DailyDirt: Nature Vs. CRISPR

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The reality of designer babies seems to be more and more likely — especially now that gene editing tools like CRISPR are becoming more refined and widespread in labs around the world. Legitimate concerns over a modern form of eugenics are being raised, and the ethical debates are getting less theoretical as the science pushes the boundaries of what can be done. People might be able to activate or delete genes without fully understanding the results, and the advances that can eliminate genetic disorders could also eliminate certain minorities or traits that are not necessarily disabilities.

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Comments on “DailyDirt: Nature Vs. CRISPR”

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Cdaragorn (profile) says:

DNA is not always what it appears to be

This is insane (referring to the kid getting kicked out of school). It’s a classic case of people who have no clue what the information they’re looking at means making decisions based on paranoia.

We still don’t fully understand what makes some genes active and others not in DNA. It’s awesome what we’ve learned so far, but having markers of any kind doesn’t really tell us anything right now. All we know is that we’ve seen these DNA strand patterns in others who exhibited certain traits and maybe there’s some correlation. The fact that the kid doesn’t actually have the disease is the only fact that matters.

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