TSA Courts Next Generation Of Groping Victims With Cartoons And Coloring Pages

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Just in time for peak holiday travel, the TSA is shifting its marketing strategy in hopes of prepping children for their guest roles in its security theater. Police State USA reports the official YouTube presence of the TSA has just uploaded a cartoon (titled banally enough “TSA Kids Animation”) that aims to answer all those questions kids will be asking during their initial trip through security, including, “Do I have to take off my shoes?” and “Why does the TSA need Mom’s breast milk?”

What it won’t allow them (or their legal guardians) to do is comment on the video or give it a thumbs up/thumbs down rating. The TSA PR staff has helpfully disabled all indicators of displeasure.

This video is just part of rich multimedia experience which continues at the TSA website under the heading “TSA Kids.” Additional “fun” can be had here, including such interactive features as “printing out a page full of scanning equipment to color,” “printing out a full page knockoff TSA agent badge” and “squinting at a set of TSA K9 ‘officer’ (the dogs, not the humans) collectors cards.”

A “Parents Page” offers talking points for parental units to uncritically disseminate to their little traveling companions. The page reassures parents that no part of the process should involve separating them from their children. It then points out that parents will need to be separated from their children.

Children who can walk without assistance should walk through the metal detector separately from their parent or guardian.

Should the independent youngster set off the alarm, the TSA will try its hardest not to grope the youth until the offending item(s) is found.

If they alarm, TSA has procedures in place that have reduced, but will not eliminate, the need for pat downs to resolve the alarm, including multiple passes through screening technologies and other procedures.

This is Blogger Bob’s out. No one can promise your child won’t receive a security groping, but the TSA will do everything it can to ensure you miss your flight avoid utilizing the all-too-popular Swimsuit Area Patdown.

The TSA does seem to have improved its procedures for dealing with children with medical issues and disabilities. It appears all the negative press over the past decade has finally provoked a much-needed reassessment of its policies. TSA agents cannot remove children from their mobility devices (that’s left to the guardian) and at no time will the child be separated from the parent. Parents with affected children can also request a private screening.

The TSA is trying to alleviate some of the fear these new flyers will experience when confronted with the excesses of airport security for the first time. The ultimate goal, of course, is to normalize its tactics. For kids, the way airport security is now is the ways it has always been. A new generation of travelers will adopt these standards as the new baseline, making it that much easier for the agency to deploy additional intrusions and stipulations in the future. It’s not exactly brainwashing, but it’s not exactly harmless, either. The smiling animal faces and the beep-boop noises of “Stop-Screen-Go!” sanitize another set of instructions handed down by a government that is mainly interested in the marketing of fear. It’s the next generation’s “Duck and Cover.” Or “See Something Say Something.” It’s the evisceration of civil liberties under the cover of “safety.”

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Comments on “TSA Courts Next Generation Of Groping Victims With Cartoons And Coloring Pages”

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out_of_the_blue says:

Police states learned marketing: leave the velvet glove on more.

The velvet glove on iron fist is old metaphor, in case you haven’t run across it.

Anyway, this is not your grandfather’s crude overt police state: totalitarians learn too. It’s cheaper and easier in the long run to soothe you with phrases like “Don’t Be Evil” while building a surveillance system for your everyday activities beyond anything the Stasi had. They spy on your email with your supposed agreement. They trick you with bright multi-colored logo: who’s cynical enough to be suspicious of it? With the hook of a commercial front providing actually useful services, a worldwide SPY AGENCY lulls most to sleep. But as this shows, if coaxing doesn’t work, they’ll still pull out the machine guns.

The freedoms you take for granted today were death penalty treason in 1776. Don’t let the Inherited Rich restore feudalism. Pull them down with high taxes on unearned income — and ZERO taxes on wages, they HATE that!


Anonymous Coward says:

Compare to Antebellum Days

This harkens back to the prejudice in the South before the War.

Compare to the Code of Virginia 1849,
Title 54. Crimes and Punishments,
Chap. 192. Of offences against property.
Sec.26. Master of vessel receiving runaway slave. What evidence of offence.

