Comcast CEO Thinks Its Customer Service Problem Is Mostly A Matter Of Scale

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Comcast, which frequently makes yearly Worst Company in America lists, is trying to address its public image — that being one of a corporate monstrosity borne from a lack of competition that extracts as much money from its customers as possible while offering the minimum it can, service-wise, in return.

In a recent interview, Comcast CEO Brian Roberts asserts the problem isn’t so much that Comcast is an awful company, but that the size of its customer base makes even a small percentage of complaints seem like a never ending cascade of screwed customers.

“What unfortunately happens is we have about … 350 million interactions with consumers a year, between phone calls and truck calls. It may be over 400 million and that doesn’t count any online interactions which I think is over a billion. You get one-tenth of one-percent bad experience, that’s a lot of people – unacceptable. We have to be the best service provider or in the end, this company won’t be what I want it to be.”

Roberts is right. Even small pockets of discontent in a large customer base both exaggerate the size of the problem and are, as he puts it, “unacceptable.” But this isn’t simply a problem with scale. (A problem that will only exponentially increase if Comcast decides to purchase Time Warner Cable.) Comcast has made several moves over the years that have been fairly antagonistic towards its customer base.

And while the CEO is doing a bit of a goodwill tour, his company continues to makes moves that make Comcast seem even more evil.

First off, Comcast is looking to alter Nielson ratings in order to charge a premium for ads inserted into repeated episodes of TV shows — a move aimed at capturing the “binge” viewer market.

“Comcast, the nation’s biggest cable provider, wants to count viewers who devour multiple episodes of shows, while giving the most current episode a ratings lift. The Philadelphia-based company is working with Nielsen to roll out on-demand commercial ratings, or C3, for participating networks.”

Basically, Comcast wants to flip the current advertising system upsides-down and have older episodes of primetime shows carrying the same commercial load as the most recent episode. Right now, Nielsen gives ratings credit only if the commercial ad load remains identical to the original episode.

All well and good, except that the same article quotes Matt Strauss, the senior vice president of video services, as saying Comcast customers can kiss their DVR fast-forward button goodbye.

While digital video recorders and services such as Dish’s AutoHopper infuriate programmers because they allow for fast forwarding of ads, Comcast’s video on-demand services disable fast forwarding.

“The money being lost by people fast-forwarding commercials is in the billions,” said Strauss.

We can argue the semantics of using the word “lost” to describe something advertisers failed to capture all day long, but the bottom line is this: most customers hate commercials and they don’t like them any better when they’re made unskippable by cable companies. People pay a premium for DVR services. Telling them they can’t do the one thing they’d most like to do is only going to increase the percentage of complaints.

DSLreports also points out that Comcast is still continuing its stealthy push towards capped broadband.

Comcast has slowly but surely been expanding their usage cap trials, predominately in less competitive Southern markets. Portions of Maine and Augusta, Georgia appear to be the latest market to face caps and overages. Augusta locals tell the local media they were surprised to suddenly see they had a 300 GB cap and had to pay $10 for every 50 GB they travel.

As usual, this is accompanied by spokespeople “informing” reporters that “most people” don’t use that much data and that sneaking in usage caps is the “fairest” way to make sure data hogs don’t use up all the internet (paraphrased). Of course, these caps have nothing to do with managing bandwidth. It’s just a way to make users pay more for their services. Comcast may find that many people don’t hit 300GB/month in usage now, but that’s likely to change in the future as streaming services like Netflix increase in popularity, as well as console manufacturers making active pushes for digital delivery.

In the short run, this activity hurts Comcast’s reputation while increasing its income only slightly. But if the foot’s in the door, it can rake in huge amounts of cash once these users switch towards data-heavy streaming services. It’s a long game, but one Comcast feels is well worth playing. Customers? Not so much. There’s a dearth of competition in the broadband market, and providers will very likely adopt usage caps even in competitive markets if any provider has already proven they can be instituted with minimal effect to its customer base.

Comcast’s CEO may be stinging a little from his company’s poor reputation, but expressing a little concern in an interview doesn’t do much towards mitigating the damage done by years of customer-unfriendly tactics. And, if these recent stories are any indication, there will be much more damage done in the future.

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Comments on “Comcast CEO Thinks Its Customer Service Problem Is Mostly A Matter Of Scale”

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Anonymous Coward says:

Re: As much as...

Where I live (and in many other municipalities)the rules would need to change. Cable service is a contractually guaranteed monopoly. And the last time any noise was made to change that, several local officials went on record stating how we are better of not being able to choose. No Google fiber for us…sigh.

out_of_the_blue says:

Weirdly targeted. Was Microsoft even considered?

