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09:21 Some Temporary Good News: None Of The Really Bad Internet Bills Seem To Have Made It Into The NDAA (10)
05:20 Anker Tries To Bullshit The Verge About Security Problems In Its Eufy 'Smart' Camera (9)
20:05 'Nintendo Power' Scans Disappeared From The Internet Archive (34)
14:52 Devin Nunes Gets Small, Most Likely Temporary, Victory Against MSNBC, While Also Suing CNN Again (5)
12:25 How KOSA's 'Parental Tools' Mandate Will Almost Certainly Lead To Abuse (8)
10:48 American Journalist First To Sue NSO Group Directly For Targeting His Phone (3)
10:43 Daily Deal: The 2022 Complete Renewable Energy Engineer Preparation Bundle (0)
09:23 How Will Elon Feel When He Realizes Congress Is Trying To Force Him To Throw Free Money At Newspapers He Hates? (60)
05:26 Adams Administration Finally Gets Around To Admitting They Killed NYC's Ambitious Broadband Plan (10)
20:37 Law Enforcement Is Extracting Tons Of Data From Vehicle Infotainment Systems (6)
15:31 Media Organizations Ask US To Drop Charges Against Assange (39)
13:30 Techdirt Podcast Episode 338: Scrutinizing "The Twitter Files" (41)
12:02 J6 Suspect Challenges FBI's Geofence Warrant, Exposing The Massive Scale Of The Fed's Data Haul (15)
10:44 Is It Possible To Get Fair Coverage Of The Link Tax Bill When The News Orgs Covering It Are The Main Beneficiaries? (17)
10:39 Daily Deal: Software Training (0)
09:33 Hundreds Of Hong Kong Cops Illegally Accessed Woman's Case File After Her Arrest For Public Indecency (8)
05:17 Wireless Carriers Find That Nobody Cares About 5G Despite Years Of Hype (18)
12:00 Funniest/Most Insightful Comments Of The Week At Techdirt (6)
12:00 This Week In Techdirt History: November 27th - December 3rd (1)
19:39 Des Moines Residents Will Shell Out $125,000 To Man Whose Phone Was Illegally Seized By Cops He Was Recording (10)
15:57 Yes, Digital Books Do Wear Out; Stop Accepting Publishers Claims That They Don't (34)
13:54 Google Strikes $9.4 Million Settlement With FTC For Paying DJs And Influencers To Praise Phones They Never Touched (7)
12:25 Multiple Former Twitter Employees Note That Musk's New Favorite Tool, Polls, Are Easily Gamed By Bots (254)
10:49 Report: Lied About Pretty Much Everything While Providing Identification Services To The Government (5)
10:44 Daily Deal: NEWYES Scan Reader Pen 3 (1)
09:29 UK Removes Most Censorial Aspect Of Online Safety Bill, But It's Still Terrible For Speech & Privacy (10)
06:37 South Dakota Bans Government Employees From Using TikTok. The Countless Other Apps And Services That Hoover Up And Sell Sensitive Data Are Fine, Though (20)
20:01 Ubisoft Runs Away From Epic Store And Back To Steam (29)
15:38 Video Game Addiction Is Over, Says Chinese Video Game Addiction Regulator (9)
13:38 Published Author Decries Feds Seizing Online Site Full Of Unauthorized Digital Books (50)
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