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09:37 Wireless Carriers Have A SIM Hijacking Problem They Don't Want To Talk About (23)
06:36 India Embraces Full Net Neutrality As The U.S. Runs The Opposite Direction (16)
03:34 Irish Lawmakers Realizing The GDPR's Consent Requirements Seem A Bit Onerous, Want To 'Infer' Consent (31)


19:49 Texas A&M Wins Trademark Suit Against Soap Company In Washington State By Playing Six Degrees Of Trademark Licensing (13)
15:35 Miami Cops Forced To Give $20,000 Back To Person They Stole It From After Screwing Up Their Supposed Drug Bust (39)
13:32 Hacked Passwords Being Used In Blackmail Attempt -- Expect More Of This (35)
12:11 Cambodian Government Latest To Stifle Press With 'Fake News' Legislation (1)
10:45 Another Day, Another Pile Of Voter Data Left Laying Around On A Public Server (18)
10:40 Daily Deal: Pay What You Want Complete UI/UX Design Bundle (0)
09:35 The View From Somewhere: The Press Needs To Be Anti-Partisan, Not Bi-Partisan (79)
06:37 Report Shows U.S. Citizens Helped Coordinate Online Disinformation Assault From Macedonia (46)
03:31 Research Confirms The Anecdotal Evidence: Internet Content Filters Are A Waste Of Money (21)


19:41 EPIC Bravely Defeats 14 Year Old's Mom In Court To Continue Lawsuit Against Her Son For Cheating In Fortnite (57)
15:38 Some Thoughts On The EU's Latest $5 Billion Google Antitrust Fine (77)
13:34 French Pirates Are Increasingly Buying Through Legal Options (25)
11:58 'Smart' TVs Remain The Poster Child For Dismal Privacy, Transparency & Security Standards (37)
10:44 Biggest Voting Machine Maker Admits -- Ooops -- That It Installed Remote Access Software After First Denying It (55)
10:38 Daily Deal: SKEYE Nano 2 Camera Drone (0)
09:25 Grandstanding Idiots In Congress Attack Social Media For Censoring Too Much And Too Little Without Understanding Anything (66)
06:24 Netflix CEO Proclaims The Death Of Net Neutrality Is No Big Deal (50)
03:24 Obtained Documents Show The DEA Sold Compromised Phones To Suspected Drug Dealers (9)


19:43 Shipyard Brewing Loses Its Lawsuit Over Ships and The Word 'Head' (26)
15:36 If You Value The Reputation Of Your Restaurant, Maybe You Should Stop Serving Cops (181)
13:43 Techdirt Podcast Episode 174: How Private Agreements Recreated SOPA (13)
12:08 First House Republican Backs Effort To Restore Net Neutrality (26)
10:48 DHS Tells Records Requester It Can't Find Documents It Posted To Its Own Website (8)
10:43 Daily Deal: Pay What You Want The Professional Photography Bundle (0)
09:26 Copyright As Censorship: FIFA's Overaggressive Copyright Takedowns Target Fans Celebrating And Pussy Riot Protesting (22)
06:21 The FCC Mysteriously Retreats From Sinclair Cronyism, Potentially Dooming Controversial Merger (25)
03:23 Judge Shrugs At 1st Amendment, Orders News Site To Take Down Info It Got From A Publicly-Available Court Filing [UPDATED] (22)
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