The perennial WORST corporation in the world that affects the most people (at least a billion), actually charges for its bugs, directly causes extra expenses and staggering wastes of time from loss of service due to viruses besides stupid design, and doesn’t get the title?

Then only possible conclusion is that Microsoft wasn’t under consideration: Comcast is minor in comparison.

Civilization isn’t just to have a few highly “efficient” corporations concentrating wealth: it’s to provide FAIRNESS FOR ALL.

01:58:28[b-365-1] [ This suppresses the kids from fraud of using my screen name. ]

Anonymous Coward says:

Re: Re: Re:

You mean followed by Bank of America, THEN Comcast, THEN Ticketmaster.

I think though that that is the benchmark for truly bad customer service. It really says something (I mean it actually takes EFFORT) to be rated worse than TicketMaster in customer service. And Comcast has done this consistently for the last several years.

Namel3ss (profile) says:

Re: Re: Re: Re:

Touche, AC. Maybe one day I’ll share my BofA horror story of how I had to take them to court to prevent them wrongfully foreclosing on our house, but it’s probably nothing you haven’t already read before elsewhere.

I would not willingly do business with BofA ever again, under any circumstances, even if they were the last bank on earth. My mattress is far superior to those ass clowns.

out_of_the_blue says:

Re: Weirdly targeted. Was Microsoft even considered?

Blue I am still interested in how you’re little tag line suppresses anyone from fraud of your screen name.

You are the only person who knows what it means? Anybody can impersonate you!

03:21:00[b-365-2] [ This is some gay ass timestamp that only I understand, it wards off evil spirits I think ]

Rocco Maglio (profile) says:

Obama parties with this Brian Roberts

It seems that when Obama takes his yearly vacation to Martha’s Vineyard he stops by Brian Roberts house. They go golfing together. I don’t foresee Comcast having any issues from this administration. It is becoming less about your product and more about who you know. I will not be surprised if they buy Time Warner and that is approved by this administration.

Tim K (profile) says:

Yep, I just got a call for the first time last month, saying I had 30gb of the 300gb limit left last month. I got no notification before that that there even was a cap on the data, and when I clicked on the link in the email from them to view my usage, it doesn’t even take you to the right page! I couldn’t even find it on their shitty site, and had to go with my ddwrt estimates of usage

Anonymous Coward says:

Re: Re:

Verizon is way ahead of that with a different approach. A good while ago they abandoned expansion of FIOS and at some point (when it needs massive repairs) they will abandon the existing services too, just like they are doing with their copper POTS lines so that they can offer you wireless services where data caps are already the norm.

doubledeej (profile) says:

They are horrible

I have to use Comcast as my ISP because they’re the only ones in my area that offer speeds over 1.5 Mbps. And it has been horrible.

Every day my connection drops at least a couple times. And it isn’t my router. Comcast’s own gateway device shows that the connection is lost, often for multiple minutes at a time. Comcast’s techs reassure me that everything is fine and that there is nothing they can do.

Even when the connection is up, speeds are pretty inconsistent.

It isn’t like I live in the middle of nowhere, either. Suburban area, population of 300,000… with our neighboring sister city even having fiber available to most of its residents, and my city having fiber available to about half.

Comcast needs to go to bat for their customers. We need to feel like Comcast is there to help and represent us, not be adversarial. Right now everything they do feels very anti-consumer. That’s what needs to be fixed. A small percentage of their customers may be unhappy enough to be vocal, but I can’t imagine that the rest are actually happy with the service they are receiving. It may very well be that none of their customers like them.

TasMot (profile) says:

They seem to think its positive, but EVERYONE I know who has Comcast has many many many Comcastic moments when it doesn’t work. I telecommute full time and having cable Internet access is critical. I have a UPS on all my computers and networking components, I have a backup generator in case the power goes out, but I can’t replace the Internet access when a Comcastic moment occurs. Well, there is at least another option in my neighborhood, I could subscribe to FIOS also and double my monthly cost (at least double). Everybody I know that is stuck with Comcast knows what I mean when I say that I’m having a Comcastic moment and that it ain’t a good thing…..

Anonymous Coward says:

Comcast's networking support is beyond awful

I’ve worked in support organizations, run support organizations, and used support organizations for decades…and Comcast’s is one of the absolute worst imaginable. It’s apparently designed to make it as difficult as possible to actually reach someone who will LISTEN to the problem description, THINK about the possible causes, and then REASON about diagnostic and repair procedures.

Even when it’s possible to get to higher tiers of support, this continues. It’s blindingly obvious that Comcast has filled its support centers with completely untrained people and then has directed them to “solve” issues as rapidly as possible, for a value of “solve” meaning “get the customer off the phone”.

