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12:36 Colorado Eyes Killing State Law Prohibiting Community Broadband Networks (9)
10:49 Senator Warner's RESTRICT Act Is Designed To Create The Great Firewall Of America (58)
10:44 Daily Deal: The Ultimate Advanced Cybersecurity Bundle (0)
09:27 Appeals Court Reverses Awful Decision Finding That Holding Up A Sign Telling Drivers There Are Cops Ahead Is Not Free Speech (18)
05:29 Dish Network Is Still A Hot Mess With 14 Hour Hold Times A Month After Major Cyberattack (11)
20:27 Fifth Circuit Finally Finds A Cop Unworthy Of Immunity, Strips Protection From Officer Who Shot Man Five Times During Routine Traffic Stop (20)
15:31 Elon's Definition Of 'Free Speech Absolutist' Allows Censorship In India, That Twitter Used To Fight (72)
13:29 The Dirty Secret Behind Porn Filtering Laws? Content Filtering Doesn't Work. (46)
12:15 Winnie The Pooh Escapes Copyright Hell, Grabs Some Weapons, And Immediately Gets Kicked Out Of Hong Kong (19)
10:39 As The Social Media Moral Panic Continues, People Keep Highlighting How Much Value It Actually Provides (14)
10:36 Daily Deal: The All-In-One Hardcore Unity Game Developer Bundle With Xbox Ultimate 1-Month Game Pass (0)
09:27 Deputies Who Raided Afroman's House Sue Him For Daring To Turn Footage Of The Raid Into A Viral Video (34)
05:32 Biden FCC Makes Some Empty Noise About Cracking Down On Bullshit Cable & Broadband Fees (5)
20:18 Microsoft Yanked Forthcoming Game's PlayStation Port To Make It Exclusive (29)
15:15 US And EU Nations Request The Most User Data From Tech Companies, Obtain It More Than Two-Thirds Of The Time (4)
13:30 Techdirt Podcast Episode 348: Sci-Fi & Silicon Valley (0)
12:08 Forget Shadow Banning, Now Elon Is Shadow Boosting Accounts He Likes, While Trying To Drive Away Users Who Won’t Pay (103)
10:46 In Internet Speech Cases, SCOTUS Should Stick Up For Reno v. ACLU (112)
10:43 Daily Deal: StackSkills Unlimited (0)
09:31 The Soft Corruption Of Link Tax Bills: Enriching The News Orgs Politicians Want To Endorse Them (10)
05:32 Consumers Aren't Buying Automaker Plans To Make Everything A Subscription (38)
19:57 Gamers Celebrate Their 'Loss' In Court Over Blocking Microsoft's Activision/Blizzard Acquisition (42)
15:37 Elon Musk Effectively Admits That He Set Fire To More Than Half Of Twitter’s Value (140)
13:35 Indian Government Cuts Off Internet Access To 27 Million Punjab Residents As It Continues Its Targeting Of Sikhs (10)
11:58 As Free Speech Enthusiast Elon Plans To Release Twitter’s Source Code, Twitter Desperately Seeking Identity Of FreeSpeechEnthusiast Who Leaked Twitter Source Code (41)
10:48 Greek Government Used Predator Spyware To Spend A Year Surveilling A US Citizen (3)
10:43 Daily Deal: Microsoft Office Pro 2021 (0)
09:36 Publishers Get One Step Closer To Killing Libraries (38)
05:28 Tech Press Slowly Figuring Out That Banning TikTok Doesn't Fix The Actual Problem (45)
00:05 Funniest/Most Insightful Comments Of The Week At Techdirt (149)
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