quits, then it IS Lowe’s Responsibility to fix the job utilizing another contractor.

2. That the job is not complete until the customer is satisfied that the work is done within the scope of the contract signed.

I do work in an installed sales department.
We ALWAYS take care of our customers…
Even bought an entire roof once.

wm. Brown says:

poor service,

Today when I was at Customer Service, the little lady was busy on a personal call, she did do my refund, but since she was yaking with a friend, I was unable to ask the question I wanted. Also when I went to the cash register the girl was on the phone yacking to a friend, she did hang up when I put my items on the counter.
It was upsetting to see employees not giving customers their attention. Not very professional and very lax management to allow such.

John says:

Lowes and poor customer relations

I recently had Lowes replace some kitchen counter top. The old top was fine, just that the hole for my cooktop wouldn’t fit any currently made one. They took their own sweet time having an installer come out to measure, then quote, then get the material in, then install it. I had to pay everything up front. Seems the material was $500 and installation was $800. Well, the installation was terrible. Took over a week to get someone from Lowes out to look at it. They said part of the problem was humidity. Funny, since the old top had been there for 30 plus years and had no problems. They also said my cabinets weren’t level. I can’t say they were but, again, the old top was level and fit perfectly. Lowes has agreed to reorder the top. I believe the same installer will put this top on. I plan on having a professional on hand to look over his shoulder and if he sees anything wrong, stop him and make sure he does it right. I won’t say I’ll never buy anything from Lowes again, but I sure won’t buy anything that involves installation. Some things I found out about Lowes installation contracts: You agree to binding arbitration if you have a problem. You can’t sue. But, Lowes can sue you and you agree to pay for their attorneys plus 20%. My main gripe is that Lowes, while very quick to take my money, was very reluctant to take any responsibility for anything. They left a pamphlet saying “Lowes stands behind their installations.” Bull! They are now saying that my counter top has to have a splice. They never mentioned that until it was installed and I complained about it. This has already cost them well over $1000 in sales from me with more to come as I am doing some more remodeling. I don’t think they care. Another thing. I was in their store a couple of weeks ago and looked for someone to help me get down some merchandise that was high on a shelf. Never got any help. Went to Home Depot the next day and bought the same item for less. I also have some of the same dislikes about Home Depot. The only hardware store I actually like is Ace Hardware. I am always greeted when I come in the door by someone who says “May I help you?” They do.

matilda troutweiner (fish****) says:


I was a super pretty super store mgr that got fired from Walmart then hired at Lowes because they thought I was good. After two years they fired me just because I wore lipstick and used employees in more ways than one, if you know what I mean. I seek justice because being a pretty guy I should be treated as special and not have to endure this.

nick says:

carpet install issues

We went to Lowes to have our carpet installed, which seemed like it would be a quick and easy solution. It all went great, to begin with. We picked out our carpet, set an install date, and waited for the day to arrive. After a few days, we noticed that the carpet where the seam was appeared to be 2 different shades – one peice of carpeting was darker than the other. Upon trying to rectify the situation and figure out exactly what the problem was(we didnt know if it was installed incorrectly, the location of the seam, the type of carpet, or soemthing wrong with the carpet itself- we’re not carpet specialists and expected that the people installing it were), it took us about a month of “well take a note and have someone call you” before we even got someone to look at it. First the installer came out, brushed the seam with his hand for about 5 min, and said it looked fine- however that obviously didnt fix the two shades of carpet we had. So we got back to phone tag with the install manager, who basically offered no solutions other than a $100 gift certificate which I declined, and was followed up with a “well what do you want me to do about it”- we were quite insulted. I said that was unacceptable, and that I am not a carpet specialist and should not be responsible for figuring out what went wrong in the manufacture and installation of my carpet, but there is an obvious problem when you’ve got a racing stripe down the side of your living room. I suggested that they either refund us the full amount so that we may have it installed properly by someone else, or they should replace the carpet and seam it correctly. His reply was along the lines of “Well i dont know if we can do that”, without offering to find out if the could infact replace the carpet. So after a few more calls and arguing, I finally said that i would call the manufacturer and see if they could tell me what the issue with my carpet seam was, and possible solutions. After this remark, the install manager for some reason decided it was time for him to do something, and said he would personally call the manufacturer.