I would rather have dialup access than have to deal with Comcast.

Anonymous Coward says:

Re: Comcast's networking support is beyond awful

And many of the techs you speak to are beyond incompetent. Try to report an issue you detect with one of their DNS resolvers sometime. They will most likely try to walk you through a bunch of windows settings because the tech you speak with doesn’t know what DNS is and only knows how to read from a script without any understanding of what the stuff they are reading means. And if you ask to speak to a Level 2 tech, they will likely just transfer you back into the queue so you have to start all over with another clueless Level 1 tech that has no clue what they are doing.

Namel3ss (profile) says:

Re: Re:

Probably both. I mean they all suck independently, because of no competition. No cable company ever saw a monopoly and captive audience they didn’t like.

BUT… it always seems Comcast is the one that comes up with the really asshole-ish screw-the-customer-over-cuz-we-can-and-for-lulz schemes (data caps, throttling, bit torrent reset packet injection, not providing advertised speeds, etc.). And of course, the other operators fall in line right behind them because hey, why should Comcast have all the fun?

If Comcast really does buy Time Warner I am cancelling my service the day the sale is final. As bad as AT&T is, Comcast is worse.

weneedhelp (profile) says:

Comcast blows

My parents recently and briefly had Comcrap. The new routers they give away only allow the use of external DNS servers thus breaking any internal name resolution. So while I can ping I cannot ping momslaptop or momsprinter. They wouldnt help me through normal helpdesk support and wanted to charge me for another tier support to basically tell me that the new routers do not point back to themselves but to an external DNS. They only switched because Comcrap had slick salesmen running door to door offering sweet deals. – BTW their first tier support sounded dumbfounded when presented with why the router was giving an external IP for the DNS and couldnt grasp how that broke the internal network.

Comcast sucks because comcast sucks… not because it appears so because they have so many customers.

Anonymous Coward says:

Re: Re: Comcast blows

Bad advice… NAT breaks enough things, that double NAT is just asking for trouble. Better option is to pick up a Modem/Bridge or set their equipment up for as a bridge and use your own router. It sounds like he’s using a WINS server, and I would recommend upgrading to an actual DNS/OpenLDAP/AD setup.

TasMot (profile) says:

Re: Re: Re: Comcast blows

What I would suggest is that since Comcast charges $5.00 per month for their router (or $60 per year). Buy one of your own like a Buffalo router for $60. It will last 5 to 10 years and can be configured to your hearts desire AND save a lot of money in the long run. The Buffalo router comes with DNSmasq and DHCP, so it will work a Home network just fine with DNSmasq managing both the internal machines and forwarding to the external Internet when necessary.

Router Bill says:

Re: Re: Re:2 Comcast blows

Comcast charges $10.00 per month for a router, so I purchase my own. Everything was fine until I moved. Now, they’re billing be $80 for not returning the router. Three months and many phone calls, they’re still insisting that I paid for the router that I never had.

TasMot (profile) says:

Re: Re: Re:3 Comcast blows

I have one that is even better than that. When I upgraded to HD service, the technician came out and swapped out the boxes. When he left he forgot the old box. I expected that sometime soon he would come back and get it. Finally, about six months later I wanted out of my house, so I personally drove it over to the Comcast office. When I handed it to the girl I started telling her what happened. Then she looked up and told me it was stolen. So I said, “Oh, yeah, I stole the box from my own house and then I came here and told you who I am including my home address to give you back the box I stole from myself”. She said it’s marked stolen. So very slowly I said “Of course, the technician could never make a mistake and then mark the box stolen to cover his butt and I am so stupid that I stole a box and brought it back to you for no money, just to turn myself in, right?” She just stared at me so I walked out.

Bill from Maine((snow avoider in Leesburg) says:

Re: Re: Re:3 Comcast blows

Can’t understand what the legislators in Comcast’s service area are’nt raising HELL in the Fl legistlature about the poor service their constituents are getting–with a monopoly as well–so being the case that these legistllators are apparently selling out They should be voted OUT!
In Maine, That’s what would happen!

Anonymous Coward says:

After years of being a comcast customer (through no other broadband selections available) We finally had FIOS deployed.

As soon as I could switch I did. The joy of not being treated like a child every time I have to call for something technical is paramount.

Traffic shaping, outages, bandwith caps and crappy speed/price ratios (in addition to the clueless support people) really will make me never ever think of comcast again.

Anonymous Coward says:

It may be over 400 million and that doesn’t count any online interactions which I think is over a billion.

