DailyDirt: Making A Road Trip Across The US…

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The Cannonball Run plot of racing across the US has inspired some drivers to set illegal records — though the concept was started in 1933 by Edwin “Cannonball” Baker who drove from NYC to LA in 53 hours (and popularized in the 70s as a protest against highway speed limits). We’ve previously mentioned Alex Roy making the trip in about 32 hours, but more recently, Ed Bolian and a couple other drivers/passengers did it in just 28 hours and 50 minutes. If you’ve always wanted to drive across country in some insane way, check out some of the records that other people have set.

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Comments on “DailyDirt: Making A Road Trip Across The US…”

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Anonymous Coward says:

Autonomous driving

At the point in the future where all cars on the roads are autonomous (on highways anyway) there will be much higher speed limits (or possibly no limits at all). At that point, the 28 hour record will probably seem really slow. An autonomous car on a highway full of autonomous cars can go flat out without ever having to slow down, assuming all the cars can communicate and coordinate with each other to make merging and passing more efficient.

Carl Reese (user link) says:

Reese Hold Autonomous Driving Record



From October 18–21, 2015, Deena Mastracci, Reese, and Alex Roy set the first record for the shortest LA-NYC trip with a semi-autonomous car.
The trio drove from Redondo Beach, CA in route to Red Ball Garage in Manhattan in 57 hours and 48 minutes.[4] The drivers used the autopilot function of the Tesla Model S P85D for 96.1% of the 2995-mile journey.

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