DailyDirt: Watch Out! Here Comes The Spider-Man…

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Comic book superheroes have all kinds of incredible abilities. There are a few wall-crawling heroes, but the wall-climbing ability of a “Gecko Man” hasn’t really captured as many fans as Spider-Man has. A bite from a radioactive spider might not be the most realistic way to obtain the power to climb walls with ease, but science also suggests that there needs to be a bit more than “spider” or “gecko” power for a person to crawl up a wall. Look on the wall! It’s Velcro Man? Vacuum-Assisted Man?

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Comments on “DailyDirt: Watch Out! Here Comes The Spider-Man…”

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Lawrence D’Oliveiro says:

Meet The Amazing Incredible Spider-Bat-Wonder-Man!

Accidentally bitten* by a genetically-modified toxic radioactive mutant laboratory rat-mosquito experimental cross, he has powers beyond the wildest imaginings of your ordinary, everyday superheroes!

Quote: “Climb-the-walls forces!? PAH! Those are NOTHING compared to what I can do!!”

*Actually, the function of the appendage of the creature in question remains unclear.

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