That’s the problem, Mr. Roberts, we can’t be entirely certain that you think anymore.

Maybe you should actually research the common causes of these complaints and how they are resolved. Then you can start ‘thinking’ what is ‘right’ to you again.

anonymouse says:

Googs and friends

This is where the monopoly needs to go to if there is going to be a monopoly. Google needs to demand a complete monopoly for them and those they see as competitive in areas they service, cutting out any competition , then maybe after a few years of building infrastructure that provides their services Comcast and there ilk will be demanding monopoly is the last thing the country needs and even in the areas they have a monopoly Google can take over.

John Fenderson (profile) says:

Re: just out of curiosity...

I use Comcast, and find their actual service “adequate” in that it works well enough for my purposes. However, it’s not great. And it is incredibly overpriced. The nanosecond that I have another option, I’ll ditch Comcast for it.

My main beef with Comcast is that they insist on doing things that are harmful to the internet, to freedom, and to the business of providing internet service in general.

Anonymous Coward says:

Re: Re: just out of curiosity...

“My main beef with Comcast is that they insist on doing things that are harmful to the internet, to freedom, and to the business of providing internet service in general.”

John, just wondering if you could clarify. Everything that I’ve seen them do is more BS than damaging. (Caps, DVR, etc…) I’ve talked a few times with John Brzozowski, one of the head engineers for Comcast. I’ve never really known them to be anything but pretty straight forward on the networking side of things.

John Fenderson (profile) says:

Re: Re: Re: just out of curiosity...

I’m not talking about their engineering, I’m talking about their political activities (lobbying in support of things that are trying to turn the internet into a lock-down broadcast medium, tiered internet, etc.), their pricing policies and usage caps, their monopolistic behavior in terms of actively working to keep any potential competitors out of the space, and so forth.

They are a pretty nasty company.

The Wanderer (profile) says:

Re: just out of curiosity...

I have Comcast Internet access, and it’s mostly pretty good.

We have had our horror stories in the past, primarily in recurring periods of ridiculous network latency which repeated rounds of techs couldn’t figure out (partly because it often wasn’t occurring while they were present), but they did eventually track it down and get it fixed – although it took a few months.

What we actually have is “Comcast Business Class” service. It’s somewhat more expensive per month than what we had before (especially given that we have to get our cable TV as a separate package), but it lets us get a static external IP, it exempts us from BitTorrent restrictions AFAIK, and I think it also exempts us from monthly usage caps.

So their attempt to upsell people to higher price tiers is working in our case – but we get service that’s at least mostly satisfactory, at a price we can still live with.

I still despise many of their larger policies, but I’m willing to believe that they do honestly care in most cases.

Richard (profile) says:

Lies, damned lies, and... Comcast press releases and FAQs

“…spokespeople “informing” reporters that “most people” don’t use that much data…”


Top 5 Data Usage FAQs

What is the average usage of people on your network today?

XFINITY Internet customers? median monthly data usage is 17 GB per month.

(emphasis added)

Now, class, let’s review “measures of centrality” – mean (average), mode, and median. Mode is just the most frequently occurring value. Median is the value above and below which exactly half of the values fall. Mean is the numerical average. A small median can be entirely consistent with a very large mean. For instance, consider the set O = {0, 0, 1, 1000, 1000}. The median is 1 – half the values (the 0’s) are below 1, and half (the 1000’s) are above it. The mean on the other hand is about 400, quite a bit bigger than 1.

So, what does it mean when Comcast cites the median in response to questions about the average monthly use? Other than Comcast is lying, there’s no way to be sure.

For related fun and games, check out…

Mark says:

Network Fees

Like it or not, cable TV networks make money in two ways: fees from cable companies, and advertising.

One reason that our cable bills have increased in recent years is that websites like this one, Facebook, the Times, the Post, and everything else are attracting ad dollars that used to go to TV. In reaction, programmers demand more in cable fees, which inevitably gets passed on to consumers.

Second, fast forward disable is annoying to consumers, but by promising that feature to programmers, the cable company has leverage to pay lower fees, thus preventing consumer prices from increasing as much.

Frankly, most of us want great programming, lots of it, low fees, and no ads. Common sense suggests these are not simultaneously achievable.

William Briskin (profile) says:

Comcast is an awful company!!!

I don’t think the scale of Comcast has anything to do with their horrible customer service. They have a monopoly in the Boynton Beach, FL market. There are no other choices. I have had Comcast service (bundled TV, phone & internet) since 2006 and it has not performed satisfactorily on a consistent basis since it was installed. Comcast Customer Service people are always nice but they are inept at resolving issues. I have had so many technicians at my home over the past 8 years and we continue to have issues every few months. If another option existed I would switch immediately. The worst thing is they charge you for a technician to come out to your home when their service is not performing satisfactorily and CEO Brian Roberts thinks his company is NOT awful. I think we have identified the biggest problem. The CEO is in denial!!!

