Desperate To Stop Leaks, The Trump Administration Considers Moving From Bad Ideas To Worse Ones

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The Trump Administration is so frustrated by constant leaks, it’s willing to try anything to stop them. Apparently, this may one day involve questionable tech with an extremely-spotty track record. Attorney General Jeff Sessions has an idea — a bad one — to address the ongoing White House leakstravaganza.

Sessions’ idea is to do a one-time, one-issue, polygraph test of everyone on the NSC staff. Interrogators would sit down with every single NSC staffer (there’s more than 100 of them), and ask them, individually, what they know about the leaks of transcripts of the president’s phone calls with foreign leaders. Sessions suspects those leaks came from within the NSC, and thinks that a polygraph test — at the very least — would scare them out of leaking again.

Sessions’ spitball may never come to fruition but it does indicate the White House is still no closer to uncovering the source(s) of these leaks. This also indicates the AG is willing to alienate NSC staffers with mandatory tests predicated on nothing more than Sessions’ belief the leaks came from within the NSC.

On top of that, there’s the dubious deterrent effect of deploying machinery whose results should be taken with a shaker of salt. The machines can be beat. Research and “How To” literature bear this out, although the federal government does what it can to prevent the spread of the latter. False positives are a problem as well. Ringing up staffers for leaking just because a machine said yes isn’t going to stop the leaks or put investigators any closer to catching the real culprit(s).

But this is the way things go when the federal government is in charge. It relies heavily on polygraph tests when vetting applicants for agencies like the Customs and Border Protection. And it continues to deploy these tests even when applicants have admitted to activities or relationships that would disqualify them from federal employment.

Chances are Sessions’ polygraph idea will likely remain just an idea. It could be the multiple discussions Sessions is engaging in are all part of his leak deterrence plan — to have the threat of mandatory lie detector tests hovering in midair for the rest of tenure. Even so, it’s a desperation move that shows the White House can’t contain the leaks, much less hope to stop them. Suggestions like the one made by Sessions are just going to turn more staffers against the administration, which means more leaks, rather than less, over the course of this administration’s lifetime.

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Comments on “Desperate To Stop Leaks, The Trump Administration Considers Moving From Bad Ideas To Worse Ones”

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David says:

And another one.

This falls under the "this shit has a past independent from Trump, but it has a bright future thanks to him" category.

Of course Trump is not personally responsible for this but through his chosen personnel. "personelly", so to say.

There are enough bad ideas to start with that Trump and his administration do not have to come up with their own. But of course reprioritizing the bad ones leaves the U.S. in a worse state than before. And backwards movement is not really conducive regarding an "America first" goal.

Anonymous Coward says:

it shows what a farce the Trump administration is and what a bunch of Nazi-ish storm troopers that are employed within it at the top positions! it must surely indicate how far the administration is prepared to go to try to cover it’s ass and that if there was nothing to hide, it would have nothing to fear! Obama’s government was far from being ‘transparent’ but this one is so much worse! it obviously has no intention of allowing any of it’s mal-practices being released to and scrutinised by the people it is supposed to represent, preferring to keep everyone in the dark who are outside of the ‘particular few’. the problem then is that when leaks do occur, Trump and his cronies are going to crap backwards but take every means at their disposal to silence the leakers and i wouldn’t be surprised if that included some serious ‘accidents’!

Justa Thought says:

Let Us Pretend (i.e., democracy)

In order for a democracy to exist in a real sense, the public must be informed, educated, engaged, and to whom the elected are accountable.

Since this is clearly not the the case in the USSA, and hasn’t been for several decades (if ever), why bother with all this nonsense about secrets (except for those lethal ones in the hands of dangerous sub-humands)?

Anonmylous says:

They still use those?

The only people caught lying by polygraphs are… no one. Courts are finally realizing its all a bunch of garbage and pseudo-science, minus the science part! No two polygraph administrators can give the same analysis, there are so many ways to “cheat” and feed false data to the machine (seriously, clenching your asshole shut works, curling your toes, biting your tongue or cheek, sighing… SIGHING!) its literally nothing more than a show to try and get the victim nervous enough for the interviewer to literally guess (oh wait no, they are biased as well generally in favor of the person paying them) whether or not someone is lying.

Sure Mr Sessions, the entire internet already knows how bullshit a polygraph is, go ahead and waste more of OUR money by making everyone take one, please!

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