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More Senators Dropping Off As Co-Sponsors Of PIPA

from the welcome-to-the-club-of-internet-protectors dept

We’ve already noted that Senator Marco Rubio dropped his co-sponsorship of PIPA, and now John Boozman has done the same, as have <a href=http://thehill.com/blogs/hillicon-valley/technology/204895-hatch-latest-to-reverse-support-of-piracy-bill” target=”_blank”>Senators Orrin Hatch and Roy Blunt. On the House side, Rep. Ben Quayle has also dropped support. On top of that, plenty of non-sponsors in both the House and the Senate have spoken out today to say they don’t support the bills either… Would list them all, but running between meetings in the Senate to see if we might be able to get a few more names on this list… more later.

UPDATE: Just learned that Pennsylvania Congressman Tim Holden is withdrawing his co-sponsorship of SOPA.

UPDATE: And now Senator James Inhofe (thanks johnjac).

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Comments on “More Senators Dropping Off As Co-Sponsors Of PIPA”

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Loki says:

Orin Hatch is a big one.

This is a man who once suggested the entertainment industry get a special exemption for breaking into people’s computer, and perhaps if a few people got their computer destroyed, maybe they’d learn top respect copyright more.

when even he start backpedaling from a copyright bill, you know it has problems.

Rick Falkvinge (profile) says:

Re: Re: Re:

Of course they don’t. The copyright and patent monopolies are limitations in property rights to begin with.

If you pay for a DVD, it becomes yours under principles of property rights. Copyright and patent monopolies make sure that the manufacturer can limit those property rights of yours.

So it’s completely logical that monopoly maximalists disregard property rights.

Nina Paley (profile) says:

Um, yay I guess

I’m imagining everyone in Congress shaking each others’ hands, saying, “Victory! Now we have twice as many funders to choose from! Who wants to be funded by Tech now? Rubio? Boozman? Hatch? And whoever wants to stick with Hollywood can get twice as much now! Twice as much money for Congress! Let’s have a party!”

Hans says:

Sen. Cantwell (D,WA) does not support PIPA

Called the offices of my congress memebers. For what it’s worth, after explaining the reason for my call, Cantwell’s staffer told me specifically that Senator Cantwell does not support PIPA.

Left message for Sen. Murray (D,WA) (lines were busy!), and spoke with staffer for Rep. Inslee (D,WA-1).

I let all three know that I would not vote for them should they support these bills in any form, and I would actively urge others to do the same.

Revelati says:

I’ll bet google threatened to go offline for a day and it sunk SOPA faster than a rock off the Italian coast. Turns out that when the media that 2/3 of the world population looks at every day tries to get a message across, people take notice. If Hollywood is so upset they could just go on strike too, but they know it would just drive people to watch more user generated content on YouTube. Low cost+high creativity is the future of media, you can’t just throw money and slack jawed superstars at a rehashed script and expect people to think it’s good value anymore.

So take that! you backwards and bloated entertainment industry. While you were sleeping with your outmoded distribution models and corporate salaries that would make an enron executive blush, the world left you behind and sided with companies that create value by distributing information for free, that’s right, FREE. That little word that also happens to be the basis of another word FREEDOM, something we seem to have forgotten about in this country.

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