DailyDirt: Super-Human Abilities, Not Just For X-Men

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Human genetic studies are pointing to more and more interesting information about how our bodies work and develop and ultimately fail. Optimists point to using this knowledge for the improvement of the human condition, but there are some obvious counter-arguments to this viewpoint. So far, though, the technology for genetic therapies or designer babies hasn’t been anywhere near perfected, giving us some time to reflect on the possibilities and pitfalls. Unfortunately, our inherent biases in what we’re looking at in our genome might prove to be our own undoing.

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Comments on “DailyDirt: Super-Human Abilities, Not Just For X-Men”

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Lawrence D’Oliveiro says:

Wonder What Happens To Those “World’s Strongest Baby” Children

Every now and then, you hear of some kid born with a mutation that gives them much greater strength than normal people. Yet you never hear what happens when they grow older: do they die young, or suffer other health problems?

Humans are much weaker than other primates–even the world’s strongest and toughest man is no match for an ordinary chimpanzee. This is because of a mutation that happened to us at some point after we separated off from the great apes. So presumably these children have the reverse mutation. But in the meantime our skeletons have adapted to the lesser muscle strength, so the increased strength can lead to difficulties elsewhere.

At least, that’s what I surmise…

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