DailyDirt: Wolves In Sheepdog's Clothing?

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Man’s best friend, the dog, has a mysterious and complex relationship with people. Ancient humans presumably domesticated wolves or some other closely related species a long time ago — perhaps multiple times on different continents. The story of dogs and wolves and people is far from over, getting ever more interesting as we learn more about ancient dog specimens and create more genetically-engineered dogs.

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Comments on “DailyDirt: Wolves In Sheepdog's Clothing?”

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Stephen says:

Defining what a species is

Defining what a species is — is tricky…

If I remember my biology lectures, two populations are, by definition, the same species if they can interbreed and produce live, fertile offspring. If they can’t then they aren’t.

As far as I know that is still the definition and a reddit debate is poor evidence that defining what a species is should be regarded as “tricky” or in need of revision, least of all in regard to dogs and wolves.

Dogs and wolves can interbreed, suggesting that they are very closely related, if not the same, species.

Somebody didn’t read the entire reddit article, where it is pointed out that dogs and wolves are different SUBspeciss of Canis lupus.. Which means they ARE the same species..

In contrast, horses and donkeys are DIFFERENT species precisely because their progeny–mules and hinnies–are infertile.

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