Oops: Xbox Advertisement Results In Aaron Paul Turning On Your Console

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We talk a lot about what advertisements in our age are supposed to be and do, as well as what they aren’t supposed to be or do. Ads should be content, fun and engaging content wherever possible. The less annoying an advertisement can be, the better, and attempts to pretend advertising isn’t advertising should cease immediately. And, perhaps most importantly, a good advertisment connects with its audience. Or, perhaps I should say kinects with its audience. Check out this Xbox One ad, starring Aaron Paul from The Need For A Paycheck Speed.

Sort of your everyday, run of the mill console ad, right? Well, there’s a problem that apparently whoever made this ad didn’t forsee. Remember at the beginning of the ad, when Aaron Paul says, “Xbox on!” to turn on his console with the voice activated commands? Yeah, you already know where this is going

Recently, a thread popped up on popular game forum NeoGAF with member MrPressStart saying, “What the fuck…. Sitting here watching tv and the xbox commercial starring Aaron Paul came on. Next thing I know I am reaching for the controller to turn it off.”

Yeah, see, when we want ads to engage the viewer, we didn’t mean to suggest that the ad should have an impact on their electricity bills. To be honest, most folks aren’t super upset about this. In fact, many people out there find this every bit as hysterical as I do.

Over on Reddit (via BBC), numerous Redditors apparently experienced the same thing. “Haha, this just turned my Xbone on,” wrote larae_is_bored. “Awesome!” Redditor brownbear1992, “Aaron Paul just started my xbox. Guess I better play it now it’s on.” Another Reddit user, The_Iceman2288, added, “Him saying ‘Xbox on’ turned on my Xbox. Dammit Jesse!”

The general amusement or apathy over this aside, this does indicate how both device-makers and advertisers are going to have to account for voice activated everything moving forward. An Xbox flipping on while you’re sitting in front of the TV is one thing, but the whole voice activated thing is only going to expand, and voice activation may become something which must be accounted for in the future. Advertisers may have to worry about what they’re going to turn on and product-makers had damned well better be looking into how to protect voice-activated devices from this kind of inadvertent activation. But for now, just enjoy the thought of Jesse Pinkman turning on people’s Xbox Ones.

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Comments on “Oops: Xbox Advertisement Results In Aaron Paul Turning On Your Console”

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Anonymous Coward says:

So now the concept’s been shown that “they” can reach into your home, from your tv, and turn on your Xbox and give it commands (maybe while your not at home).

What commands? Who knows. But, there’s the things we know it can do (like perhaps image the area around the Xbox via the Kinect). And then there’s the things we don’t know that it can do (perhaps “talk” with that iPad laying on the coffee table via inaudible sound [ http://arstechnica.com/security/2013/12/scientist-developed-malware-covertly-jumps-air-gaps-using-inaudible-sound/ ].)

Poetic Stanziel says:

Really? Electricity?

I love the site, but sometimes you really reach for the argument against.

“Yeah, see, when we want ads to engage the viewer, we didn’t mean to suggest that the ad should have an impact on their electricity bills.”

Come on, impacting an electricity bill? A penny of electricity used? That’s the big argument against what is obviously an unintended accident in the advertising?

Anonymous Coward says:

Re: Re:

I can see your beef, but the phrase “starting at $XYZ” is generally a code phrase for “You can buy the minimum capability product for $XYZ, but if you want anything else, you’re gonna have to spend more $$$” and the Kinect capabilities fall into the “anything else” category.

Candid Cameron says:

Re: Re:

Creepy indeed:


And what “they” can’t get by cooperation, they obtain via other means:


I’ll probably buy the Xbox One eventually (already have a 360 and PS4) only so long as it comes without the Kinect.

And now for some “Kinekt” humor by a game developer:


Anonymous Coward says:

Re: Re:

You SHOULD find it creepy. The only thing better for the surveillance state than installing wiretaps/bugs in your house is getting you to do it for them AND getting you to pay for it.

But as I’ve said many times here: gamers are STUPID. They’ll put with being reamed by EA, ripped off by Microsoft, lied to by Sony, so they’ll put up with being bugged by whoever hacks the Xbox network.

gant says:

Does the XBOX One listen to people playing Watch Dogs on another console – and what does it do then?

And just imagine the NSA’s Enterprise Bridge:

Wonder if anything there is voice activated.
“Don’t forget to take out the trash”

// “Looking up code name ‘the trash’.. found.. issuing presidential kill order… done.” //

Anonymous Coward says:

Re: Re:

Xbone sues for sexual harassment. Microsoft marketing spins it as strong support for gender equality. Women across the western world buy multiple Xbones (one of each color). Xbone AI updated to be better boyfriend material than real men. Westerners die off in a couple of generations as no woman would cheat on their Xbones with filthy human meatbags. Iran wins. Thanks, Obama.

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