DailyDirt: Do You See What I See?

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The stereotype of a nerd wearing glasses is deeply set into many cultures. But it might not be too long before it’s not just “nerds” wearing glasses. More people (nerds and jocks alike) are staring at screens and need corrective eyewear. Treatments like LASIK could become more popular — or people could start wearing smartglasses for augmented reality and a clearer view of the world. Even if you have 20/20 vision now, almost everyone seems to get presbyopia, so count yourself lucky if you’re not reading this with corrective lenses.

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Comments on “DailyDirt: Do You See What I See?”

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Andy says:

Re: we'll see what happens with LASIK people..

I had laser treatment done when i was 32, when i hit my early 40’s i had to have my eyes done again, i suspect the best thing is to get it done in a way that you can have it fixed again when you are a little older i loved not having to wear glasses for the 12 years it worked. Just had one lens replaced due to diabetes causing a cataract problem and due to get the other eye done in the next 2-3 months, sadly the doctor did not give me a strong enough lens to fix my eyesight completely.

Anonymous Coward says:

Smart Displays will give us supervision

Eventually we will have greater than humanly possible vision with the mixing of smart displays and eye tracking. We currently create virtual images in our minds based on multiple glimpse using the best parts of our retinas and supplementing it with the inferior parts of our eyes. Once we have had a few years of practice, we should be able to merge the two concepts and benefit greatly from the end result.

andy says:


3:00 in the morning woke up and could not get back to sleep came to techdirt first page and the music blasts out and wakes the household, kids baby and wife very upset. Guess who is blocking all ads on techdirt from now on, when will websites learn that autoplaying sound is not a way to win people over, damn and i disabled my add blocker to give something back for the great articles , i am not prepared to pay a penny to the website i would accept advertising i did accept advertising, never gain sorry sort the problem out let visitors know you have sorted the problem out then maybe i will accept adverts again.

Nancy says:

Suicide from Lasik complication

My son, Max Cronin, age 27 years old, an Iraqi War Veteran and college student, committed suicide 1-14-16, as a direct result of complications he experienced from Lasik. He left suicide letters stating this and kept details of his complications. He experienced vision loss, constant eye pain, dry eyes, haze, and loss of quality of life resulting in depression and his suicide. He was unable to work or continue his life goals due to his eye complications.

As a medical physician, I can definitely state that Lasik/PRK complications can lead to depression and suicide.

For an elective procedure, the risks and long term complications are understated. The industry ignores the catastrophic complications from this elective procedure.

The resultant complications and negative quality of life issues increase the risks of depression, attempted suicide, and suicide.

Nancy L. Burleson MD FACOG

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