Sending A Message: It's Time To Stop Secret Trade Agreements That Undermine Democracy

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A bunch of organizations and companies have teamed up to demand that President Obama Stop the Secrecy around the Trans Pacific Partnership (TPP) agreement. With over 2.8 million signatures already, the groups behind this project are projecting a “stop the secrecy” light on buildings around Washington DC to draw attention to the shady, underhanded nature of the way that these trade agreements are negotiated. The campaign kicked off by shining the message on the Canadian embassy:

The organizers note that as the campaign goes on and more people sign, they’ll be shining the message bigger and brighter — and on bigger targets.

While this may be a bit gimmicky, the message here is a serious one. It makes absolutely no sense at all that negotiations like the TPP are done in secret. All of the excuses the USTR gives about this wither under scrutiny. Plenty of other international agreements are negotiated with public texts being shared. The USTR could easily do the same if it chose to. The very fact that former USTR Ron Kirk admitted that they won’t reveal the details of these agreements because the public might not like them explains exactly why this kind of secrecy is undemocratic.

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Comments on “Sending A Message: It's Time To Stop Secret Trade Agreements That Undermine Democracy”

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Violynne (profile) says:

Personally, I don’t see what the issue is. From what I’ve been reading, TPP isn’t going anywhere because the countries brought to the table are disgusted with what they’re reading and pulling out.

The way things are going, the US will be the only country which signs on the dotted line.

I’d rather they spend more time focusing on more pressing issues, like trying to keep the FCC from fucking up the internet as we know it.

That One Guy (profile) says:

Re: Re:

Ah, but without pressure and attention to the matter like this, how many of them would have even bothered to look closely at what they were being asked to sign, rather than just taking their ‘negotiators’ at their word?

Public attention like this also makes it more difficult to just slide things under the rug until it comes time to sign the thing, and when the problem is secrecy, the ‘fix’ is as much light as you can get.

Anonymous Coward says:

the bigger problem is governments everywhere dont want democracy any more. they want countries to be ruled for and by big business. the people and there wants, needs and desires are at the bottom of the pile now. the frightening thing is that this whole way of thinking seems to have started in the one very country that supposedly put itself forward to the World as being the most democratic, the most caring there was. that country is the USA! instead of the picture it paints, the country has become less and less ‘by the people, for the people, of the people’ and so much like ‘by big business, for big business profits, with the help of big governments and law enforcement and fuck the people’! as for the ‘all men are created equal, try telling that to anyone in this administration and the security forces. that has gone, never to be resurrected!!

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