Class Action Lawsuit Filed Against Apple Because Siri Doesn't Always Work Right

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Technology doesn’t always work quite as well as the advertisements claim. But is that any reason to sue? Apparently, yes. Some guy is trying to kick off a class action lawsuit against Apple because Siri doesn’t work quite as well as it does in the TV ads. I imagine this lawsuit is going nowhere fast. Perhaps next time the guy should try asking Siri for legal advice…

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Comments on “Class Action Lawsuit Filed Against Apple Because Siri Doesn't Always Work Right”

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Anonymous Coward says:

Re: Re: Re:


It was probably under the “Trade Practices Act” under the section dealing with false advertising – the product as advertised does not match the actual product to the extent that the advertising may cause the consumer to be mislead as the the quality, quantity, fitness for purpose etc.

The consumer does not have to take any legal action at all! They just submit a complaint to the ACCC, they then investigate and when necessary impose whatever remedies they like (within what is allowed in the Act), if the company does not like it, the company then has to take the ACCC to court – not the consumer.

Remedies include forced withdrawal of the false advertising, corrective advertising, public apologies in the same media where the false advertising appeared (same prominence, same page, same fonts or larger, at least the same amount of time that the false advertising was seen, same tv advertising slots etc).

Its funny how we get advertising with things like slightly lop-sided burgers, models (pretending to be everyday people in everyday situations) that don’t look air-brushed etc!

Anonymous Coward says:


I think people who bought an iphone 4 assuming Siri was usefull totally deserves a refund on both the phone and be let out of the contract they entered to get the phone and lawsuit should only come into play if the refund is denied.

As a professional software developer I knew Siri was bunk from the star, but I suspsed the average apple user would assume the product would “just work” as most of apple’s products which is why they pay the premium price for scaled-down features.

TFP (profile) says:

Some dude here in the UK tried the same thing, got laughed out of court, but it did mean I checked out the advert for the phone, and it basically is an ad for Siri, as in she acts like a personal secretary and understands the questions you ask it. As far as I’m concerned that’s not just stretching the truth, it’s bending it 90 degree’s to reality.

Yet it’s still playing on British TVs, even tho’ it’s patently a lie.

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