DailyDirt: There Will Be Blood… And DNA And Stem Cells

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Biotechnology takes time to grow and develop new stuff, but every so often, there’s a big leap. And then it still takes time to verify results and perform rigorous double blind medical studies. Science fiction and CSI TV shows make it seem like we’ll be re-growing body parts and curing every disease before the next commercial break. Unfortunately, biology rarely moves that fast. Here are just a few cool biotech projects that won’t be available at your local drug store anytime soon, but these sci-fi-sounding projects are closer to reality now.

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Comments on “DailyDirt: There Will Be Blood… And DNA And Stem Cells”

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Anonymous Coward says:

Re: whoa, wait, printable DNA?

At first you will only have an army of invincible warrior babies, which you have to feed, raise and educate/train.

Unless someone develops some kind of dna memory transplant thingy.

Cloning is only feasable for organs, as they don’t need a mind of their own to work, it is organic machinery if you will.

If you can upload/download consciousnesses/minds/training, you’re in a whole other league of evil geniuses.

At least it’is nice that they are developing TruBlood.

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