Netflix Has Narcos Actors Threaten To Shoot The Families Of French People For Pirating The Show

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First, let’s all just take a moment to drink in that headline above. 2017, people: it’s a weird time to be alive. In any case, you likely have heard of Netflix’s hit original show, Narcos. The show follows the exploits of Pablo Escobar’s drug organization and was once the subject of Escobar’s brother demanding a billion dollars from Netflix over the portrayal. Netflix, of course, was the disruptive new streaming service for movies and television that has since decided to go the route of copyright protectionist now that it is producing its own original content. It’s a strange look for a company that exploded on a model of convenience over piracy, raking in tons of legit dollars by simply being an option better than or comparable to pirating films and television. Rather than continuing to compete in that arena, the company has begun to go the way of Big Content, firing off all kinds of DMCA notices.

And now threatening to shoot people and their families for pirating Netflix content? Well, not really, of course. I’m sure the folks at Netflix thought it would be funny to have actors from Narcos do so in character in France. But watch the video Netflix put out for yourself.

If you cannot see the video, the TorrentFreak link above has a nice summary of it.

“Hey you, yes you, do you think you’re smart? Do you think we didn’t see you Googling ‘Narcos season 3 download’? Don’t be a fool. Narcos is a business,” Pepe begins.

“If you want your entertainment. If you want your show. You’re gonna pay the Cali Cartel, ‘hijo de puta’,” Pacho adds, using the strong language one expects from a cartel leader.

“Do you think we’re like Hadopi? Do you think we’re going to send you a nice and polite letter first? Please, sir / madam, could you please not illegally download Narcos? We don’t do courtesy letters.”

“There is no please, no por favor, no s’il vous plait,” Pepe adds.

“There’s bullets for you, your family, and all the people you send to watch Narcos on all those shitty websites full of questionable pop-ups,” Gilberto says.

“You know where to find us. Don’t mess around ‘hijo de puta’,” his brother adds.

It’s just uncomfortable. Nobody is mistaking Netflix actors for actual hitmen, but it’s worth putting this sort of thing in the context of the past decade, in which people really have had their lives ruined in retribution for copyright infringement. The threat letters from copyright trolls really do go out across Europe, looking for all the world like the legal arm of some extortion ring or mob organization. Threats to out people for their pornography of choice really have happened. Within that landscape, to joke around about shooting those who pirate a television show misses the mark on humor entirely, and coming from a company like Netflix it’s downright creepy.

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Comments on “Netflix Has Narcos Actors Threaten To Shoot The Families Of French People For Pirating The Show”

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That Anonymous Coward (profile) says:

Say it with me class…

Power causes a form of brain damage.

Who ever green-lighted this is an idiot.
The insanity of the copyright wars in Europe are not helped with this we’ll kill your family thing.

Imagine if they had the actors saying, we know you like Narcos and Netflix is only X Euros a month… and thats cheaper than getting your computer fixed from sketchy websites.
Don’t make us be like those other assholes sending you threats via the mail, we’d rather focus on making our shows even better. We want to treat you like customers should be treated, not like those other companies who want to turn you over and shake to make sure they got every penny.

If you respect us, we’ll respect you with the best shows.

But then that makes to much sense so GEMA would claim it sounds like a song & they need to get paid…

Anonymous Coward says:

Re: Re: Re: Well

Proportionality is key to any system of justice. The laws against illegal immigration are themselves reasonably proportionate: Illegal entry is a misdemeanor with max penalty of $250 and/or max 6 months in prison. Overstaying a visa (which is how 66% of recent illegal immigrants arrived in the country) isn’t even criminal.

The problem is with all the triggered people who think being an illegal immigrant is a crime on par with robbery, rape or murder.

Anonymous Coward says:

Re: Well

Agree. America is a mess, but don’t be ranting on immigrants you fool, immigrants are not your enemy. People just like you. your only enemy is your elite who keeps feeding you bullshit, lies and fear but anyway keep raking in all the money. You don’t want the jobs many immigrants are doing. Nobody is stealing no jobs and no opportunities from no one. If anything blame your own american companies for hiring all those immigrants to save a buck in work force.

btr1701 (profile) says:

Re: Re: Well

America is a mess, but don’t be ranting on immigrants you
> fool, immigrants are not your enemy.