He did infact call the manufacturer who sent out an independant inspector, who immediatly identified the problem, took some samples and did a few tests and left. The results were innitially in our favor, they never did tell us what the problem was, but the manufacturer did offer to replace the carpeting in that room.

Fast forward 3 weeks when the carpet arrived(we are on about month 3 now)and the installers showed up. When we were told that the carpet would be replaced, we assumed somethign was wrong with the carpet itself and it would be seamed in the same location as before- wrong. Turns out it was the location of the seam(directly below a very large window) which made it stand out – we didnt know this when the installers showed up.

The installers asked us where we would want the new seam. We didnt know they were going to change it, but thought that along the opposite wall would be a better idea instead of where it originally was right in front of the front door – a major traffic zone(the guy who measured the house told us that would be the best place for the seam btw, so check their work before you sign off on it).

The installers said yea sure no problem and proceeded to measure out the carpet. Unknown to us, they were adding a second seam because they measured wrong or didnt have enough carpet- cant really say what happened there. The new seem we asked for looks perfect, however, the seam that they snuck by us is in the middle of the room and very very obvious – it was somewhat dark at the time in the room, and had i noticed wha tthey were doing i would have stopped them immediatly. Additionally, they removed padding for somereason in front of the front door, leaving a section of about 4 inches of unpadded loose carpeting.

So now we get to play phone tag with the install manager again, and as reluctant as they were the first time, i dont think a second round of “please fix my carpet” will be any easier. use at your own risk.

Lowes Blows says:

I have little experience with Lowes as a whole, but on a single store basis, the one in our little town sucks about as hard as you get. They harass the employees, cut the part time employees to almost no hours, refuse to grant them availability for college (and I’m not talking about crazy requests such as ALL weekends off or only day shifts), take back raises, take away money for ASKING for availability (which they denied), and so on. They can go to hell.

Anonymous Coward says:

We bought a GE profile refrigerator at Lowes 2 years ago. It has had to be repaired 4 times, since then. Four times in 2 years, we have had spoiled food, water all over the floor, and an average of a week without a refrigerator. In researching it I find that GE has had something like 2 recalls on their refrigerators, so I shouldn’t be surprised I suppose, and yes we should have done our homework better. The real disappointment has been Lowes. We have shopped at Lowes a lot because we thought they had good customer service. With the refrigerator, it has been an ordeal. First they delivered a refrigerator that didn’t work, had cut wires inside, and had stains on the shelves. The repairman said “Oh yes, this is the refrigerator that those other people sent back”. We returned it. Then they delivered our current refrigerator, which of course has died 4 times. The good news is that we bought the service plan, which includes a “lemon law”. The bad news is that lemon law doesn’t seem to mean anything, in reality.

Ann Smith says:

Lowe's doesn't install anything...

Incorrect, Dave. Haven’t you seen their TV ads offering installation services?? The contract is between the customer and Lowe’s for the flooring installation. However, Lowe’s also has a contract with the subcontractor. And you can bet your ass that they ding the subs for every little complaint the homeowner has. Homeowner’s do not bother to read their contract with Lowe’s. Installers are not responsible for cutting doors. Some will do it (for an additional charge – the customer is given the opportunity to call the store and give their credit card info to pay for it and their doors can be cut.) Also, the same with removing items from china closets, curio cabinets, closets, book cases — installers are NOT responsible for moving these items!! Installers install carpet, they are not moving companies! So people, pack up your knick knacks and dishes, move your shoes and clothing from your closets, pack up and move your books from the book cases. You hired professionals to install your flooring, not spend their valuable time packing up your crap. It is not fair to the installer to have to spend his time/money packing up the stuff you were advised to do in the contract! Also in the contract it specifically states installers do not move electronics, i.e., televisions, stereos, etc. The reasons for this are obvious. So if you can’t move it, find someone who can move it for you before you are scheduled to have your flooring installed. Also in the contract — installers do not move pianos! Again, if you cannot move this yourself, find someone who can do it for your!! READ YOUR CONTRACT BEFORE YOU START COMPLAINING!!

Anonymous Coward says:

Lowes is a company that is only intrested in making money.