Anonymous Coward says:

Comcast had very bad customer service!!!

I called them the 6th times and they could not fix their problems! I returned the Comcast cable modem and the local office told me that I was all settle. Then I saw the statement, keep saying that I need to pay the rental fee and later fee. I called for the 6th time and they still want to blame me and ask me to pay first. I simply could not take it. It’s their fault and they want me to pay them first!

I would rather that they raise the price! But they try to sneak in these extra charge! The modem was given free to me and it’s pretty old, and now they want to charge customers for the rental fee. It’s simply cooked up by some people in Comcast to steal some money from its customers.

Al Chetti says:, comcast

I’ve had at least 100 hours of bad communication with comcast, trying to fix things they messed up, like disconnecting my prepaid basic cable to extort money they think i owe! That’s another issue…

I remember when TV was free and then advertising came along to defray costs. Why is it that now, we pay moron filled companies like comcast ridiculous amounts of money for TV, yet still are bombarded with commercials? Change the channel, commercial, change it again, commercial, over and over. It’s more commercials than programming. You charge us for TV…NO COMMERCIALS!

JUSTIN says:


I tried upgrading our service Jan 2014. this residence has been a customer for about 20 years with Comcast since 1994 when they bought out the local cable company. The first tech that came out was a Comcast technician who we had to reschedule with due to out outrageous pricing for redoing our inside wiring.
After $400 of rewiring my house with cat 6 cable and high speed LAN and being promised a new out side drop line. I had to argue with a contractor to call his supervisor because the contractor that added an additional box split off the amplifier which caused our service to cut out even more than what it had before they started. The tech told us that the signal coming in to the house was -8 db when their spec was suppose to be -10 to+10 db. Even after i told the supervisor that the outside line had been damaged when tree branches fell on it multiple times and i had to rehang it and that our service had been cutting out before we upgraded and the original tech had told us that the line coming into the house would be replaced, I had to threaten to throw their equipment out into the street and cut down their wire from the pole to get him to agree to install the new outside line. After 3 days of waiting at home 8 am – 8 pm missing work and school the new line was installed and i still was loosing service.I tried using the better business bureau next. THIS IS COMPLETELY USELESS!!!!! TO GET A BBB RATING OF A+ COMPANIES ONLY NEED TO RESPOND EVEN IF THEIR RESPONSE IS TO TELL YOU SORRY YOUR S.O.L OR F.U. This got me a response that gave me my 7th work order number. They sent out a tech. I made him measure/test every out let after they cleaned up a rats nest of wire the first tech left hidden in our attic. ( Tech even took pictures to back bill the contractor that originally short-cutted our install. Dimetrea from Executive level care was responsible for this BBB complaint twice now she has tried to close the complaint with out verifying my issue was resolved. I was only issued 1 $25 credit for a missed visit when they had missed 3 days worth of appointments. and They claim I was issued a $45 credit toward my 1st months bill but that was part of the original promotional deal, Our first bill was $345 after their credits for phone internet and high def TV. This is no where near the advertised rate of $120 our next bill was $160 with taxes. Apparently no matter how much time they waste of yours its only worth $25. Their guarantee is completely worthless and is false advertising. Just like their ad claiming they our better than U verse and it old wires. They our using old wires just the same and even if you are at the bottom of their specification its good enough. If you want your equipment installed right ask the tech for their tech number if they give you a phone number kick them out of you house!!!! If you get a 4 digit number you can relax a little your equipment will be installed half ass right. And be prepared for them to try to talk over your head like your an idiot. This is the mistake 3 of the tech made. I am electronics tech my self! I had -8 db signal coming in to an amplifier and then split off on a 3 way slitter. This Crappy installation is acceptable to them!!!!!!

If you are having similar issues file complaint with the BBB 1st, the attorney general of your state 2nd and the FCC 3rd. There are many people out there trying to fight the monopoly of Comcast. If your like most people like me your choices are CRIME CAST OR SCREW VERSE. THIS IS CALLED A MONOPOLY AND IT IS SUPPOSE TO BE RESTRICTED AND REGULATED. SO WHY ARE WE FORCED TO CHOOSE BETWEEN LACK OF SERVICE AND NO SERVICE OR PAY OUT A$$ FOR SERVICE WE DON’T GET?





pissedoffcustomer says:

Poor service

When you call a company for help because their on demand movies are not working (because not all HD movies are not being broadcasted in the same format HDMI vs Component) and the person answering the phone is too busy celebrating with their coworker that they reached their weekly goals, and when you ask to speak with a manager to get some service, and the manager makes up excuses and says they are having a party is why the rep couldn’t help is inexcusable…then the rep hangs up because they don’t want to deal with the call. I had to call back on three different occasions over two weeks before getting a rep that could try to solve the problem but in the end couldn’t figure it out….still to this day…ridiculous.

