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Nature has plenty of surprises left for us. Life exists in some extreme environments that you wouldn’t think anything would survive, but somehow little creatures are still thriving in some of the coldest, darkest, most acidic, hottest and just unusual places. Life just needs to be able to feed on something — light, sugar, electricity. Here are just a few bizarre discoveries in biology.

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Comments on “DailyDirt: Strange Forms Of Life…”

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Anonymous Coward says:

Photosynthesis requires breathing

I am not a specialist biologist, but my courses in such did highlight that all plants that use photosynthesis also breathed in CO2 and breathed out O2, and when not doing photosynthesis at night breathed out CO2 and breathed in O2.

Hence, metabolising sunlight will still require some sort of breathing on the part of organisms.

Anonymous Coward says:

Re: Photosynthesis requires breathing

Well, technically, if you’re going to nit-pick on the breathing, plants need to “eat” too, right?

I think the suggestion here is for there to be some kind of way to avoid “traditional eating/breathing” by having algae in your skin to produce sugars and oxygen directly into your bloodstream. Not that any organism would be able to avoid any kind of respiration entirely.

Anonymous Coward says:

Re: Re: Photosynthesis requires breathing

I think the suggestion here is for there to be some kind of way to avoid “traditional eating/breathing” by having algae in your skin to produce sugars and oxygen directly into your bloodstream.

Yeah, well when no sunlight, CO2 into blood stream instead of O2. Somewhat problematic.

ijuin says:

The problem with humans photosynthesizing is that humans burn energy several times faster than a human-skin-sized area receives sunlight. We’d have to either spend the entire day standing out in the sun while remaining perfectly still 24/7 in order to conserve energy, or else get ten square yards of extra skin surface to collect more sunlight.

Pronounce (profile) says:

Before Then We Have Breatharians

Some people claim they need nothing more than air (specifically a substance known as prana, aka life air) to survive (thrive? I’m not sure if they claim that).

When I first met my wife there was a time I didn’t need to eat or sleep. Maybe it’s like that.

I could never imagine living in such a euphoric state like that for too long, as it seems to have a significant impact on one’s health. But maybe some have figured out how to leave The Matrix and so normal rules don’t apply to them.

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