As soon as the consumer understands this point, they will understand the lowes is the highest price iistall, of any thing… Period. the end.. that’s right they cover over this truth, with the basic install charge… The rest of the install iscover up in the change orders. Lowes keeps about 46% of the install for themselves. The subcontract installer is a private company that has agreeed to install for lowes at a reduced rate of pay.

So now what does this mean in plain english! It means lowes is a greedy corpration with a bunch of ways to fuk the customer, and the installer, and its employees, and the installer’s are a bunch of dumb fuks .. period… Yep[ now theres the truth…

You ses any customer that thinks he can get his install done for the basic install is just stupid….

the lowes employee that thinks he can make a living works for loes is stupid….

Anonymous Coward says:

Well I think that I agree with the comments about lowes,, is that it is the most expensive install of anything and everything.. I wish the consumer could understand the real purpose of lowes and that is, that they intend to make money…. out of everyone, no matter whom they are. That is right readers lowes wants money, lots of money, a real ton of money out of everyone. The word everyone means that this rule, making lots of momey includes the customer, the installer, and the employees..

and that is the real truth…. The customer falls into the trap, because of the rule they think that they are getting a good deal on the install… the something for nothing rule… What they dont understand is that the basic install does not cover jack crap… well another way to put it goes like this,,, you think you can get it installed almost for free really means you,,, the cutomer’s are about to get fk over….

The installer that works for lowes,,, well that means they are fking idiots… because they have no business attemtping to do work,, for well below their cost margins…

The installers are clueless……………

The employess they are cluesless to the rules that make up a dictatorial ship employment… this means.. yes any employee of lowes must learn to lie, steal,cheat, backstab, their on mom’s to work at lowes… and they think that lowes will protect them form their own sins …. it is called sleeping with the devil.. they will closed a blind eye to the truth for the sake of something they dont understand… all lowes employees are just shit to be walked upon by the upper command…. I see it happening all the time and they cry while they have lost site of the one thing that is needed inside of lowes and the one thing is called,,,,,,,,,

personal integrity………..

Anonymous Coward says:



redheadedbabe says:

Lowes Installation

I work for Lowes and in our store, if we do an install and there is an issue with it the customer calls us and we send the contractor back out to repair it. If that still doesn’t make the customer happy then the DMIS goes out to survey the problem and try to resolve the problem, wether it be contacting the manufaturer of the product or making the installer come back out. But we have always stood behind our installs. And as to Anonymous Coward… REALLY??? Lowes is out to make MONEY???? OMG!! I guess Bank of America and AIG are in business for Charity reasons… AS well as Ford and Chrysler. I am very sorry for your friend. It sounds like you have a really crappy manager. But it also sounds like your attitude needs some major adjusting or it’s time for a new job. And guess what, NO MATTER WHAT COMPANY YOU WORK FOR THEY ARE WORRIED ABOUT THE BOTTOM LINE. That is called doing business.

Lowes what a joke when it comes to INSTALLION says:

I have to say thank goodness that we can post our OPION about this store. I find from Corporate , Sr management, And its employess are HIGHLY, POORLY trained. I cannot STRESS enough do not get anything installed from Lowes you will regret your decision to do so. Not only do Lowes subcontract thier window installion and doors Ect, they have hidden cost also, which you will find when you pay for your purchase, windows that i know of. Not saying i wont shop at Lowes just not for anything that needs to be installed.

anonymous ex-employee says:


To all Lowe?s employees?Don?t believe anything your HR manager tells you!! When I took a leave of absence, I questioned why my vacation pay was not on my last check. I was told several times that it would be automatic when my leave was over. At that time I again asked where it was and was told it had been a use it or lose it situation since I had not taken it before the January 31 deadline despite the fact that the HR manager had assured me that I would get it. The state Labor dept. sided with Lowes and I am out 2 weeks pay. Be sure to do your own research and check your facts and dates?don?t believe what you are told. HR works for the company – not you! At least I can feel that I am getting even by taking my entire home improvement and holiday gift buying business to Menard?s and Home Depot where I have already spent more than my vacation pay was worth.

Pedro says:

Lowes does NOT give references........for free.