Jenn I. says:

Bad about customer service

The point is that this CEO only care for his bottom line. How much money will he earn at the end of each merger?! Come on! I understand volume and numbers, but did you ever try to test your theory. Do you have comcast/xfinity? Try calling customer service 5 x because you do not have internet, lan line and cable. You will get 5 people to try to help with bare minimal knowledge and can not give you a straight answer. I have worked customer service for over 6 years. Attaining good CSR has to do with proper training. Provide your CSR with knowledge for trouble shooting, knowledge about the company, access to proper tools, some authority to voice their opinion to the higher ups for ideas to retain customers. Do you even have customer service reports to show what is really going in your own company? While working on conquering the mass business, spend time to work on customer retention!!! It only takes a those few customers to give your company a bad name, before you are out of business someday….

Jeff Justis says:

Customer Service is not Priority for the CEO

Mr. Roberts does not have control over customer service. Even desperate attempts to get Mr. Roberts to step in and get a small business phone and internet up and running don’t get action. He may assign someone in his headquarters to follow up, but the local offices resist, make up “facts” that are not accurate, and don’t resolve the problem. Where customer service is concerned, Mr. Roberts does not control Comcast.

Tom says:

Comcast Service

This is the WORST company to deal with on the planet!! They could care less about the customer and have very incompetent employees!! It took them 2 weeks to move equipment in my business after THEY rescheduled 3 times, the tech showed up and said he couldn’t perform the task. I needed an advanced tech he said and so I was rescheduled again! I asked to move 2 numbers from one location and port them to another and it took 4 hours and 16 people to do this!! Completely unacceptable!! I wanted to cancel and they told me it would cost over $2000!! I explained the service was horrible and didn’t want to be their customer! I was told they care about customer service but would not allow me to cancel the contract! Why would any company want to have a customer that hates them and their service is beyond me!! I am planning on sharing this story as much as possible so that others will know what to expect when signing up with comcast. It caused a disruption in my business and I am now using AT&T who have been fantastic! I really wish the CEO of this company could take a second realize its not always about the bottom line!! If they cared about customer service I wouldn’t be writing here and they would realize unhappy customers will cost them more than the collecting money from unhappy customers!! I feel I will be having a lot of service calls coming in the next 28 months of this horrible relationship!!

Jon Hartwell says:

no 2 ways around it - Comcast service SUCKS

Comcast Business “Service” sucks – 9 hour outage – 2 missed appointments and their response is simply, “I’m sorry”. They promise 2 hrs appointment windows and 4 hour response time – when they can’t meet it, they say, “we are doing our best”. Guess their best REALLY sucks.

T.J. O'Brien says:


We’ve had cable TV since 1974 in 3 homes and 3 states. The best service we’ve had was from Verizon and the worst is from Comcast. At any given time the picture, HD, the sound have issues. They fix it for awhile, but the problem always seems to return. The only thing that comes in good is the bill every month. They make sure of that.

Anonymous Coward says:

I have had Comcast for one month, and they are by far the worst company, of any kind, that I have ever done business with. The service, CABLE, never worked correctly from day ONE, and it is DEAD RIGHT NOW, been dead the whole Labor Day 3 day weekend, and I don’t expect things to get better..I have made over 25 calls to customer service the last month, and 90% of them were to CLUELESS people. Many of them to The Philippines and Columbia where they barely could be understood by me. This CEO is CLUELESS, too. I had Cox cable before now, and they were sky high pricewise, but their customer service was pretty good. They spun on a dime every time I called with service or equipment problems, which wasn’t very often. If I weren’t stuck with Comcast, local monopoly, I would drop them for DirecTV…

Anonymous Coward says:

After my Internet stopped working, I called Comcast. They told me to buy a new modem, which I did ($85). Still no wi-fi. A dozen of calls later–more than half of them dropped by Comcast–I still don’t have my wi-fi, AND I am out of $85. Comcast “supervisor” has finally told me to go out and buy a new router ($119), but they wouldn’t mend the lapse in service to date. The apparent lack of care in “customer care” is really disconcerting. It is like… they literally don’t care. And I have been a customer of ten years! Can Comcast’s abusive, incompetent, rude, and shameless “customer service” degrade any further?

