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20:01 Activision Wins Rule 11 Sanctions Over Frivolous 'COD: Infinite Warfare' Trial (9)
15:33 Cop Official Complains Cops Are Unfairly Hated, Refuses To Recognize Law Enforcement's Lack Of Accountability (123)
13:02 Study Shows Anti-Piracy Ads Often Made People Pirate More (48)
10:53 WhatsApp Again Affirms It Will Not Break Encryption To Appease Government Entities (21)
10:50 Daily Deal: codeSpark Academy Sibling Bundle (0)
09:38 Elon Musk's Legal Filings Against Twitter Show How Little He Actually Cares About Free Speech (32)
05:32 Consumer Advocates Angry That New Privacy Law Erodes Oversight Of Telecom Monopolies (6)
20:06 House Of Zana Defeats Zara's Trademark Opposition (6)
15:43 Trump Campaign Releases Everyone Who Signed An NDA About 2016 Campaign, Saying It Will Not Try To Enforce Them (140)
13:32 Ron Wyden Calls Out Federal Court System For Failing To Redact Sensitive Personal Information (11)
12:01 The 'Institute For Free Speech' Seems Confused About Free Speech Online (199)
10:45 West African Court Says Nigerian Government's Seven-Month Twitter Ban Was Unlawful (1)
10:40 Daily Deal: The Complete 2022 Python Programmer Bundle (0)
09:28 EU Commissioner Pens Barely Coherent Defense Of Spying On Everyone, For The Children (15)
05:47 Surprise: U.S. Quest To Purge Chinese Gear From Domestic Networks Was A Sloppy Mess (19)
20:08 Appeals Court: 'Frisking' A Vehicle Is Completely Normal And Not Any Sort Of Rights Violation (23)
15:03 Netflix's Gaming Offering Is Being Largely Ignored By Customer Base (34)
12:31 Teaching Content Moderators About How To Moderate Is Tough, But TikTok's Partner Using Actual Child Sexual Abuse Material Is Likely Criminal (24)
10:50 It Takes A Village Of Third Party Surveillance Tech Providers To Raise A Child (9)
10:45 Daily Deal: The 2022 Data-Driven Decisions Bundle (0)
09:25 Rep. Cathy McMorris Rodgers And Deeply Unfunny 'Satirist' Seek To Remove Website 1st Amendment Rights To 'Protect Free Speech' (135)
05:27 Two Dozen Texas Cities Latest To Try And Push A Netflix Tax (95)
20:07 New Jersey Cops Are Using DNA Drawn From Newborns In Criminal Investigations (14)
15:34 Enjoy This Fan Made Take On 'Mario 64' While You Can (54)
13:38 Cops Complain After San Diego Residents Are Finally Allowed To Oversee City Surveillance Programs (11)
12:00 Project Veritas Not Only Loses Its Vexatious SLAPP Suit Against Stanford, It Has To Pay The University's Legal Fees (39)
10:48 UK Gov't Turning To Facial Recognition Smartwatches To Monitor Convicted Foreigners (13)
10:43 Daily Deal: The 2022 Fully Accredited TESOL Bundle (0)
09:36 Elon Musk Still Wants Everyone (Including The Judge) To Believe His Fight With Twitter Is About Spam. It's Not (56)
05:27 America's Two Biggest Cable Broadband Monopolies Failed To Add Any New Customers Last Quarter (9)
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