If you are going to leave Lowes employment, and your next employer needs a reference, Lowes use’s a outside company to provide that information. It will cost the new employer $14 to get your information. From what Im going thru now, as an ex-employee, most companies will NOT pay for information.
This is just another way the Lowes will screw its ex-employees. Think about working for Lowes. There are other establishments, that dont use those practises. Lowes blows !!!

Name withheld by request says:

no receipt policy

I work for Lowes – I’m sorry you feel as though Lowe’s stole your $40 – but the store policy, which is clearly posted, states that without a receipt you will be issued a merchandise credit. Many different stores carry identical items, so not being able to prove where the product was purchased from will almost always result in a credit rather than cash back.

Name withheld by request says:

~ Four Crucial Things WRONG with LOWES

Lowes has a lowest price guarantee that is posted in several locations throughout the store that state simply enough; that they will beat ANY competitor’s price. So The “bargains” you’re looking for exist on every single product you see at Lowes. If you saw it somewhere else cheaper, then the store will beat the price by 10% on any item they stock. How’s that for a bargain?
Regarding the size of the stores, they are quite large, for sure. I know because I work in a Lowes store that is over 120k square feet in size. If navigating the store is troublesome for you because of the concrete and/or size, Lowes does offer the free use of electric scooters at the entrance that should ease any physical ailment you experience as a result of the store’s size.
Being pointed in the wrong direction? That happens to the best of us. Lowes is in a constant state of improving the look and feel of their stores so yes, sometimes things get moved around. It’s also a challenge for every employee to know the whereabouts of every single item everyday.
I’m sorry about the experiences you have had with Lowes. If you decide to visit again, wallpaper remover can be found in the Home Decor department, which is generally located towards the front of the stores.

J says:

Lowes does suck.. I should know...

I used to work for them. I sold flooring installations. At first, everything went well. We had good installers who knew what they were doing. I was a great salesperson, and still honesty with the customers (I know..hard to believe)

Well, the kept falling out with the installers and changing them, and we got several really crappy companies to deal with. Not to mention the installed sales dept were a bunch of whiny women who could not do their job and refused to get off their asses and pull orders, so flooring dept girl (me) had to do it for them..which took away my time with customers. The installers started doing really shoddy work, and the salespeople would get blamed b/c they did not want to piss off these pierced-up crackhead (literally) installers.

I got tired of selling a product I no longer believed in, and I left. But don’t kid yourself.. Home Depot does the same crap..they even use some of the same installers.. Also, Lowes used to be a family-oriented company, but they now treat their employees like crap. In fact, the harder you work, the worse they treat you. A handful of people in the stores work their asses off, and all the lazy slackers do nothing and no one punishes them.. Lowes DOES SUCK.

The X Man.............. says:

Lowes does suck.. I should know...

This ex-employee is right. Employees are treated like trash.when you work your ass off you are given more work.Good managers including our ex ops manager was transferred and fired two weeks later by an evil,cold hearted district manager with vengeance on his mind. This woman was among the best managers lowe’s will ever have.Shame on this slimeball district manager and i dont give a damn if he knows who the hell i am. I hope you make your bonus you piece of trash while i celebrate my 33 cent raise!!!! Your reward for nearly 14 years of service is a kick in the teeth. Good luck and God Bless you P.L. in whatever you do!!!!!

R. Shaver says:

Lowe's doesn't install anything...

No Lowes does not install anything but the sale and installation is all priced and contracted through Lowes. Sales people promise the sun and the moon to these customers. They are unknowledgable about what they sell and have no idea what the installer is able or not able to do. This does not stop them though from telling the customer anything just to make the sale. When the installer goes to do the measurement he has to be the bad guy and disperse all the misinfo. and the customer is usually not real happy. It is not the salespeople’s fault. They are undertrained and underpaid. The installer is the one who actually sells the job and should get a piece of the comission.

R. Shaver says:


I realize this is something you probably did not think to ask your sales rep or the installer when he came to measure but Lowes contract to subcontractors prohibits cutting doors. Your salesperson should make this kind of thing clear to you. You might have asked though if you knew you were buying a thicker carpet than you had down already. Common sense.

R. Shaver says:

Lowe's doesn't install anything...