Joan Shaughnessey says:

Customer Service

Comcast and especially their current CEO needs to pay better attention to their customers’ complaints regarding their customer service because the winds of their good fortune could change overtime when they are no longer the only or big guy on the block. Customer loyalty goes along with good customer service—-a fact of life they should never ignore!

michael says:

comcast sucks!

They are the worst company in America ! They need to be shut down by the FCC! New services coming out like google fiber and apple TV sure to put them out of business! I cant wait! They charge you for services they cant deliver. defective set top boxes, Worst customer service in America, They simply don’t care about your needs. When will something be done?

robin bertrand says:

you really need to focus on customer needs

My sister tried for months to lower our bill because we we getting charged for extra boxes we did not have and channels we never ever ordered. We moved and and the comcast guy took inventory of what we returned. He installed new updated stuff but to find out we were being charged extras boxes that did not exsit in our home. My sister spent time and time again on the phone to tell them what we had in our home and what we ordered. To no avail we were still being charge an out rageous amount of money each month.
We canceled Comcast and returned all of the boxes plus cables and remotes. Come to find out our bill was like a grand cuz we did not return stuff. We did we have the reciept. So a guy from Comcast showed up at my door today. I was pissed and told him we were honest people and did the right thing and told him to get the F off my property. I am very upset that no one listened to us from the get go when we moved. Now a 1000.00 bill. F you comcast CEO you need a better way.

Ron says:

Mr CEO is misinformed

No, Mr. CEO. The issue with Comcast is you use people from India to handle 99% of your customer service calls and the truth is, while these people may SPEAK English, that does not mean the fully COMPREHEND English. Especially when it is an upset customer who is speaking faster than normal since they are frustrated. I spent 2 weeks calling Comcast, spoke to 22 reps (several with screaming kids in the background) and could not get ANYONE to understand or resolve my issue. I finally found a customer service number based in the USA (866-372-4215) and my issue was resolved in 15 minutes.

george says:

so true

I fully agree with the title.Comcast sucks.its been a nightmare for 8 month now.they took 190 dollar from my bank account and I never got credit for it and when I call them they say they never I even faxed them copies of my bank statements saying they took the money out.after 8 months hundreds of phone calls and twice I faxed copies and to this date they still havnt fixed I agree the worst company in America.

sandra fitzgerald says:

phone service cut off

On Sept 25th I called to set an appointment to move my services on oct. 13. Fri, am at 7 am I noticed my landlines phone was cut off. After talking to at least 15 people in 2 days no one knew what to do. Finally this morning while my son was on the phone with a supposed tech s opportunity person I decided to Google comcast. I got a tech support person named Annabel in 2 sentences I told her the problem. She looked up my record. 10 minutes later my phone rang it was her the phone was back on. I have been customer since early 80s. Why couldn’t 15 people figure it out. So frustrating.

sniffilupicus says:

What fucking planet is this CEO on?

The customer service is so deplorable, I cannot say enough. I have spoken with them three days in a row, only to be shipped off to a call center in Jamaica or Haiti. WTF?!!! Then they try and talk me into staying, and when I say no, they put me on hold for ten minutes, then the line disconnects. I am actually sitting here on hold as I speak, waiting to be disconnected once again. I was told this was an actual American customer service person, but I am once again in Jamaica or Haiti. At least fly me there so I can sit on a beach with an umbrella drink while I am getting screwed.

Nathan malone (profile) says:

comcast service

I called and ordered comcast services and in the same day was told one price to start then got an email saying a different price with a 50 dollar increase called to get feedback on this and got a 45 dollar increase once more. The tech I talked to refused to let me talk to a supervisor her name was penny needless to say I canceled my appointment never get this company pkease

Yasayra says:


Had a appointment today with Comcast cable from 11 to1 O’Clock no one never showed up no one ever called so I called about 5 times and every representative give me a different answer why didn’t come to my house one was the service guy was sick the other one was he and pick up his phone excuses excuses I will never go to comcast again never. they are liars and crooks do not trust them and don’t go there because you will be upset like I am about now

denise (profile) says:

comcast Bad customer service

Been going through a nightmare w comcast for months. Technical support?? they do not know a how to answer a simple ? re/ Hd to boxes or remotes/ DAAA!! I give up. There r no choices for cable in My region. is satalilite the best option. Im done Com C. what do u get when u put words, stupid and comcaste, in a web search, first hit I got on google was “Comcast sucks B—S.. Great blogs!

