DailyDirt: 20/20 Sight for Sore Eyes

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Wearing glasses can be annoying, and some people find it so inconvenient that they’ll try almost anything to correct their vision without wearing spectacles. Technology comes to the rescue with a few other options. Caveat emptor!

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Comments on “DailyDirt: 20/20 Sight for Sore Eyes”

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Marcus Carab (profile) says:

Heh, those Lasik directions are hilarious (direct link to the ridiculous comic)

It kind of feels like the opposite of a time I looked up how to make salt-and-vinegar popcorn seasoning. It was a belaboured, over-detailed ten-step recipe, and somewhere around step seven it said “add vinegar powder”

That recipe could have been one line long. “Step 1: Vinegar powder exists.”

Nicedoggy says:

Maybe because dogs have tapetum lucidum that concentrates light.


That study about how much light there is and eye problems could be true though and I’m inclined to believe in it, because it just makes sense.

People who worked in mines develop eye problems, people who works in aircontrol also develop the same thing, also there is the outdoor thing and one of the biggest causes of eye problems is vascular problems which are higher in people who expend most of their time inside.


eye problems due to the low light in which the miners have been living for these past two months

Source: http://www.geekosystem.com/chilean-miners-what-next/

Eyes do adapt to the quantity of light they receive daily, so is not that far-fetched to assume that less light could mean less need for perfect vision on the body for some reason, also there are at least 3 studies pointing to the same thing so there is something about quantity of light and eye sight, or could be that outside people exercise more and have better cardio since a lot of eye problems develop because of vascular problems.

Nicedoggy says:

I guess we will need to wait until they explore the subject a bit more for them to find the answer.

Maybe the sun stimulates the production of some vitamin that is necessary for eye maintenance, maybe is about the body getting rid of some eye cells that don’t need to be used in low light conditions, maybe is about exercise, nobody knows yet, what they did observe is that people who get more sunshine have better eyesight for some unknown reason.

But since it is still an unknown, it may not hurt to spend more time outside or under brighter lights.

Anonymous Coward says:


Myopia can have many causes, actually, and most scientist are still trying to tweak them all out.

Firstly, there’s genetics. If both your parents wear glasses, the chances that you will wear glasses can be in excess of 90%. They’re still trying to detect which genes are responsible but last I looked there were some 20 loci of interest.

Then there’s the environment. The study hasn’t been released so I can’t talk about it, but light quality does play a role; light outdoors is ‘better’ than indoor lighting.

Schmoo says:

Being surrounded by less-well-lit-than-evolved-for objects in closer-than-evolved-for proximity, just as your body is developing, is correlated with short-sightedness… I thought that research had established this years ago?

Correlation/causation aside, it’s certainly not much of a stretch of the imagination. Next you’ll be telling me that the reason I’m the size of a small car is because I eat 7000 calories of refined sugar a day.

Jose_X (profile) says:


I think being inside hurts in 2 ways. One is that you don’t focus on far away items that frequently (don’t exercise). Two, the indoor light does not have the save range of frequencies, so being indoor a lot conditions your eyes to focus a narrow range of frequencies (different frequencies imply different focal points).

Since I was at least in high school (many years ago), I have noticed that being indoors (eg, taking exams) blurs my far-away vision and have always made an effort to try to look outside or focus on far-away items when I have been looking at near things inside for too long. It’s important to relax the eyes as well. I have very acceptable eyesight, but variations at time seem to confirm that it’s an exercise/maintenance ongoing battle. [When younger I partly had lazy eye (if I closed my left eye, it took a moment to get focus on my right), but this too mostly left with exercise.] Exercise does not mean tiring your eyes. You want to remain as relaxed as possible, but you want to make sure you can focus on demand with either eye. And (to test/exercise focus) instead of closing one eye at a time by closing your eyelid, consider keeping both open and simply moving your hand alternatively to block the sight of either eye.

As for vision quality, we have an ability to experience visuals richly or to almost ignore the visual image (same with hearing). This is a normal adaptation that allows you to concentrate to block or filter out most of the signals amid lots of visual information. This effect of who much information you accept plays a role in hurting (or not) your eyesight when applied under different light conditions (one reason to beware of reading in the dark vs just being in the dark)… at least that is what my eye experiences suggest to me.

So keep your eyes relaxed and feed them a variable cornucopia.

Other habits: I try to avoid looking at bright things in overall darkness for any prolonged time period (and this includes looking at the sun period).

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