DailyDirt: Capturing The Power Of The Sun…

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Solar power is literally everywhere, just not at night. But it’s free to capture, if you have the means. Plenty of folks have been trying to capture enough solar energy to power cities or cars or whatever gadget you can think of, but sunlight just isn’t as convenient as we’d like it to be. Solar energy is still going to become a larger and larger contributor to the mix of energy resources, and even as oil prices remain low, it looks like some companies are still committed to investing in it. Go, solar power, go….

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Companies: shenhua group corp, solarreserve

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Comments on “DailyDirt: Capturing The Power Of The Sun…”

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Anonymous Coward says:

Another way to harvest power from the sun

Solar updraft towers also capture energy from the sun and could be used in conjuction with the concentrating arrays to take advantage of the locally higher than normal air temperatures:
Personally though, I would put them offshore and use them to desalinate water for the Mexican and Californian people.

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