Phyllis Frazier says:

customer service

Comcast has became such a large conglomerent that the customer doesn’t matter anymore. I have been with the same cable company for over twenty years before Comcast bought out the company I was with. So long ago I cann’t even think of the companies name it was before. It was so easy to get someone on the phone you could understand when they spoke. Now you have to listen very carfully because the call centers are in India now to where you you cannot understand half the time. I have been past back and forth some many times on this last problem I have to where I just HATE. I think that everyone in the whole company has my phone number, address and last 4 of my social. It is really rediculous. I know this sounds horrible but I just know this company must be owned by the devil himself one that dosn’t care whom they piss off. I don’t like this word but HATE is the only thing i can think of when it comes to this company.

Jeff O says:

Comcast Is Criminal

Guess it’s my fault for not reading all the fine print but Comcast has the ability to change channel lineups without notifying customers and then charge more money to get the previous channels back. All the comcast executives should be locked up in prison for the rest of their lives for the crap they pull on the innocent people expecting good service. Of all the cable and satellite providers I’ve had over many years, comcast is by far the worst for customer service and service providers. Unfortunately, we don’t always have a choice in who we get for a cable supplier making it a monopoly. Shame on comcast for providing suchs a crappy service and pulling the wool over peoples eyes by the use of fine print. Looking forward to the end of my contract and going to go back to Direct TV where at least I didn’t get screwed time and time again.

Kevin palmer (profile) says:

Comcast Service

In my opinion, the FCC needs to start the steps to change the status of Comcast to a PUBLIC UTILITY.

They would be regulated and required to live to standards of service and reliability that the Telco’s were heldnto.

Nothing short of this will get a highly profitable company to committ the resources needed to fix the Roberts quagmire.

Have a friend who had all 3 services go out in VA today.

The handy dandy techie could not Ping her modem. Determined the modem needed to be replaced. She had already spoken with 4 neighbors who all had the same problem. Must have been an entire shipment of defective modems in the area.

Offered to send a tech out 68 hours later to check. Then to RUB SALT IN THE WOUND, they added insult in the very inexpensuve for tyem offer of a credit for the SIXTY EIGHT HOURS OF NON SERVICE!!


bill fleming says:


Those comments are wrong. The company is greedy and charges way too much for inadequate service. These are not a handful of complaints they are nation wide. I have relatives all over Illinois and Tennessee with the same problems. To paint the picture as a small problem is an insult to their customers. Their system needs a total revamp. They need to rid themselves of India and people who don’t really know either about computers or TV. No matter what state they claim to be from their accent gives them away. Is Comcast owned by India? I thought it was an American company. Their phone system and internet connections are bad. Sometimes even the TV is bad. The CEO needs to get a taste of reality.

Name Withheld says:

Cancelled with Xfinity / Comcast after 25 years

I finally cancelled after 25 years. Originally Comcast was great service, but since the merger with Xfinity they suck rotten eggs. And their customer service out of the Philippines or wherever it is located sucks rotten eggs and eats carrion. Xfinity has been charging me a HD technology fee and for an HD converter for 2 years. HD service is not even available in my area. Finally after numerous calls over the last 24 months they took the fees off, but they will only credit me for 4 months of incorrect billing “per policy”. THIEVES!! Apparently non of the moronic SC agents put anything in the notes as to why I have been calling for the past 24 months. There is a record of my calls but no notes as to why. Now they have messed up channel lineup. My account shows channels on demand. On demand is not available for my area. I am done with them. They are the worst company of 2017 in my book. I am glad to be done with them.

tom says:

poor service

my wife has been on the phone since 15:00 to complain about low levels from our gateway. Since she has been on the phone she has been disconnected 3xsd, the internet service to my home is dead. My wife has been routed to people who say they are supervisors, but I think you all are jerking us around. There there been two techs on site who have replace the modems twice which fix some issues. One of the modems was bad. The current tech will not send a qualified tech here until Friday. I know you don’;t care about your customers. I am considering going to Morgan and Morgan to sue your corp. for theft of services and to ask them is there might be a class action against your corp. Or you can send some qualified people to fix my system. I used to be an officer of a major NYC ban in charge of their credit card, savings, etc. systems and the level of service I see here is totally unacceptable. Please fix my internet issues before I escallate this further. I have heard from my neaghbors that they also have concerns. Please fix you service issues.


This has got to be the worst company in the US for Customer Service. All I need is a new clicker for my TV. Do you think I can get anyone at the company. They say the have folks working from home/ Poor employees to have to work for a company that does not care at all for the customer, not only the employees. Your offices are closed and I;m sure that you are saving money not having to pay good people. I bet all the corporate people didn’t have to lose pay, but they could be on the phone lies helping people. Then they would know how sorry the customer service of Comcast really is.

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