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10:39 Daily Deal: The Complete Web Developer Course (5)
09:30 New York Schools Putting Students In The Crosshairs Of Tech That Targets Minorities, Thinks Broom Handles Are Guns (4)
06:22 U.S. Broadband Speeds Jumped 90% in 2020. But No, It Had Nothing To Do With Killing Net Neutrality. (11)
03:16 576 German Artists Want EU Copyright Directive Made Worse, With No Exceptions For Memes Or Mashups (32)


17:43 Congress Decides To Ignore Trump's Ridiculous Veto Threat If Military Authorization Doesn't Wipe Out Section 230 (67)
15:34 Content Moderation Case Study: Reclaiming A Hashtag (2020) (37)
13:27 Australian Cops Are Pre-Criming Students Too, Setting Minors Up For A Lifetime Of Harassment (22)
12:10 Perpetually Missing from Tech Policy: ISPs And The IoT (8)
10:50 Comcast Increases Prices And Bogus Fees In The Middle Of A Pandemic (20)
10:46 Daily Deal: The Ultimate Cartoon Animator 4 Pro Windows Bundle (0)
09:16 Trump Promises To Defund The Entire Military, If Congress Won't Let Him Punish The Internet For Being Mean To Him (148)
07:00 New Ebook On Zeran v AOL, The Most Important Section 230 Case (2)
03:33 French Gov't Walks Back Proposal To Make Publishing Images Of Police Officers Illegal After Massive Protests Erupt Across The Nation (6)


20:05 Ninth Circuit Says Washington Man Can Continue To Sue CBP Agent For First, Fourth Amendment Violations (15)
15:33 'Tis The Season: Congress Looks To Sneak In Unconstitutional Copyright Reform Bill Into 'Must Pass' Spending Bill (65)
13:30 Techdirt Podcast Episode 264: A More Competitive Web, With Cory Doctorow & Daphne Keller (0)
12:10 World's Worst Copyright Troll, Richard Liebowitz, Suspended From Practicing Law (42)
10:52 Utter Insanity: Trump Lawyer Suggests Former Trump Cybersecurity Official Should Be 'Taken Out And Shot' For Saying The Election Was Secure (78)
10:47 Daily Deal: iMazing iOS Device Manager (1)
09:29 White House Still Pushing To Slip Section 230 Repeal Into 'Must Pass' Military Spending Bill (47)
06:29 Verizon, NYC Settle Lawsuit Over Verizon's Empty Fiber Promises (8)
03:30 Tennessee State Rep Ask US Congress To Ignore Supreme Court Precedent And Outlaw Flag Burning (33)


19:37 GTA5: A Living World Eyeing A Decade Of Rabid Play Instead Of Just A 'Game' (16)
15:35 New Orleans PD Finally Admits It Uses Facial Recognition Tech After Denying It For Years (6)
13:43 Ajit Pai, Easily The Most Controversial FCC Boss In History, Will Step Down January 20 (19)
12:35 Get 25% Off CIA: Collect It All, The Real CIA Training Game Recreated By Techdirt (1)
12:01 Copia Gaming Hour: An Experiment In Getting Together (Virtually) To Play With The Future (0)
10:44 Federal Court Strikes Down California's Ban On 'Offensive' License Plates (26)
10:40 Daily Deal: Cyber Monday Roundup (0)
09:30 Just As #DiaperDon Starts Trending, Trump Claims That Twitter Uses 'Fake' Trends, Calls For 'Termination' Of Section 230 (34)
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