You would assume wrong and obviously know about as much as the rest of the salespeople know at Lowes. I will say that most of the salesfolk are uninformed and underpaid. Lowes subcontracts the installer and Lowes is directly( I will repeat) DIRECTLY RESPONSIBLE for a botched job. The subcontractor of course is accountable to Lowes for a botched job but the customer would pursue Lowes. Our company always leaves our business card with the customer and if they call us first we would prefer to fix a problem before it went back to Lowes because we are professionals and stand behind our work. We also have an interest in customer satisfaction.

R. Shaver says:

Lowe's doesn't install anything...

Anonymous Coward,

You are also and incorrect coward. Lowes uses subcontractors who take their own taxes out. We are not employed by Lowes although alot of their requirements for subcontractors implies that we are employees. They have big lawyers who know how to make it all so that the advantage is all Lowes all the way around. Corporate America wins again.

R. Shaver says:


Look Anonymous Coward,

Once again your wrong and I will tell you tahat the system at Lowes is not set up as you state. No way did you write out a check to a subcontractor the many times that you have purchased items. If this were even remotely true you would also know that the customer has to pay for the job before they even have the installer call you to set a time to install your item.
Your last paragraph apparently refers to yourself because you not only have any actual facts you are down right untruthful.
Now for your other post indicating that one has to work cheap to subcontract for Lowes, once again you know nothing about what you are posting about because our company subcontracts for Lowes because they pay above average. Yes they do require background checks and a book long application but we run two crews and are overly busy at times, and the customer has to pay for specialty supplies etc., Their pay rates are normally above their competitors. I have checked and our company has been areound for three generations. My husband and I have been in business ourselves for over 25 years and subbed for several big and small companies and the small ones are the worst. The owner of these stores are as bad as the managers and corporate at the big stores. Its the same every where basically. The subcontractors are getting screwed by the customers and the company. So Anonymous Coward please stick to the facts and if you don’t know them please don’t make them up as go. Subcontractor

Anonymous Coward says:

Lowe's doesn't install anything...

While you are partially correct in your remedies Dave, however, Lowe’s as well as an independent contractors complete installs. Lowe’s supervises all installations as well as backs their work with a 1 year hassle free labor warranty. Consumers do sign a contract with Lowe’s Companies, and are always encouraged to read the contract in it’s entirety asking questions when they do not understand something. Lowe’s always directs customer’s that if they have an install issue to contact the store where they purchased the install and product. Lowe’s will then contact they installer to correct any issues that have been indicated by the customer.

Lowe's will pay says:

Lowes does suck.. I should know...

I worked for lowes x man and the same thing happened to me. I was fired for no reason and lowes could care less about any of their employees. They overwork, underpay their employees, give their customers the run around, and answer to no one. They have for years recruited walmart managers and hired them off the street rather than promote someone from within. I guess it isn’t really a surprise how crappy they are getting. Lowes is being run by ex walmart idiots.
They let every scum sucking theif walk into any store and walk out without ever stopping them because of “policy”. They overtax their managers with extra paperwork, tasks, everything under the sun except customer service. They just let some 3000 upper management go, while demoting and taking pay away from the ones that stayed. they are looking at doing the same thing with their department managers in the next few weeks. It all adds up to Lowe’s sucks more than HOME DEPOT could ever aspire to. But don’t worry, what lowe’s has done and is doing to its employees will come back to get them. I will never shop with them agian and hope others will do the same. Take it from me, a former senior manager with lowes, they dont care about the customer. All they want is your money.

Anonymous Coward says:

I love all the Lowes hateing!!! LOWES DOES SUCK! Glad so many people are in agreement… Lowes cares about Lowes! Not the employees that run the stores and definately not the customers. Hopefully other hardware stores will continue to bloom and gain buissness in the hopes that one day there will no longer be a Lowes at all. I hope every single worthless pathetic excuse for a hardware chain store goes out of buissness!

Anonymous Coward says:

I ordered windows from Lowes on October 23, 2010. I should have received the windows before the end of the year which would have been December 31, 2010. It is now February 22, 2011 and I have not received the windows. I received the first bill in January and no windows yet. The installer was here February 14 but no windows were delivered. I had to reschedule for Thursday February 24, 2011 because of prior schudeles. Today I was to receive the windows and a call before delivery but no call and no deliverry. I have seen two people from the store and spoke to many on the phone about the same windows. I am ready to find an attorney.