DailyDirt: Arachnids In Unexpected Places

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It’s never fun to walk unexpectedly into a spider web because you didn’t see it. And even if you’re not a true arachnophobe, it’s still a bit unsettling to see a spider scurry across a wall or the floor in the way only an eight-legged creature can. If you genuinely like spiders, then you perhaps these stories on finding arachnids in unexpected places will be fascinating. Otherwise, maybe you’d better not read on.

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Comments on “DailyDirt: Arachnids In Unexpected Places”

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Anonymous Coward says:

i used to have a ford crown vic that i simply adored.  problem was i wasn’t the only creature attracted to it.  after the third deer strike i finally threw in the towel.  the car had mega-miles on it, so it was about due anyway, but the deer landing in my grille did the trick regarding the timing.

i have no clue why deer were attracted to that car, but numerous times in the very late day i saw deer trotting toward me.  then twice in the dead of night at highway speed i was clobbered by deer at hard gallop.  as i said, one actually launched and landed in my grille.  the other, a huge mule deer, struck the right side of my car just about at the windshield and rotated with the body crashing just at midline so hard that it squeaked my tires and made for a squirrelly moment or two.  the guy who replaced my mirror said he couldn’t see how i kept control.  hitting right at midline was how.  a little farther forward or aft and no way i could control it.

at least it was deer and not spiders.  ewwww.

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