Reddit, Amazon Push For 'Day Of Action' On July 12 To Protest The Killing Of Net Neutrality

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So as we’ve been noting, a lot of people remain under the impression that companies like Google and Netflix still support net neutrality, and they’ll be rushing in any moment now to help thwart the FCC’s latest attempt to kill the rules. In reality, Techdirt readers know that Google hasn’t actually supported net neutrality since around 2010 or so. Netflix, also perceived as a consumer ally on the subject, made it clear recently that it no longer sees the need to fight for net neutrality now that it’s an international video powerhouse. The company’s shift from disruption engines to slightly myopic legacy turf protectors should surprise nobody.

That said, Google and Netflix’s departure from the conversation left many net neutrality advocates wondering if any bigger companies would be willing to lend a hand in the latest chapter in the debate. Amazon managed to answer that question this week by throwing its weight behind a July 12 “Day of Action” being coordinated by consumer advocacy group Fight For the Future. According to the group’s website, Amazon will join Reddit, Etsy, the ACLU, California ISP Sonic, Mozilla, Kickstarter, BitTorrent, Github and Vimeo for a day of protest — both online and off — against the FCC’s plan to gut the popular consumer protections.

The plan appears to be to mirror the Internet Slowdown Day back in 2014. You’ll recall that that effort, which involved numerous major websites warning their visitors about the threat to net neutrality via site banners, helped convince Tom Wheeler to stop half-assing things, and classify ISPs as common carriers under Title II of the Communications Act (giving them the adequate legal authority to enforce the rules). His decision was subsequently supported by the courts.

The problem, of course, is that Tom Wheeler was a bit of a rare bird in technology government policy circles. In that when presented with quality evidence that conflicted with his world view, he was actually willing to change his position and do the right thing — even in the face of giant ISP lobbying pressure. It’s part of the reason that Wheeler went from dingo to internet hero in relatively short order, breaking free of a long line of timid, bipartisan telecom industry sycophants heading the agency. There’s zero indication so far that new FCC boss Ajit Pai has any of the qualities that made Wheeler popular.

Still, the companies and consumer advocacy firms hope the effort can still generate something vaguely resembling SOPA-esque accountability for Pai’s plan to ignore the public interest and kill the rules:

“The effort is led by many of the grassroots organizations who have organized the largest online protests in history including the SOPA blackout and the Internet Slowdown,” notes Fight the Future. “The day of action will focus on grassroots mobilization, with public interest groups activating their members and major web platforms providing their visitors with tools to contact Congress and the FCC.”

The FCC is fielding comments on its plans to kill net neutrality until August 18, ahead of a finalizing vote to kill the rules later this year.

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Comments on “Reddit, Amazon Push For 'Day Of Action' On July 12 To Protest The Killing Of Net Neutrality”

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Anonymous Coward says:

Re: Re:

that and the “you can’t say that here” and “we are not a bastion of free speech” reddit.

It’s sad when hypocrites are leading the charge, but it is typical these days.

Where is that basket at?
Which one?
The one going to hell!
I want in it!
Because everyone else is in it… dUh?!?

Aaron Walkhouse (profile) says:

Re: Re: Re:

He chose wisely. ‌‌ As they sit and fret, unprotected in Hell,
thinking it’s their catholic “purgatory” he’s now sleeping peacefully
in a small, protected Hell precinct called “paradise” or “bosom
of Abraham”.

The protection? ‌‌ Hell is where Satan “roams as a roaring lion,
seeking whom he may devour.” ‌‌ He may not rule there, but
only “paradise” protects it’s inhabitants from that desperately
cranky loser, and that chief got the courtesy simply by being
murdered by those antichristians on the basis of their religion.

Here endeth a lesson in scriptural obscurities… ‌‌ ;]

ShadowNinja (profile) says:

I wonder if NetFlix is going to get GoDaddied

Reading around Reddit and elsewhere, I wonder if this day of action will get expanded to boycott some large web/tech companies that flipped on the issue to opposing net neutrality.

The most obvious target being Netflix, because of their CEO’s speech about Net Neutrality, and how they look like hypocrites now. I’ve seen a number of people at reddit talking about canceling their netflix subscriptions over it.

GoDaddy backed down from their SOPA backing from a scheduled day to leave GoDaddy, the same could happen to NetFlix and potentially other tech/web companies.

Darkhog says:

I may be a "small bird", but...

I will be participating via tweeting messages about what will happen if net neutrality will be destroyed. From both my account (@thedarkhog) and from the account of my upcoming indie game (@VirusSimulator). Was any hashtag decided on for this purpose?

Due to my role as indie dev, my tweets will be mostly in conjunction with what will happen to indie devs if net neutrality will be repelled.

Anonymous Coward says:

Hate to think this way

I hate to think this way, but I don’t think Amazon joining in is really going to affect that much. The Fix is In, and NN is going to go the way of the dodo. Too many politicians with their hands out, and too many dollars from the telecoms pouring into re-election coffers means that by any measure, this is going no where but the garbage heap.

When was the last time you remember a majority of Republicans supported consumers over Big Business? And don’t tell me repealing Obama Care.

Discuss It (profile) says:

Re: Hate to think this way

I’ve registered with the user name of discussitlive

Not sure who is calling me out for what, so I guess I’ll get an account so it’s not so ambiguous anymore.

I work with alphabet soup agencies, so I really hate to tie myself to “things”. I don’t like the way they think and I don’t like the kind of conclusions they draw from the most trivial of “evidence”.

Look, I don’t want to say all I think because 99.9999 percent will tell me that my tin foil hat is too tight and I should loosen it so the blood can circulate.

I wish I had the confidence that would take. Unfortunately, I see the sausage being made. I know what goes into the grinder. “If you see what I see, if you know what I know…”

The Wanderer (profile) says:

Re: Re: Re: Re:

Actually, I’m pretty sure I’ve seen at least one article where both of them (distinguished by snowflake-image) were calling the other one out as fake.

I’m starting to wonder whether they’re really just one person posting from two separate places in order to create plausible deniability and add to the confusion. I’m not at all convinced of that, you understand, but the possibility has raised itself in my mind.

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