If the master or skipper of any vessel knowingly receive on board any runaway slave, and permit him to remain on board without proper effort to apprehend him, he shall be confined in the penitentiary not less than two and not more than five years; and if such slave be on board such vessel after leaving port, the master or skipper shall be presumed to have knowingly received him.


AricTheRed says:

We stop and surrender our rights to the "officer"...

I like how dhs uses this video to try and legitemize the use of the term “officer” for the oathbreaking scumbag Screeners that they employ to degrade We The People. I really feel that if we all just stopped utilizing private air transport for just a week, boycott people, the tsa would quickly become a well forgotten footnote.

David says:

Re: Re:

No, the Nazis did not start with fondling people on airports. More like the typical American police officers nowadays treat non-white citizens. That’s a good start, not just a babystep. An internment camp without due process is also a solid step. Encompassing surveillance is a rather good step. Secret courts without democratic control are a large step. An entitlement act like the Patriot Act is a big step. Killing people without due process on foreign and domestic ground. Scaremongering about a world conspiracy of bad people originating from the Middle East but left without a proper home: then the Jews, now the Muslim.

And a lot of other stuff the U.S.A. is building up.

Child molesting officers are not what the Nazis were about. If you want to look for fascism in the U.S., you’ve got a lot better telltale signs.

The Real Michael says:

All of the security theater and Constitutional violations are the end product of a false flag terrorist attack. Yeah, because some middle-east terrorists managed to exploit our air security, slammed a jumbo jet into the Pentagon while avoiding every tree and pole in the vicinity, and left molten steel burning at around 2,000 degrees underneath the WTC rubble until well into December, and managed to accomplish this with nothing more than a few flight lessons with small aircraft. How stupid must people be?

The Real Michael says:

Re: Re: Re:

Eye-witness accounts of molten metal beneath WTC rubble. I don’t care what you think, jet fuel could never melt steel.


How blind must you be to believe that two jets can disintegrate two towers with steel frames plus pancake another and without even hitting it?

In order for evolution to even get off the ground, there would need to be first life …and it would need to be able to procreate somehow. Just one question: how do you go from zero life to life through natural process? Maybe you can answer.

Anonymous Coward says:

The video is even misleading...

You don’t get your toys back if they look threatening kid, sorry…

That’s not a metal detector you go through, it’s a naked body scanner – hope you’ve got your underwear on today!

Ah, the baby bottle…more likely they’ll just dump it out and hand it back to you.

If you’re extra lucky, like my wife, you’ll set off the scanner and they’ll take you in the “back room” for extra service, er… patdown.

Rapnel (profile) says:


Our friends, family and loved ones died for this. FOR THIS!

The United States Government is completely out of fucking control.

Freedom is overrated when you’re trying to protect your positions of power, receiving of public funds and excusing every action that subverts justice.

Oversight is a protection racket. Checks are bouncing. The scales are laden with drugs and the blindfold is for the public.

“A republic, if you can keep it.” -Benjamin Franklin

Joshua Bardwell (profile) says:

It’s the next generation’s “Duck and Cover.” Or “See Something Say Something.” It’s the evisceration of civil liberties under the cover of “safety.”

One of these things is not like the other. Within a certain radius of ground zero, obviously total destruction occurs. Within a wider radius, a substantial amount of damage is done from thermal flash burns and from a shock wave that follows the thermal flash by some seconds. If a nuclear attack was anticipated, “duck and cover” would protect from the thermal flash burns, since even a regular building wall would block the energy. Even if the attack was un-anticipated, getting down on the ground (vs. going to the window to see what the flash was) would protect from shrapnel and broken windows propelled by the shock wave.

Source: Wikipedia. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Duck_and_cover

Anonymous Coward says:

What REALLY happens.
The baby bottle is greater than 4 ounces, causing the entire family to be subjected to embarrassing patdowns, making the children cry and the family miss their flight, all in the name of fighting undefined people who want to hurt you.

It’s stuff like this that makes me want to blow something up.
(Just kidding, NSA!)

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