Protest Via Plugin: Facebook Users Bring The Fight To Lamar Smith's Website

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As the front mouth of SOPA, Lamar Smith isn’t taking any more chances with his website. After the whole “I swear this picture was already here when I got the site” debacle, Smith’s new site isn’t taking any chances. Why, you can’t even send a disgruntled email to the man unless you have a zip code in his district. That would be fine if his legislation only affected the people in the 21st Congressional District of Texas, but not so fine if you’re shepherding through a bill that affects not just the contiguous 48 states, but the entire world, if deployed as intended.

But, despite all this lockdown and proper image sourcing, Lamar forgot about the single thing he wants to regulate most: the internet. Like anyone wishing to appear “connected” (and that includes congressmen who don’t want to hear from anyone but specific Texans), Smith has installed a Facebook plugin on his site, so that with a quick glance, incoming visitors can see just how well-“Liked” the congressman actually is.

And just like that, all his best laid plans start unraveling:

How’s that social media thing working for you now, Congressman? Looks like this whole Facebook protest-by-proxy is just another “gimmick.”

By the way, here’s a quick link to the Senator’s Facebook page as well as a few (hundred!) images that will make your stance on the issue crystal clear. You know what to do.

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Comments on “Protest Via Plugin: Facebook Users Bring The Fight To Lamar Smith's Website”

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John Doe says:

Now you see why they want to regulate the internet and speech

They can’t control the internet so they want the power to regulate it and speech on the internet. Oh sure, this bill on the surface looks like it is about piracy and counterfeiting, but it gives the MPAA/RIAA what they want while at the same time allowing the government to shutdown anyone and everyone they don’t like.

ArkahnX (profile) says:

Lamar Smith's Website

Somehow the first thing I read on Lamar Smith’s website is this: “Creating Jobs and the President’s Plan
We know what will help create jobs in this country ?lifting the burden of regulations that is strangling small businesses.”

Isn’t that exactly the opposite of what he is trying to do with SOPA and PIPA?

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