Canadians Respond To Internet Spying Bill By 'Revealing All' To Politician Backing It

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We recently wrote about a new effort in Canada around “lawful access” (a nice way of saying internet spying by government). The really ridiculous part was that the Public Safety Minister pushing the bill, Vic Toews pulled out the ridiculous logical fallacy that anyone against the bill was “for child pornography.” That, of course, is insane. But, because this is the internet, it responds as it does best, by creating a meme. Tons of people on Twitter are revealing all sorts of random information with Toews on Twitter using the hashtag #TellVicEverything. Apparently a bunch of people are leaving him voicemails as well. Watching the Twitter feed is fun, as you find out when people go to sleep, when they wake up and when they have trouble sleeping. Then there are some amusing confessional tweets, like the person who confesses using zucchini instead of meat in spaghetti sauce, or the person who admits to lying to a telemarketer when asked if he’s “busy.” Who knows if Toews will back down, but when you become a national joke, perhaps it’s time to rethink your legislative strategy.

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Comments on “Canadians Respond To Internet Spying Bill By 'Revealing All' To Politician Backing It”

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Gothenem (profile) says:

I, being a Canadian, cannot stand this guy. He thinks that if I want to keep my right to privacy, guaranteed to me by the Canadian Charter of Rights and Freedoms, that I am essentially aiding and accepting child pornography in Canada.

This is rediculous in the extreme. To take away the rights of thirty million Canadians just to catch a few child pornographers? Especially when police have caught over 30 child pornographers in Canada over the last 2 years.

Vic Toews is a part of a problem in most developed countries. They are politicians who feel a need to take away our rights so they can “keep us safe” without ever really knowing how to do that.

:Lobo Santo (profile) says:


Well, to point out parallels:
In the US Constitution the citizens are guaranteed the right to a speedy trial.
However, when they go to court the first thing they’re required to waive prior to proceedings IS their right to a speedy trial.

Which is why you’ll have people who’ve spent years in prison prior to their trial–literally “innocent” people being kept in prison for multiple years.
It’s disgusting–reeks of the corruption in the system.

TtfnJohn (profile) says:

There’s a bit or irony in that they introduced the bill near Valentine’s Day a day kids just love then attached it to kiddie porn.

Anyway, back to the leak, News reports say that they’ve tracked down the IP of the poster and it comes from an IP address in the House of Commons. Toews has asked the Speaker of the House to conduct and investigation into who it is or who it might be.

One way or another, you know, when you live your life in public people are going to find out things about your past even including a very nasty divorce. And that’s what got spread all over Twitter.

Worse than the warrentless search itself is that Teows went back of the promise of his predecessor that such a thing would never happen.

Anonymous Coward says:


Toews is a minister. He knows you don’t protect people by taking away their rights, he knows this leads to tyranny and dictatorship, which is much worse than a society where 1000 people download child porn.

He must be passing this law to control the masses. Once you know what people think, what they do and everything they say to each other, you can stop legal protests before they happen, you can shill and spread propaganda very effectively (you know exactly what will convince your strongest opponents), you can prevent the leaders of opponent groups from doing their job… the possibilities are endless, but they all come down to controlling society.

I’ll die before I bend.

Pete Braven (profile) says:

Internet Spying Bill??

Hang on a minute, there have already been many people arrested for what they post/download from the Internet. As several other less official bodies have proved, if you go on the net anywhere,the chances are someone is going to find out. Creating a ‘bill’ isn’t going to start anything, it might actually make it harder for the Canadian govt. to use such evidence!
Being a politician does not require technical knowledge obviously!

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