Agreed. But he’s not talking about immigrants. He’s talking about illegal aliens. And he’s not claiming they’re an enemy. He’s talking about how it’s just an unspoken assumption these days that we’re supposed to completely ignore our own border control laws. And if we can ignore those laws, why can’t we ignore other laws that are inconvenient for us?

aerinai says:

Re: Usually I agree with your analysis....

While maybe slightly tone deaf, I’d expect people to take it as light hearted advertisement for the show. Reading between the lines I heard ‘we aren’t going to send you threatening letters, so please watch it on Netflix’

This is a much better approach than the ‘You wouldn’t steal a car… copyright theft is a crime’ crap that we were inundated with 5+ years ago.

MDT (profile) says:

Much ado about nothing

This is really stretching. I’m no fan of the studios, but seriously? I sit through stuff like this at Alamo Drafthouse all the time.

Heck, for Hardcore Henry, they made a profanity laced PSA that included physically assaulting a rude customer and dislocating his arm. I didn’t take it as an actual threat, I took it as humor.

Anonymous Coward says:

Re: Re: Re:

Two things:

1) I do not know what horrible reputation or backlash your referring to (unless your referring to the one centered around Uber, which has nothing to do with this)

2) Given you think the tech industry is purpertrating a "con", let’s get some facts straight. It’s only in the last two or so decades that copyright has gotten treated as extreme as it is now, and it’s that which some (though not everyone, and certainly not Apple, Google, Microsoft, Netflix, etc) in the tech industry is rebelling against. Most of us complaining about over the top reactions to copyright infringement do not actually mind copyright existing (though there’s an argument that it’s unnecessary). As for why we tend to be based in the tech industry, perhaps that’s because it’s our tech which Big Media views as a threat (both in terms of copying and competition) and/or because we’re more aware of the threat created by the DRM they push on us.

Given viewing copyright as a "right" for artists that should last forever minus a day is so recent I’d say that is the con. Heck it’s not even the artist’s right as it is now, or Stargate SG1 wouldn’t have been made as it was and musicians wouldn’t be sued for sounding too much like themselves.

Anonymous Coward says:

Re: Re:

So you think copyright should be enforced with gunfire and bullets.

Oh, right. You’ve been thinking that copyright infringement is worse than rape and murder for years. No wonder the instinctual reaction is, unsurprisingly, not to think of this as a parody.

Paul Hansmeier’s motions just got rejected again. What a glorious development for copyright. I hope you’ve got an Indiegogo fund running for him…

Uriel-238 (profile) says:

Re: Re: Intent is hard to prove or disprove.

I think a lot of threats are made with the full intention to carry them out, if in a moment of outrage.

The person may think better of it in a moment later, but it’s still a threat made with intent.

Regardless, when it happens here on line, it’s considered poor form. And the police will use it to justify locking you up if they dislike you enough.

For our sake, we just want consistency. If kids get locked up for quoting threatening rap lyrics on social media, then we should also take actors threatening to shoot pirates seriously, as we should take Trump’s fire and fury comments.

There shouldn’t be privilege for politicians and media companies.

Anonymous Coward says:

Re: Re: Re:

But threats require intent for them to actually be threats, and since there was no intent to kill anyone here, no one actually threatened to kill anyone.

I bet if you were to go around talking about planning to assassinate the president the secret service would want to have a talk with you, even if you didn’t “intend” to actually do it.

Uriel-238 (profile) says:

"Nobody is mistaking Netflix actors for actual hitmen"

Maybe somebody intentionally should.

Regardless there’s the old argument: I’d have never gotten into Game of Thrones (the most recent season of which I purchased) without first pirating the crap out of it. And HBO knows that it is only through piracy that GoT is the cultural phenomenon it is.

As for Narcos, I’m more than happy to not just ignore their show but actively avoid it on account of bad taste.

Daydream says:

Re: "Nobody is mistaking Netflix actors for actual hitmen"

I would. Mistake them for hitmen, I mean. If I got a link to that in an email or heard it over the phone then…yeah.

On a side note, this is the first I’ve heard of Narcos. My first impression of it now is that it’s a bad show that nobody bothers to buy, and the company producing it are psychopaths who ring up random people to threaten them.

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